tea and coffee consumption


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Do not know enough to know what CD says on this.I am sure a CDC willbe around to let you know.
But I still drink as much as i did before CD which is loads about 6 large mugs a day.
Sorry I can not help more.


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There is no limit.

However, Cambridge suggest you do not have more than you would normally, because of your body not being used to the caffeine levels.

I remember getting a 'sick' high when I was SSing in the early days and thet was because I over did the coffee.

Apart from that, you are fine.

Good luck


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I've definitely had caffeine high!! OMG not good :eek: And no, don't switch to caffeine free in the initial stages as it's too much of a shock for your system


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i did the lot in the 4 days before i started cd lol, yeah i got the headaches and stuff but i was in ketosis on day2, now i think i would be scared of having caffeine incase i went mental lol