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Tattoos after big weight loss?

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by SoldieronNatasha, 31 December 2013 Social URL.

  1. SoldieronNatasha

    SoldieronNatasha Full Member

    Im not sure if this is in the right thread and I'm really sorry if it isn't but my gran isn't very well and I really want to get a tattoo of something to have her with me always but with 100 pounds to lose I'm worried how the tattoo will be altered when I am thin. Is it better to wait until the weight is off or will they not really change? Before and after photos would be amazing as well!
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  3. Llamasoks

    Llamasoks Gold Member

    Where were you thinking of getting it?

    I've got 1 across my back and 1 on my foot, neither changed all that much when I lost weight (though the back one is a bit faded now after putting some back on!), if you got one on your stomach it might change dramatically. Why not wait till you've lost it? That way you've got such a great motivation and a reason to do it!
  4. abisaurus

    abisaurus Silver Member

    I have small script tattoos on my wrists and they havent really changed at all.
    Im after more, on my back, ribs, arms and ankles so Im waiting until Ive lost the weight as theyre all places I have to lose weight from and tone up. I suppose it depends on what you want and where you want it.
  5. Rae Rae

    Rae Rae Gold Member

    I've got 4, 1 on my shoulder, 1 on ylthe nape of my neck,1 on my foot and 1 on the side of my hand. They haven't changed at all and at one point a few years ago I lost 113 pounds which quite a lot went bk on. I echo if u want one on your stomach or thigh then I'd wait cos that will definitely change with weight loss.
  6. SoldieronNatasha

    SoldieronNatasha Full Member

    I was thinking either my back, back of neck or inside of my arm... Thanks so much for the advice guys I guess it is a great motivation to get the weight off! Xxx
  7. RM07

    RM07 Silver Member

    Can you do something like putting £1 aside for every lb you lose as well? That way when you are at your target you'll have the cash for the tattoo as well... just another little incentive
  8. lickthelid

    lickthelid Lives here....

    Mine have not altered at all but like many say they are not in fleshy places that stretch. If you want it somewhere like this then it won't make any difference but other places may make that Japanese inspired Koi carp come out looking like Nemo.

    On another note my next is planned when I get to where I'm happy. That's something I want commemorated with a permanent reminder to eat less cake.

    I'm thinking of getting the Gregg's logo. (Joke)
  9. RM07

    RM07 Silver Member

    I'm doing the same... I won't get my next one until I'm at target. I just need to find or create the perfect design now... and figure out where to put it. I only have one tattoo but that took over 10 years to get something I was happy with (I combined a few ideas myself) and where it would go.
  10. lickthelid

    lickthelid Lives here....

    No point rushing it, it will be there forever! It may as well be perfect :). I know exactly what I want. It's just time now :)
  11. lkt100uk

    lkt100uk Member

    I had a tattoo done 16 years ago of a dolphin on my hip when i was a young size 12. 16 years later, Two subsequent pregnancies, a weight gain of 11 stone and now a weight loss of 8 stone later, it is still a dolphin (not a blue whale!! Lol) all be it a bit lower than my hip haha!!
  12. KC1983

    KC1983 Member

    I want a new tattoo on my side so going to wait till I've lost all the weight. Got lots of incentives to get my weight off. Good luck to everyone.
  13. Zafira

    Zafira Gold Member

    I have recently had 2 new tattoos over the xmas period a large tattoo on my fore-arm and 3 wise monkeys on an upper arm, one was a cover up, and in total I have 5 tattoos, and I have approx 5 st to lose, but my weight has gone up and down over the years and it hasn't altered the ones I had :)
  14. I know I am old and out of touch, and I am not being critical of other people's choices, but yikes!!! What is it with tattoos these days? I just don't get it.
  15. Zafira

    Zafira Gold Member

    You would probably be horrified if you saw mine then :D
  16. SoldieronNatasha

    SoldieronNatasha Full Member

    I love them because I see them as body art. And for me the fact that I can have my grandmother be a part of me for the rest of my life makes me feel like it's something I want to do
  17. ScarlettStar86

    ScarlettStar86 Gold Member

    I have the word "love" tattoed on my foot in my Nan's handwriting. Got it just after she died, love that she is always with me x
  18. SoldieronNatasha

    SoldieronNatasha Full Member

    I really want to get two lines from my grandmothers favourite poem. She loves William Wordsworths " I wandered lonely as a cloud". She always used to read it to me as a child. I'm either going to get: " I wandered lonely as a cloud" Or am also thinking these two lines are lovely because they also refer to her as she will always be there with me: " continuous as the stars that shine and twinkle in the Milky Way" What do you guys think?
  19. Zafira

    Zafira Gold Member

    that's difficult! they all sound good, although in my opinion the 'wandered lonely' one would make me seem she was on her own? just my thought...
  20. tara40

    tara40 Loves Norman Reedus

    I want to get my sons autographs
  21. Sweethearts

    Sweethearts Gold Member

    My reward to myself when I finally get to target is a tattoo, the only reason I won't get it done now is because i want it on my lower part of my stomach (its only something little) but I couldn't bare to have someone tattooing my tummy and having it out for that long in front of somebody at the weight I am now. xx

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