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Tasha's Food Diary

I joined SW on the 4th January, and only in the last couple of days came across these forums. I've been keeping a food diary on the diary sheets in my pack but I thought it'd be a good idea to keep one on here too so I can get feed back and such. :D
I'll start with yesterdays.......

Saturday 16th January: Green Day

3 egg herb omlette and a plum

Mid Morning:
Hifi Bar (HEB)

Small ham(HEB) salad from Tesco's cafe

Mid Afternoon:
Alpen Light (3syns) and a plum

Pasta Quiche made with chicken and mushroom Pasta n Sauce, quorn ham, spring onions, 3 eggs, half a tub of onion and chive LF cottage cheese served with salad and SW chips

Total 0% greek yoghurt with a white chocolate options mixed in, a crumbled meringue nest and blueberries ( i got this from a psot in the forum and it is to die for!!!!) (5syns)
Southern comfort (5.5 syns)

HEA: 250ml SS milk
HEB: Hifi bar and ham

Syns: 13.5
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Sunday 17th January Extra Easy

ReadyBrek made with 150ml SS milk blueberries (HEB and part of HEA) with A grapefruit and some mango

didn't really have lunch as I got up really late

SW pasta quiche with SW chips and beans

HEA semi skimmed milk
HEB readybrek

Syns: cadbury highlight choc fudge (2 syns)
Jelly tots ( vital for A sucessful pick n mix free cinema trip lol)
(3 syns)
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Monday 18th January Extra easy

it's weigh in tonight at 7 (eeeeek!!!) so I'll be having dinner after

readybrek (HEB) made with 150ml ss milk (HEA) ang a pink grapefruit

Mid morning:
mango and grapes

leftover pasta quiche with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, sweetcorn and a boiled egg followed by a banana and a mandarin

baked sweet potato with tuna and sweetcorn made with 1tbsp of EL Mayo (0.5 syns) with salad
Tuesday 19th January Extra Easy

2 x quorn sausages, 2 x lean bacon 3 egg scrambled cherry tomatoes

Mid morning:
Grapefruit and mandarin
Alpen light (HEB)

Pasta salad made with pasta(!) chicken, ham, spring onion, sweetcorn and cherry tomatoes with 1tbsp EL mayo (0.5)

SW chips, quorn chicken burger(2.5), salad followed by vanilla n choc mullerlight over a chopped apple, blueberries and a crumbled alpen light (HEB)

HEA: SS milk
HEB: 2 x alpen light

Syns: 3
wednesday 20th jan Red
readybrek made with milk from allowance, bluberries and a grapefruit

grapes and a mandarin

jacket potato with tuna mixed with 2 EL laughing cow triangles, (2 syns) salad and an apple

low fAt Thai sweet chilli supernoodles, ham and SW quiche
followed by melon, mango and grapes topped with vAnilla mullerlight

jelly tots (3 syns) And options choc made with water and a splash of milk from allowance

syns: 7
HEA: ss milk
HEB: ready break
Thursday 21st january

scrambled eggs made with milk from allowance and 2 turkey rashers followed by a grapefruit

Mid morning:
hifi bar and melon n grape

SW quiche and salad with 2 mandarins

Mid afternoon:
hifi bar

3 egg omlette made with sliced quorn sausage ham and onion with mixed vegetables. Followed by 0% Greek yoghurt mixed with vanilla options sachet and a crumbled meringue nest and blueberries

HEA ss milk
HEB 1 hifi bar
HEB 2 hifi bar

syns: 2.0 vanilla options
2.5 meringue nest
= 4.5
Friday 22nd Jan red day

Magic porridge with chopped apple followed by grapefruit

mid morning:
hifi bar, mandarin and grapes

uncle bens thai sweet chilli rice (2 syns) with quorn chicken pieces, carrots, broccoli, sugar snap peas with a banana

SW chips, fry light fried egg, sweet chilli mean beanz

HEB porridge oAts
syns 2
Saturday 23rd jan Red day

Magic porridge with a mullerlight chopped apple followed by grapefeuit (HEB)

Tuna (mixed with fromage frais and onion and chive cottage cheese) salad

Mid afternoon:
Pineapple, mango and grape fruit salad

chicken kiev recipe from SW site ( 2 syns) filling made with my 6 EL laughing cow triangle HEA option. served with SW chips (HEB x 2) and loads of broccoli


Syns: ALOT lol (see below)

I went out this evening and i was intending to have 5 25ml vodkas or rum with diet coke as these are only 2.5 syns each and id be on target for 15 but it didnt go to plan lol, maybe chuck in a couple of Jagermeisters too for good measure and an additional drink or 2.....and then when i came in i was in dire need of stodgy food so i had a lowfat supernoodle pack on a red day!!!! i dont even know how many syns that would be.....if any one knows do let me know!
Sunday 24th Jan red day

Magic porridge with mullerlight chopped banana followed by grapefruit

Grapes,apple and 3 babybel EL (HEA)

omlette with quorn chicken pieces, sweet corn, bernard matthews turkey slices, quorn turkey n stuffing style slices with broccoli with a frozen toffee mullerlight

2 tangarines

syns: Curley wurley (6) jellytots(3)
HEA baby Belsen
HEB porridge oats
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Monday 25th Jan red

It's weigh in day!!!! (7pm)

Brekkie: magic porridge with mullerlight And a chopped banana followed by a grapefruit

melon and grape

tuna mixed with FF fromage frais with lettuce tomatoes sweetcorn cucumber beetroot and a boiled
egg followed by 2 tangerines

blueberries and grapes

dinner: (after WI)
227g baked potato with 28g cheddar cheese and tuna mixed with 1 tbsp of EL Mayo with vegetables

HEA 28g cheese
HEB 227g baking potato and 28g porridge oats

syns 0.5. EL mayo

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