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Tasting food during cooking?! <:-o


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
We've got people coming round this evening, and I'm cooking. This in itself isn't a problem (I cook for hubby anyway) but because it's a posher meal than normal I HAVE to taste! :( I'm trying to just stick my finger in sauces etc. to check on the flavouring, so hope that's OK. The problem is I'm doing potatoes dauphinoise (thin sliced potatoes baked in cream with cheese on top) and I had to nibble a couple of slices to see if they were done (they weren't) and to taste if they were OK. I'm not going to taste them again, just hope for the best!

The thing is, will this upset my ketosis? I'll go mad if it does! But any half-decent cook knows you have to taste, otherwise you have no idea if the flavours are right and it all works. Has anyone else had this problem? (If so, what happened when you got weighed?!) :confused:

(PS. I just had to taste another slice, 'cos hubby said it wasn't done and I thought it was - help!! :eek: )
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Post-Menopausal Maniac!
Could your hubby not do the tasting for you?
Or could taste but not swallow maybe??
Hubby was out to start with and only came back in when I was nearly done (which is why we argued about whether it was done or not!). I left it in for longer and could see when it was done without having to try it. I suppose I probably ate two thin potato slices altogether, so suppose it won't kill me! (And it was agony watching them eat it, all mmm-ing and licking their fingers, grr!! :sigh: )


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I've avoided any cooking so far, but I know it will have to happen eventually and I am a terrible licker, picker, taster etc!!!
I think I've decided to put something over my mouth because I do it without thinking! and then once its in your mouth your doomed!!


Mad as a Hatter
I think this diet really does show you how much you eat, nibble, taste etc without realising. I have two little ones - 6 & 3 and when cooking for them, it amazes me how much I would have normally 'tasted' for them.... mind blowing !!

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