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Team 3 Team Loser - "Winning by Losing" - New start for 2011!

Hello Team!

The following people are part of Team 3 - Team Loser:

Bear 1982




I will be PM'ing who I can to ensure you are aware that Teams are beginning again. The official start date for Teams is Monday 1st March.

If there is anyone unsure of what Teams are about, please refer back to the original thread:


If you are still unsure, please feel free to PM me about it :)

Please feel free to post and introduce yourself before we get started and let people get to know you if you don't know them already :)

Little bit about myself:

My name is Rachael, I'm 22 and training as a secondary ICT teacher. I'm currently at 15st and have successfully maintained my 2st loss for over a year but am determined that I will regain my 3st loss and continue my healthy journey down to 11st. As much as I would love a "quick fix" I know that it is unrealistic and am quite happy to take my time to goal, and my main aim is to remember to never give up :)

Oh, and if anyone would like the Team Loser signature, then just copy it from mine :D (if you are unsure about it, again, PM me and i'll explain in more detail :))
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Thanks for putting the teams together Rachael

Thought I would post a bit about me too

My names Clare I'm 30 and I'm a floating support worker so usually out and about everywhere on the go. I lost 2st last year but have put back one on over the winter :(

So I'm back at 12st 11 at the moment but I'm only 5ft 1! My aim is to get my BMI under 30 so I can have IVF on the NHS, ideally by the beginning of May so bit of time pressure. In an ideal world I would like to have a "normal" BMI but this is my main goal for now as being a "normal" weight is something I have never really been. A bit of healthy supportive competition really helps cause my sister was losing weight at the same time last year from a similar starting weight and that really helped. But she has given up now. I love exercise, mainly cause it gives you extra points! but like the buzz too.

Will look forward to hearing about everyone else
lovely to see you here Clarey :D i tried to PM you about the Teams and couldnt as your post count is below 50, so glad you've seen this :) good luck with your first goal of getting your BMI below 30, i'm trying to do that too :) xxx
Hi lovelies

Thanks for starting this Rach, just what i need to keep me going! :D I shall have a good look at the link to make sure I know what is going on.

So a wee bit about me. I'm Claire, 27 and a secretary for a private woodland management company. I started ww 4th April and have so far lost 41lbs so far. I had lost 45lbs but put on a little bit over christmas. My main aim is to lose another 2 stone maybe by June for my school reunion!

I am loving the diet and the fact that it really does work but just need that little push to get things going again.

Good luck everyone

i'm still up for this!

tiny little bit about me, my names becca, i'm 21 and go college 3 days a week. i have needed to loose weight for a long time but my new goal is to loose as much weight for my cousins wedding which is in June. I'm not a bridesmaid or anything but it would be nice not to be the biggest person there!


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I am still interested. It is the boost I need to get back on track.

I am Deana and am 38. I currently work as a teacers assistant, but this finises, sadly, at end of March as funding runs out. Am also studying for a life science degree. I would like to lose at least 4 stone, but know this is going to take a long time I know.
welcome all of you :D hope you are all excited to start on monday! :) x


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
Nice to meet you all! some of your losses are amazing!! :D Well done!!

Now about me!
Im Sharon, 23, mum, full time worker ant for H&S in the biggest car dealership group in the UK and im studying for my english degree.

I've always been a bit bigger than my friends, nothing major until we left school. I've been on SW lotads of times and only lost the same 7lb so this year i joined WW and so far have lost 10.5lb :D I love WW. I can eat everything as long as i eat sensibly!! Its all about a lifestly change :D

Oh and i'm starting the c25k on Monday to!! :cool:
whats the c25k Shabba? xx


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
Its a running thing aimed at people who are couch potatoes . I've been reading about it on minimins :D

the aim is to get you running 5k in 9 weeks :eek: It looks hard and disciplined but i bet its worth it! The ladies in my office are doing the race for life so it will come in handy for them as well.

Google c25k for more info :cool:
cheers chick, sounds excellent :D x
Hello everyone, good to hear a bit about you all!
Good luck with the c25k Shabba sounds really good thats how I started running a bit at a time. I'm excited about Monday now new boost. Didn't realise posting more allows you to PM. I obviously need to get posting. More chance to encourage people.
Also Rachael, could you just outline what we need to do? Do we need to change our weigh in day to Monday? I get the general gist about mutual support and stuff.
no not at all Clarey - the first week of WIs is Monday 1st - Sunday 7th. When you WI, you post to say whether you have lost, STS or gained. You dont have to tell us how much if you dont want to - you score as to whether you lost (2 points) / sts (1 point, or 2 if you are at goal) / loss (0) and then we add up the weekly points and at the end of the month we collate them all and see how we did against the other teams :) x
The weekend challenge:

Just to start us off, I came across some interesting information when helping work out some points values earlier. I know we all talk about making healthy choices when we go out for a meal, so I thought I would run this past you:

1. Flattened 28 day aged rump steak seasoned with a hint of chilli, garlic, peppercorn and salt with rocket
2. Chargrilled lamb cutlets with crushed minted peas and a light red wine jus
3. Roasted chicken breast dressed with lemon and thyme, puy lentils
and green beans
4. Spaghetti Bolognese in a traditional tomato and minced beef sauce
5. Spaghetti tossed in a light tomato ragu and basil
6. Peking Pizza – Roasted crispy duck on a hoi sin base with spring onion and cucumber

Your task:

To correctly put these in order of points values (from lowest to highest).

I won't tell you where these are from (otherwise you can cheat and find out the values :p) but I will tell you they are all on the "Healthy" menu :)
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Firstly - Hello all :)

I'm Lesley - aged 38. I'm an Resources Manager in a large Media company. I've been overweight for as long as I can remember, but last year thought enough is enough, and since then I have lost 35lbs. Have very recently split with my husband, which has made me even more determined to lose weight :)

And now - the lovely Rach's quiz ... probably wrong but I will go with:

Lowest to Highest:


And of course 6 looks yummiest lol



Loves the Nom Nom!!!
Hey twiggy :D sorry about your recent split! Hope you continue on your journey :D

the task, of which its complte guess work i may add!! I bet ill be shocked though, i always am :giggle:
you're welcome Clarey - fancy having a guess at the challenge? :) x

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