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Hi mini mouse,

Here is a link to a discussion on tea.


If you have found it did not take you out of ketosis then I presume it would be okay. You know when you come out of ketosis as you feel really hungry. Best to check with your LL counsellor to be sure.

Up until recently Earl Grey was a no no and I still stick to that as it has bergamot oil in it which is orange. Some people are okay with Earl Grey but as with other things some are not

Love Mini xxx
Oh I'm so disappointed!! I wish I hadn't had it now. I liked it so much I bought a big box of it to have at home from the supermarket too. And I feel like I've cheated!!!! which I had no intention of doing at all in the 100 days!! there was a niggling voice in my head asking what bergamont is... I should know by now to listen to that little voice of caution in my head! Doh!!!


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Please don't feel guilty as how where you to know as so many have drank Earl Grey with no side effects.

I think everyone finds it confusing to start with as to what tea is allowed.

You have got through today which is the main thing and the danger was that perhaps the Earl Grey tea could of been a culprit in making you feel hungry and you might of been tempted to eat.

You did not eat and you have stayed on your diet, so well done.

Love Mini xxx


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Just to clarify, Early Grey has been and has always been on the LL permitted list - MM you have done nothing wrong as long as you stick to black teas wth now flower or fruit in them, you will clearly see that Earl Grey is named as a tea you can have in your weight record book. At these early stages, keep referring to the list in that book - that is your bible. As good as Minimins is, people on here have a habit of relying on hearsay and not reading the actual written LL instructions - even the counsellors get a bit mixed up.


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I should add - that yes bergamot is a fruit and no I don't know why LL allow that but not orange or jasmine, but LL do allow it - and I drink a pot a day with no ill effects.


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And and and - CD does differ from LL so please try to use our instructions rather than theirs.


has started again!!
Just to back up Cerulean, Early Grey is fine with LL. Recently we had a chat at group with our LLC about teas, and she said that leaf teas are absolutely fine, but not those with fruit (ie citrus oils etc) as they are likely to knock you out of ketosis. Again, I have no idea why LL allow it but can suspect that the effect of the bergamot oil is negligible. I drink mainly black coffee, Clipper green tea with peppermint, and my new favourite Red Bush (rooibos) tea. All are fine on LL with no ill effects on ketosis.


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