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**Team 18 - Slinkybabes ~ Official thread**

Well if no one else wants it. I suppose I could do it. Im a bank nurse so pick n choose my shifts. and they always fit in around my life lol
you like my name:eek:

BB are you going to be Team Leader:grouphugg:

shall I start with a bit about me?

Emma, 28, 5ft 3, 14 st 8lb:confused: how did that happen:8855:
Yeah ill do it since ur all so busy lol

Im Lisa, 32 5ft 3 also and 17st dont ask me how the weight got that bad. But its only a matter of time b4 it goes back down.

we need to decide on a set day to weigh in each week. I believe you have to do it or you get kicked off the team and someone else can take your place....
Crikey! better log it then mam:8855:

My weight in day will be a Tues, but as already started anyday to log good for me (just be a bit in arrears!)

Which cd are you doing? I am following SS+

Just had a chocolate shake hot, and it was lovely:character00238:
SS for me. I think one of the other members doesnt start the diet until monday. Wonder what would be the best way to work this
Everyone needs to weigh each week and send result to team leader. Leader also needs to know weight last week too.

Calculation is like this:

an example
A was 140 lb last week. She loses 3 lb this week so new weight is 137 lb.

Sum for % is 3 divided by 140 multiplied by 100 is 2.14%

When you have all the results add last weeks weights together and add together all the losses/gains/STS.

Sum is the same

12 (total number of lbs lost) divided by 900 (total of last week's weights) multiplied by 100 is 1.33%

I declare results at 6 pm on a Sunday.

Sometime between Thurs and Sun please post the results in the weekly thread or pm me. I need the weekly % and the biggest loser and his/her %

Does that make sense? And love the name

Irene xx

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