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Tasty Tuesday!!! **Lets keep to plan**


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:character00238:Morning Gals! :wavey: (i would say guys too but i don't think theres any guys on this forum - maybe slimfast is a girl thing!)

In an attempt to get the Slimfast forum a bit more active, i thought i'd start doing a daily - just so we can check in, see how we're all doing - diet wise or just life wise, have a moan, give support etc....

Well its the first of December - where on earth did the last year go??? Kids were up at the crack of dawn wanting the chocolate out of their advent calenders, Oliver was up at half four for some strange reason and refused point blank to go back to bed! He's just gone down for a nap, but i'm already shattered for the day! NEED SLEEP!!:nightf: :zz:
My exciting plan for the day includes, washing up, tidying, dusting, baking dreaded bread rolls, and trying desperately to keep warm as its FREEZING HERE!
Am hoping for my first proper day on plan - so need to keep busy.
Sending positive vibes your way. :vibes:have a good one. xx
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nice idea.

My youngest woke up half an hour before the alarm for school so my eldest was 15 minutes early ^^ I had really bad tummy ache so I went back to bed and woke up half an hour ago. I should get some washing and cleaning done but I'm freezing and don't want to move so instead I'm sat here watching Playhouse Disney ...I swear I'll move soon ^^

So many people cook their own bread these days I don't know how you cope, I can never resist freshly baked bread :cry:


Addicted to Minimins!
So many people cook their own bread these days I don't know how you cope, I can never resist freshly baked bread :cry:

It doesn't last very long in our house anyway! To keep up with demand (mainly from my hubby) i have to bake a batch a day!! (i don't usually bother though - so he has to make do with shop bought ones! lol)

Olivers nap didn't last too long, he woke up crying and has pretty much been crying ever since. You'd think at 11 months old he'd be passed this stage. I suspect he's teething but if i stick my finger in his mouth to have a feel he firmly bites down and then doesn't let go! I don't think i'll risk it this time!

Am now making a cuppa - its STILL freezing. The frost on the grass has only just melted so i've had to have the fire going all morning - hubby chopped a load of logs last night but they're already all gone!! :sigh: I may have to face the cold and go and chop more myself! :cry:


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ohhh lovely lit fire.. oh i wish i had one!
i have found a new winter warmer.... and oh my goodness. i cant stop drinking it.. LOL.. im sure everyone has heard/done before but hey ho....
no added sugar (i have the concentrate stuff so you dont have to use as much either) with hot water... so yummy!!!
ive got the strawberry one here at work.. and i can not get enough... and the best thing is that it counts towards your fluid a day WOOP WOOP... bad thing is you need to pee all the time!

i dont have children to keep me awake, so i shouldnt be tired. but i am... so much going on now its the lead up to christmas i just cant get things going in my head to stop! ehhh..
well im off to go and get some more jobs done. and get the children i look after up!
hope you are all well on this absolutely freezing day!

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