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Team 27 - Weight to go team- The CD Returners

yay!!! here we are! xxx
so do we submit our weight/losses each monday morning?


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maybe on your weigh in day but by 3pm Sunday at the latest so I can do calculations & submit our results
ok cool. will submit on sun xxx
how exciting. xx
i wont have my official wi until monday morning either but i guess we will have to weight in a day early for this week....xxx


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i have pm'd minz as IreneH may be away. When I know then I'll let you know. TBH, I won't use my results till Monday but those that started last week will want their 1st huge loss to be accounted. Like I said, I'm checking the rules so we'll have to wait & see for now.
thanks wez.....

i am drinking black tea like its going out of fashion!!! x
oohhhh fatty no more i just noticed that you are living in sutton, surrey? i am in weybridge, surrey!!!! if you ever want to meet up/exercise let me know xxx
lol! cool! yes on facebook..... emma gray in london network - will you add me?
really? i cant see the friend request? i cant cope with the new facebook!!!! xxx help! lol!!!
lol! here we are....

thanks for doing this xxx


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hi iwant2bslim - how you doing today? xx
Actually just logged on coz im finding it hard today:cry: Really feel quite weak. Im on day 4 but came on last night and think thats just made me feel lousy:(:(
Lets face it, it never makes you feel good when you can eat let alone when your not! I dont want to cheat at all as i think it just makes it harder but my head did start to travel down the ohh just have sum chicken then shouted stop and came and logged on here, god if i can get through this week i should be fine.
Your dress is gorgeous Gamma, make sure you savour every minute of the day and put disposable cameras on the guest tables, the day goes so quick and its nice to have a selection of pics that your guests have taken, we did that and there were lovely photos of our guests wnjoying themselves and sneaky ones of us ahhhh:rolleyes:
you can do it - it is difficult and when i did CD before i actually found days 4-7 the hardest. just stay focused! its not worth it. have a hot bubble bath and paint your nails (then you wont be able to pick as your nails will be wet!!!) lol!

thanks for advise re cameras - really good idea! i adore my dress, just want to be at the weight/size i am aiming for in time for the dress fitting otherwise i wont enjoy it and will just get really depressed! lol! 2 months to get to 10st (just over 1stone) and then the rest is a bonus really! bring it on!

keep focused xxx

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