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I am going to give SS another go:D . I have lost about a stone in the last 4 months but am now finding that I am losing and regaining the same 4lbs:confused: . So have decided to lose another stone and a half on SS and then hopefully maintain at around that level instead of my current weight!!:D

So here goes - I am 35, weigh 11 stone 11 lbs and my target is 10 stone - about right for my 5 ft 8 height. I have had a chocolate tetra with morning and will have a chicken soup for lunch.

Blow me if my colleagues at work havent decided to get a Pizza Hut takeaway to eat here today!!!:D :D Ho-hum - I will sit here feeling very virtuous with my soup!!:rolleyes:

PS - my Dad bless him has just lost 4 and a half stone with LL going from 18 stone to 13.5 stone in 10 weeks!!!!:eek: What a bloody star he is. Currently in management and sticking to it like glue!! If he can do it then what excuse do I have!!:)

Love to all

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How typical is that - Pizza!!!!! lol :)

Good luck with losing the stone and a half and well done to your Dad - he's done fab!!!!
Thanks Helen - he has done so well am very proud of him. You are doing great too - well done:D .

I have done okay today so far - am soon going to have another soup for tea and then a chocolate tetra before bed. Have got a very busy weekend - my house is turning into Tasha's creche - I have my niece tomorrow morning and then tomorrow lunchtime until Sunday afternoon I have my ex-husbands step daughter and his 11 month old daughter (my childrens half sister) to stay whilst my ex and his wife go away:eek: :eek:

Crickey:eek: what on earth have I let myself in for - that will be a 10 year old, an 8 year old, a 7 year old and an 11 month old baby - ooops:rolleyes: :D

Still keep my mind off food and I love having them - they are related to my children and so feel like part of my family too:p .

Anyhow - off to cook chicken korma for the troops - is there no end to the gastronomic torture!!!:eek:

Hope everyone has a great weekend

Hi Tasha,

That all sounds like a very well managed big extended family and it is lovely when it can work and I feel it is the way for the future. (I would like to think so anyway):rolleyes:

Congrats' to your Dad from me as that is excellent result four stone and doing well....perhaps he might like to come on and give us here some encouragement as it is something I feel we need to see more of and that is people who are in management and doing it as I feel it would inspire others at times including myself to keep going.

We have a few fine examples here like Karion and Icemoose, CD Counsellor, Sassy who have done it and are maintaining and Westhills and a few others starting into management or in it now.

Chicken On A Mission is doing LL and is not to far away from starting management as well.

Apologizes to anyone who I have not mentioned but can't think just now.

Good to have you with us and here's to a slimmer you, mind you for your height I would think your looking pretty good now.:D

Love Mini xxx
Hiya Tash

you really have got ur hands full and i love ur attitude towards your ex's children, as mini says, hopefully that is the way forward!!

hope you have a lovely weekend and ur plan works out for you

Gen xx
Thanks Tasha.

Hope the weekend with the kids goes well!! It's sometimes better to have more kids as they all play together!

Chicken korma, Pizza - you've really had to cope with some delicious food today. Well done for resisting. :)

Have a lovely weekend!!
Hi Mini and Gen

Thanks to both of you for your posts!!

I am very lucky in that my ex and I are on reasonably good terms - we split 4 years ago and time really is a healer. Also - I get on very well with his wife - if I had to pick a stepmother for my children then she would have been a great match!!

I love coming on this site - I havent posted much but there are lots of inspiring people on here.

As for my Dad - he made a decision and has stuck to it. He has suffered from depression for several years and had recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and high BP - mostly due to his weight. He is feeling so much better now - both with his health and mentally - it has really boosted him to be able to stick to this diet. He obviously has bags of willpower - unlike myself!!!!!!! - couldnt resist a couple of bites of the chicken:D :D :rolleyes:

Oh well ho hum:D

You have both done sooo well!!!! Congrats to both of you:)


Thanks Tasha.

Hope the weekend with the kids goes well!! It's sometimes better to have more kids as they all play together!

Chicken korma, Pizza - you've really had to cope with some delicious food today. Well done for resisting. :)

Have a lovely weekend!!

Erm............ - not quite!!!(the resisting bit)!!:D
Thanks Tasha,

That is so positive to hear your dad is doing so well all round.

One of the things about being overweight and especially obese is that the body does not work as efficiently and even though we are gaining weight it does still is not getting enough nutrients from the food. Probably due to the high carb diet and the fact that sugar leeches nutrients out of the body and this then in turn leads to poor health and depression...

Like it or not...we are what we eat.

Wonderful to hear success stories and he is more than welcome to put his story and photos on the success forum on a new thread as to inspire others and claim a little glory for himself.

Love Mini xxx
Thanks Mini - I will let him know although I won't hold my breath cos he isnt exactly a 'sharing' kind of person:rolleyes: !

Had a very busy weekend what with all the kids!! Also came down with a nasty cold so felt pretty dreadful:mad: , especially Saturday and Sunday. Much better now though:) .

Wasnt exactly the best time to start my SS though!! However didnt eat much anyway as felt so ill :D every cloud has a silver lining!!!

