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Team 2 - ~~~The BBL'S Team~~~

How about "Terrible Team Two" cos you lot are going to be smashed by team 1 :D

Sorry, couldnt resist bec xxx


getting slimmer
hello all!!
beckys loser's sound good to me!!

i got weighed today, and lost 2 lb.

does that count??

when we've been weighed, do we just pm you becky and you sort it from there?? not too good with things like this!!

excited about it now! sad hey??

nothing like a bit of healthy compitition!!

we can do this!! xx
I have asked leah on another thread what the story is cuz i havent a clue either to be honest!!

we could be "The BBL's Team" how does that suit everyone?

If anyone or the other members who havent seen this yet have any suggestions either stick them down :)


getting slimmer
sounds good to me!! x


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You might be Big Losers (in every sense ;) ) but you wont be the biggest losers! muahahahahahaha Team 3 will kick your butt!
Lol, i love it already. Answered you Q in the other thread becster xx


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GOOOOOOO team 3 - you might as well call yourselves eating dust - cause you'll be eating ours lol xx


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Hello BBL's.

How do you join one of these groups?

I have been on CD for nearly four weeks. I wiegh in again tomorrow morning.

So far I have lost 1st 7lb.

Really enjoying seeing the results.

Would love to join you all as I intend to succeed.

- Mandie

P.S. I couldn't survive with out asda smart price sparkling water with a level teaspoon of berry juice flavouring!
ahhh the competition is going to yis er heads already!!!!!!!!

Leah i will check that out now.

Hi mandie, there is another thread with the list of teams, started by blue_grapefruit (leah) She made the teams so im sure she can add you somewhere :) x
Up to now ok, but who knows by tonight I could be all stressed out again like last night,:mad:

Got my niece staying and to say she is lazy is being kind, its a wonder she's not got deep vein thrombosis she's sat down so long. Its just doing my head in, if I ask her to do anything like just putting her plate in the sink she goes off in a sulk. I'll be glad when she goes home and I can get my head back to were it should be.

Phew that was long winded:eek:
will everyone let me know there current weights. then between now and next thurs let me know what ye have lost this week.

I have asked leah for help with the weigh % thinggi cuz im not all that good will see how i get on anyway!!