Target weights!


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S: 12st7lb C: 12st4lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 27.8 Loss: 0st3lb(1.71%)
Just wondering if you all have chosen your Target Weights or had them selected for you ???

I know when I did WW years ago they told me what weight I should be.

I am just wondering now.... as I am again aiming for this weight on CD but cant decide if thats I want to be my final goal! :eek:
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I always tell my clients what weight will get them to BMI 25, but ultimately the target they choose is entirely their choice. I think it's more important that we all aim for a weight that allows us to wear clothes that we're happy with and, of course, primarily what makes us much healthier.

In practice, I'm finding that although initially people feel that getting to 25 looks a bit daunting, the diet is sooo successful they soon see the light at the end of the tunnel and want to go the whole way.


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When I went to 'one of the diet clubs' about 22 years ago (I've been to so many I can't remember which one it was) they asked my shoe size and height and from that they told me I should be 8st 10lb. No 'healthy weight range' - just a figure set in stone.

At that time I was a bit over 13st and couldn't imagine being 8st anything! I was 9.5st when I left school at 16 and was a size 14 (thought I was huge of course) so I couldn't visualise being smaller than when I was at school!

I never reached that goal (I think I got to 11st before falling pregnant again) and have gained steadily ever since.

At my heaviest (21st 12lb) a figure of 10st seemed a tidy, round figure to aim for. I could never, ever imagine being in single figures ... in fact, I couldn't even imagine being out of the teens! So that was it - 10st is a round figure! It would also give me a BMI a tad over 25 which, in my mid 40s, seems acceptable.

Having said that, I'm in struggling mode at the moment and that 10st goal seems further away than ever!


Morning All

My goal weight is to get back into my lovely new clothes I bought last year when I was at my lightest - only 11 1/2 stone 'ish. But ultimately I would like to be 10st. Only 4st to go.............:( :(

Not starting CD until 22nd Jan.

Have a good day.



How weird! I was talking to the other half about this last night. Basically I was talking about Scottish Slimmers (which I attended for about three weeks a very long time ago) who tell you your goal weight with no leeway either side. Boots scales do the same, I believe.

I set my own goal weight, and I let my clients do the same. However, I will strongly encourage them to aim for the healthy range.

RD, can I ask something (purely out of curiosity - please don't think I'm having a go cos I'm not)? Why would your age have anything to do with your BMI? I ask because I get lots of clients who say something similar (they'll say "I'll aim for higher than BMI25 because I need to be realistic - I'm in my 40s" or similar statements) and I don't understand why, and I'm just wondering :)


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Hi Deb

I completely understand your dilemma. I have got to a lower weight than I ever thought I'd be again already. My goal weight is really my ideal but I don't think I will look any better in clothes at that weight. The important thing for me now is to exercise to tone up and maintain my weight within a healthy range. I want to get to my goal to see how I look and to know I can do it but am not sure if I will want to maintain at that weight especially when I have a little more muscle.

I got the figure partly from remembering the weight I was when I was the most happy (or least unhappy) with my weight (early 20's) also by looking at charts. I found out my body frame size by measuring my wrist and entering the results into Tesco ediets profile it gave me my ideal as 10 stone 10lb I rounded it down to 10 stone 7lb. I was 11 stone pre Xmas and there was definitely a good few pounds of fat I can safely shift so I think my goal is realistic. I do know though that getting to goal is more about achieving my aim than anything.

I have been like you for a while trying to analyse my goal weight it is something to focus on so for me it wasn't a bad thing but it really is impossible to know 100% the weight you are aiming for. Our bodies are so different for instance when I started CD I was BMI 32 size 18-20 and feeling terrible, prematurely old, unable to go back to work, tiredness, aches and pains just really bad shape at breaking point I had to do something. I have noticed others who are similar BMI size 14-16 feeling fab. Unbelievable difference.

You are doing so well nearly there your goal seems realistic but it really is just a number. I think you will know when you are a happy and healthy weight for you.

Dizzy x


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S: 17st4lb C: 16st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 43 Loss: 0st7lb(2.89%)
Hiya Kate
The reason I said 'at my age' is because we ladies 'of a certain age' are starting to experience little facial wrinkles etc and I feel that if I overdo it with a BMI that takes me into the lower weight range, the skin on my face won't have any 'padding' at all and I'll look like a sharpei on a bad day! :)
A haggard old witch in other words - lol

I just think I'd look better at the top end of a healthy weight range. Of course, it's not engraved in granite: I may get to 10st and feel I could cope with another few pounds off.


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Well Debbie, you saying you left school at 9stone 5 and thought you were huge certainly struck a chord! I remember meeting my MIL when I was 18 and the first thing she said to me (yes, even before Hello) was, 'how much do you weigh?' OMG, silly little thing that I was I told her, 9stone 4, she looked disgusted and that conversation goes down in history as one of the best we ever had! Nough said. I think the benefit of being a bit older is that we are more realistic and possibly, hopefully, a little nicer to ourselves. I thought i was fat and ugly at 9stone 4, I wasn't, I look at photos of myself and I was little and quite cute. Now I look in the mirror and wish I was thinner but agree that i would rather be a bit more ample than wrinkly and elderly looking. It's a balance that ladies in their 40's have to manage.
I would love to be 10 something but I feel I will know when I am 'about right'. Hope so anyway!


Aha! Like I said, just nosing. My target weight has always been above BMI25 until very recently (and that's only because I decided I want a half stone 'buffer zone').

I think you look fantastic and you've done absolutely amazingly. Whatever weight you decide to go for, you'll choose what's right for you. Nothing has to be set in stone - a generalised scale devised by someone who's never met you can't really tell you when you feel good! ;)