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Tell me what u think pls? (Pic)

Hi everyone,

Sorry not been around for ages again, Hope everyone is doing well?

Next weekend I am meeting one of my idols - Peter Facinelli - "Carlisle Cullen" in Twilight for any who have seen it :D I am also having my photo taken :D

I bought a dress today, But am unsure if I look too fat in it :( I have a million chins which doesn`t help :cry:

So I wondered if you could tell me what u think pls?

Off topic, But I weighed myself in Boots today as my scales broke and it was killing me not knowing (I`m an obsessive weigher and used to weigh many times a day lol and haven`t got 2 weeks!). According to the scales, I am 14st 7lbs which is a 3lbs loss since I was weighed at my Drs :D

Every scales I have ever weighed on have weighed me heavier than the Drs and I`m due on so I`m hoping I have lost more tho I doubt it :rolleyes:

Anyway, What do u think of this dress? (I will jazz it up with jewellery or something)



LiSe Xxx
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Hi Lise

Do you want honest opinion..........even if its not want you want to hear?...........

Will you hate me forever?
No hate here x Just want an honest opinion x
Hi Lise
I think you have a beautiful face but the dress doesn't do you justice. You don't look fat, but I think because the dress is just plain straight it doesn't show your best features.
Show yourself off after losing such a lot of weight, you do not need to hide your body.
Hope that helps and it doesn't sound mean
Thanks for your replies x

I know it is very plain, Thats why I was going to jazz it up a bit. It does look a bit like a sack :rolleyes: lol But I have a horrible tummy (my problem area) so anything clingy would make me look really fat :(

I have real trouble finding clothes to fit :( Cos my waist and legs are much smaller than my hideous fat tum and my top is also bigger.

Thanks again for ur replies, Will keep looking for something to wear (at this rate I`ll be in a bin bag or not go :( ).

LiSe Xxxx
Hi Hon
If you go to Debenhams or John Lewis you can ask for a personal shopper and they are really good at chosing things that may look good on you. I don't believe they charge for this service. They will help you find clothes that suit you and that acsentuate your best features. It is possible that you see something different in the mirror than we do.
You look beautiful - just need an outfit to make you even more outstanding.

Rosie xx


Resident geek
Could you find a chunky belt in red?? and maybe some red heels..?? i think that would look fab.. chunky belt would cover your tummy too.. so you wouldnt feel so self conscious..
x x
id say add a belt on a slant something bright and funky too break the outfit up and give it shape , belts are gud cover ups too ..

i also second the person that sed get heals ... then add shape , dont have to be highhh.

but you will look nice congrats on the weightloss. x
do you have a yours shop near you:confused: they specialise in larger figures and are very helpful:D if you have a larger bust put the focus there:D i have a dress acsentuates the bust and is flowing not clingy over the rest of me. my tummy and legs are my problem areas:cry: it was at that shop they helped me get the right thing:D they are on line as well but obviously no advice though:)
How about a maxi dress that hugs the boobs and gathers under them?

New Look have some nice ones.
Hi Lise,

I sneaked off to bed last night so didnt get to see whether you wanted me to be honest!?
I didnt want to sound like my mother Lol but I think when we wear things to 'cover up', they have the opposite effect and just make us look bigger than we really are. The dress is a good starting point and Kitteh and slimmerkays suggestions are great........Id definately explore the option of a bright coloured belt and heels.........sex kitten look!!
Hope you find something that will make you feel confident. xx
Hi honey- you've lost weight - show it off! Don't go for safe black AND DON'T go for round neck lines (why do they make unflattering things for larger peeps?)! your face is so pretty - go online to Simply Be and Gokwan had a mint little stint on Dorothy Perkins online; which explained how to dress for your shape - inc tips for problem areas - not sure if still on tho? But Trinny & Suzanna on Littlewoods also give tips on shapes??? I am an honest person and I too loke honesty - that dress justs hangs and the colour drains you - you need to show yer lovely self off! Hope I've helped and not upset you? xxx
ok..this dress is MINT!!!

Palm Print Prom Dress - Special Occasion - Dresses & Tunics - evans

excuse the hash i made of your arms, but you have great legs and this dress will flatter your body a lot better....if you dont like your arms on show then buy a wrap. you can get them from ebay really cheap!

this is you after my photofix lol

Last edited:
:D:D wow that is so different. shows off the right areas and the face really brightens up :D the dress is shaped nicely:)

apart from the manky arms, it was really difficult to remove the sleeves from the old dress underneath lol


'this time i'll do it!'
wow that black and white dress looks stunning!!! id go for that if you can!!!!
but back to the main question....... how did you get to meet Carlisle Cullen!! eh,eh,eh, i need to know how! why! were! when! im so jealous,lol
im really pleased for you though and hope you find the perfect dress for you

you look great by the way xx
IMO, the baggier you buy things the fatter you look.

Don't be afraid to wear tight stuff in bright colours, I do all the time and get no end of compliments, including thinner girls coming over saying they wouldn't try to pull off the colours/design... and you're much thinner than me!

Just goes to show its about confidence, not how you look :)

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