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tea and coffee

not if they're caffinated. You should aim for 2 litres of water in addition to your tea and coffee - I've switched to decaf tea and coffee as they are less dehydrating and I sort of count them as my water if I'm low on my intake!

rainbow brite

I always have at least 2 litres of water per day and any cups of tea are nice little extras that make me feel like I've been a good girl in regards to my water intake ;)


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today I found out that the cups at work are 0.25L and at work I have been drinking during the course of the night on average 20cups of water, not to metion the 1.5L I have before going to work.
i was told by my pharmacist tea and coffee do count towards daily intake caffinated or not x


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Yep hun....they do count towards your daily intake.
oh dear my stomach was not impressed

ok thanks for that i am trying to drink about 3 lts of water a day and maybe 3 or 4 hot drinks i just had a black tea oh dear my stomach was not impressed if you get my drift yukyukyuk:sign0137::character00264:lol byby fornow
Ok, now im confused, cos I love my black coffee and drink buckets of the stuff as well as at least 4ltrs of water. If its not decaf, is it bad for me or wot???????
no as far as i was told if you drank full caf tea or coffee before i was told to carry on drinking it just with no milk


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I've been drinking at least 2 cups of caffeinated coffee a day & was told this added to the daily water intake.:)

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thanks guys x


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The Lipotrim carrier bag states that you can continue your previous intake of coffee/tea just without milk, but also to drink at least 2 litres of water in addition to having shakes... more if using flapjacks or making mousse from the shakes.
I think you should just count actual water, surely that's better for you in the long run anyway ?

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