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Target Weight...how did you decide on it?


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i base mine on my sisters weight as she is same height and body type as me and weighs 9-9.5 stones. my start weight was 19 st 6lb so i rounded the numbers to wanting to lose 10 stones. i reckon it will need adjusting as i get close though so for now my target is a vague aim really :)
I tried to remember what weight I was when I was in my early teens and a size 12... I haven't got any taller since them so I'm just aiming to go back to the weight I once was.
When you take a look in the mirror and decide that you look good, feel good and are within the "healthy" BMI for your height, then you say "that'll do me, set my target at what I am now.."
I ummed and ahhhed about mine. I originally set it at 150 as I liked a nice round number! But I decided to up it a bit for a few reasons. I can, when I reach 160, have a couple of weeks off, then have a good look at myself and decide where I want to be aesthetics wise, since that it will be all about once Im healthy! That will be a different plan also, more gym as well as good diet.
I'm a bit strange in that I've had the figure of my target weight in my head for months and it's always been in my head that it would make me so happy to reach that weight - 2st 2lb to go lol.
I just want to look and feel comfortable in the clothes i wear...what ever figure that is, is my target :)
Mine is what is apparently my "ideal weight" that my nurse gave me last time I was in for other reasons - it was 60.8kg which converted to 9 st 7.

However, I'm only 5 1/2 lbs off that now and thinking I might go lower - I still have a bit of a belly (and I do exercise) so reckon I can stand to lose a little more.

I think as a rule of thumb, have a look at a BMI chart and make somewhere in the healthy range your first target, you can always look to refine it when you get closer.
I gave myself a realistic target which was 10stone, I'm now 3lbs off it and seriously I am still unhappy with how I am.

If you can give yourself a realistic starting point then see how you get on. As you lose more every little bit shows so aesthetically you can't really pinpoint a perfect weight. At the same time you want a weight that, when you get to target, won't be excruciatingly tough to maintain.

Going within the ideal bmi range is always a good idea and it never hurts to ask your doctor about this sort of thing.
I decided on a weight i had been able to maintain before! 10 stone 2 which is just out of a healthy bmi for me but doctors agreed that it was unrealistic for me to maintain much less as i struggled even going to gym 3 times a week, walking an hour a day and healthy eating. It also made me a size 10 so for now im sticking with that
I haven't set one at group but on here my goal is 9 and a half stone. I was that weight before i had my daughters and was comfortable and looked good.

However i have since had two children and my body shape has changed so it may be around the 10 stone mark.
I remember being 10 stone wen i was 15 and looking back at pics I look so nice, but i know i was still a touch overweight then so have decided my final target as being 9stone exactly, I have to have it on a round number, no lbs on the end lol


Always comes back to MMs!
I've set mine as the absolute top end of a healthy BMI for my height... first and foremost I want to be healthy, then I can think about whether I want to lose any more within that boundary xxxx
I set my target at mid BMI for my height with also coincided with my Club 10! I've now reached that and am quite happy at this weight but I don't mind it I go +/- 3lb of that which SW allows.

I used an online calculator (well 3 actually just to be sure). I find they suggest really low target weights (for me 9.5 stone at 5'9" which would make me look ill) but it's something to aspire to, if I never reach goal then fine but at least it will keep me away from junk food.
I've set mine as the absolute top end of a healthy BMI for my height... first and foremost I want to be healthy, then I can think about whether I want to lose any more within that boundary xxxx
That's a good approach :)

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