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Tell me it gets better.........



Positivity is the key
Hi JD,
firstly congrats on an excellent weight loss. How's the water intake, they advise between 2 to 4.5 litres. Once you are drinking enough you should be ok. Ketosis should have kicked in by now and hunger should stop. Some people on here split the powder from the shakes and have 6 smaller drinks rather than 3 and spread these through the day. Others say sparkling water helps to fill. I hope you find what works for you.
Best of luck.
Thanks Doirin, i'll try break up the shakes, it might help.
Been drinking bout 3 to 4 litres a day, maybe its cos i've had more of the shakes as a moose than a shake??


Positivity is the key
Hi again JD,
just to say I like others on here take the shakes with crushed ice, I fill the beaker the chemist gave me half full with ice then put in the powder a bit of water to top up and use a hand blender to crush the ice, mix it and hey presto a smooth but thick ice shake. I find I am very full after these and it helps towards getting the water in also.
Best of luck.
p.s. what is the latin phrase ?
Your a star, will deffo try that thank you x

It means Don't let the B*** ards get you down :)


Positivity is the key
Sounds so much sweeter in Latin, but I like the sentiment.
Take care.


I will be skinny again!!!

Yup Doirins advice is brilliant!!

And Black coffee was my God send throughout LT :)


Silver Member
well done on your 11lb loss JD that was fantastic for week 1 stick with it :) ;)
Hiya :)
I notice when I don't drink enough water I feel the hunger pangs but when I drink 4 or more liters a day I really don't feel a thing!
It does get better, you should be in ketosis by now so id say irt's water

Hi jd your weight loss is fantastic, keep it up !!! The main thing to stop the hunger pangs is like everybody says is to drink the water, i do drink about 6litres of soda water everyday only because im always thirsty, they think im a nut job in asda all my shopping consist of is a trolley full of soda lol. To be honest i was starving last night around 10pm and found it hard to sleep, but when you see your weight loss its well worth it. Good luck for next week and your full journey xx
i found that a black coffee with a sweetner in it fills me up if i have one before my shake i dont even feel hungry for that i never drank sweet coffee before this diet but thats what works for me and water water water xx keep going hun your doing great
Hi JD, yup...I was into my 2nd week when the hunger pangs finally went. I was close to crying a couple of times...but I did NOT cave in and I am supremely happy I didn't as I have now maintained (and still lost a bit) for over 3 weeks now. Food is no longer my comfort or my enemy. Being on LT has changed my tastes, from carb/sweet/fatty foods to healthy low-fat, no sugar foods, which I now enjoy very much, in small portions, only when I am hungry....and I keep up my water intake, my favourite drink!!!!
Thanks everyone, i'm all optimistic again :D
Now even my little mood face has changed x


I *will* be skinny again!
Your a star, will deffo try that thank you x

It means Don't let the B*** ards get you down :)
That's what I thought it said! I saw a girl on Miami Ink get it tattooed on the small of her back!
what i've come to realise is i'm not hungry but i'm thinking about food more than ever and wanting a burger or even vegetables(strange craving huh?) are not cus i'm hungry but just cus i'm thinking about them, all the time.

Focus on your goal or even a mini goal, stay strong and have a drink.

Jo x

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