Was lovely having all the children - the baby is absolutely lovely such a sunny disposition. All her three siblings adore her and are so helpful with her. So funny watching my 7 year old son feeding her and carrying her around like a sack of spuds and her with an enormous grin on her face the whole time!!!

Makes me feel kind of broody until I realise that actually, the whole weekend I got absolutely NOTHING done except baby watch!!!:)

Dont know what to do diet wise now :confused: - I was so fired up and then being ill completely knocked me back. Just going to be careful for now and wait for the next urge to hit me!!! Am so so weak!!!!:rolleyes: :D

Take care everyone

Just been reading my diary from a month ago. Unfortunately that weak period lasted a month and here I am no lighter and 1lb heavier!!! arghghghgh:eek:

Still - have decided that enough is enough and am going to start again today. My goal is 10 stone so thats 26lbs to lose. Hoping to do so by mid December - thats 3lbs per week roughly. Have promised myself this so often over the last 6 months - this time hope to stick to it!!!

Have taken today off work :) - children at school - am going to clean house and get everything up to date. Kids with their Dad this weekend so hope to be able to lounge around reading and sipping water and mint tea whilst a blond adonis feeds me grapes dipped in chocolate:p - oops - sorry thats for another day:D

Take care everyone

Thanks Gen.

My CD packs turned up this morning so am all set to go:) . Have had a toffe/walnut for breakfast - it was actually very yummy - I normally prefer the savory one's. Have had 2 pints already (water - not gin:) ).

Have taken stock of my body and there is so much that I would like to change: lose 2 stone, my skin is awful - very dry and spotty at the same time - probably due to all the cr@p i've been eating, apart from being overweight I am also sooooo unfit. I really need to start exercising - but what I really don't know. Don't like the gym, in the past I have run 3 times per week but I really don't feel like that at the mo. Any suggestions gratefully received!!:)

ANyhoo - most of the above should get sorted out if I stick to CD this time and when I start food again make healthy choices (ie not 4 kitkats and 4 flapjacks for tea!!:mad: )

Going for a nice hot bath now with a good book (have skived off work today!!!)

Day going quite well!!:)

Had so far toffee and walnut, choc mint plus a bar (Iknow I know:( )

Loads of water and one grape:eek: :eek:

Thats pretty good for me!!

Planning on having soup for evening meal and early bed;)

Just cooked childrens tea - steak and baby potatoes and salad - also made some flapjack for their school lunches - didnt eat ANY of the mixture:D thats a first:eek:

Hope all well


All going well so far - no cheating (unless you count the grape!:D )

Had four packs yesterday and so far today have had 3 - was feeling very headachy and shaky but have taken 2 anadin extra and now feel much better.

Is now 4.30 so hope to see the day out with my last pack around 8pm. Trying to drink loads of water but am probably getting through around 5 pints per day at the mo.

Still - I feeling quite proud of myself - nearly at the end of day two and no cheating - have never got this far before :eek:

OH away tonight so kids to bed around 8.30 then feet up and watch MY choice of tv and then early to bed as VV tired due to lack of sleep last night - OH snoring like a warthog with sinusitus!!:eek: :mad: :D

Hi Tasha

Glad to hear that your SSing is going well (apart from the grape;) ). I am just restarting this week (as you know cos you've posted on my thread...thanks!) I am trying my upmost to be 100% though did sucummb to a handful of mixed nuts/raisins today:eek: apart from that been good. Just about to have last pack of the day and a bit more water - then early to bed cos there's naff all on the telly:eek:

Well impressed by you not eating the flapjack mixture - cos it is rather yummy isn't it....I make if for my kids - and choc crispy cakes with syrup....ooooh now I'm dribbling on the keyboard....lol:eek:

hang in there it'll so be worth it by Xmas.... (and v v well done to your dad too.... I lost 4 stone will LL end of last year).

Thanks Mich - ooooh chocolate crispy cakes with melted galaxy mm mmmmmmmmm:D

Today is day three and still going well (touch wood!)

Still not managing enough water - its far harder when its not hot.

Been craving bananas today - wierd or what - but not actually too hungry which is good - hopefully ketosis is kicking in.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Hi Tasha

Glad your on the straight and narrow. Im there with you. Its really hard isnt it!!

Im the opposite with water though. Its nicer hot but I can through it down me better cold.
Hi Claire

Yes it is very hard:D . Especiallly when you have others to cater for - yesterday had to cook cheese on toast with beans, pasta and pizza and the day beforefish and chips and Wednesday steak, potatoes and salad - it was the cheese on toast that was the worst - had to mop the kitchen for all the drool:rolleyes: :) .

Well done for sticking to it too!!!!

Well - tis Saturday morning and start of day 4. Feel a bit like ive been run over by a road roller - in manner of Daffy Duck - feel very floppy, weak and watery:(

Still - children off to their Dads this morning til tomorrow evening so at least I can relax a bit. Going to do a bit of cleaning then am going to the cinema to watch the Devil wears Prada which is supposed to be hilarious. (just need to watch out for the giant boxes of malteasers and minstrels!!)

Then back home to veg in front of the tv to watch x-factor - woohoo - my favourite!!

Onwards and downwards!!!