Having been on CD for a month the only thing I really miss is tea. I have black tea (e.g. orange jaipur) and peppermint but I don't actually like them. Is there anything else I can have?
I think green tea, I know there is a some info somewhere, Ill find it and post the link for you.
I have heard Nettle as well, but I am not sure. I wouldnt reccommend it to anyone anyway as I think it tastes like pond water.

What about dandylion or fennel? Does anyone know?
Tea made with anything other than leaf is a big no no, and a many will kick you out of the pink toowww.minimins.com/cambridge-diet-forum/5363-teas.
Just found this if it helps, it probably wont work the as I a techno phobe!!! Type in the search at the top for leaf and it will bring some stuff up!
Peppermint tea with a splenda sweetener keeps me going:D
I am into black earl grey at the moment, and also have some green/earl grey to test out soon.

I couldnt live without my cuppas.

Deb x
Normal tea (Tetley's , etc) is good with a splash of the banana tetra as a milk substitute. Once opened a tetra can be kept in the fridge for a couple of days so is good as "milk" in tea or coffee......I know it sounds a little weird, and takes a little getting used to, but it is actually quite nice.