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temptations sneaking in now at target... :(


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haven't had a good fortnight - can't keep resisting the temptations of the office :(

OK - so I need to give myself a good talking to over the weekend after all my efforts to resist came to nothing - why can i not resist the temptation i don't know. going to have a small splurge tonight and then got 3 days where no tem...ptation is going to cross my path (i.e. not in office). stupid thing is - i actually feel sick for what i've ate today so far but have no clue how to rescue it from here - started off well - Hi-fi bars instead of cakes. but then went down from there - cakes, cookies, chocolates.

This was what i awas afraid of with getting to target (again).

Going to take control back tomorrow and just get on with it. Take some time out to remind myself why I started this journey 23months ago and what I've gained from loosing 15st 6.5lb Any gain on Tuesday (not going to my usual weigh-in on Monday due to hospital appointment) will be well deserved and hopefully just the final kick up the backside i need. In the meantime - time to reread my journals, etc. :cry:
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You've done so well and you are probably far wiser in the ways of the diet than me but for me I've found it better to allow a little of what I crave, it really dampens down the desire. Forbidden fruit and all that. I have a chocolate wafer (82 calories) built into my food each day. I don't always have it and I think that is because knowing I can stops the craving. I'm only 7 weeks in so everything might change but so far I've had no slips or cravings.

And another way to look at todays blip is you might have just fooled your metabolism, refueled the muscles and any damage will be gone as soon as youre back on the straight and narrow.


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Ahhh you have done so well so far, dont give in! :) Im similar to you...im getting close but keep giving into temptation because im close, however i feel as though i have to be naughty in secret, for example we had cakes and things at work today and i just feel like i cant eat them because i never normally do, so everyones like 'oh you have such good will power' etc normally, and if i eat one little thing then loads of comments are made, but then when i do it in secret it just feels horrible afterwards because iv not even properly enjoyed it :(

I just re-read your comment...and wow i cant believe how much you have lost. I think after losing that much you can clearly do anything if you put your mind to it :) Good luck xx
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I shouted at a work collegue today.........he lost 16 stone by cheating (in my eyes) with weight loss surgery, he had his excess skin removed for free (courtesy of ch4 embarassing bodies) but now thinks he can stuff himself full of cakes and chocolate as his body cannot absorb the fat(apparently),he constantly fetches in all these goodies....today was 24 pk of crispy creme doughnuts, yeah he shares them but i think this is a cover so he can eat this stuff......clearly he has never dealt with his eating habits! This is becoming a nightmare for me though having to say no thanks all the time :eek:( so he got told tonight lol and i avoided the doughnuts(pat on back for me)! Damn those work collegues and sabbotaging our weight loss!

anyway OMG loosing all that weight and the right way too!Woop woop to you!!!!


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I'm a bit off target, 2 more stone at least to go, so can't comment on that side.

However temptation can be a constant battle at times anyway.

Sometimes you just fancy things and other times it's the convenience factor. I would imagine it's easier to get complacent nearer to target/on target and when had some good losses.

You've done amazingly well. Just try to keep in mind whatever motivated you to loose in the first place.
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I think this is somthing we all go through after we hit target. . i certainly have anyways. The one thing iv learnt as that it doesnt just stop, you really have to fight it before you find it natural again. Its taken me about 2 months, to really fight it off and get back in the swing of it all before it defeats me.. you can do it, just dont let it get to the point were you dont care about next weigh in, because you'l 'deal with it the week after' because that turned into 2 months worth for me! lol

You can do this, your just having a rough few weeks xxx


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Thanks all for the supportive responses.

Well - day 1 went OK. No temptations to go off plan. I can do this tomorrow (along with a good walk too) and hopefully Monday too (not in office).

The key will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday though (not in office on Friday either). But i've got time to put plans into action to cover those days and just do what i can to stop this giving in to temptation before it becomes too much of a habit.

tomorrow night - i go through everything and remind myself of everything and what it all means to me - re-vitalise myself and my motivation - and get out of the "what do i do now" mind-frame - i set myself a goal in August - and have to March to keep that in mind. After that - who knows.


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I wonder if it is the demon sugar - I had a ''''''treat'''''' the other day and a few hours later I just got the munchies and knew straight away it was the sugar fall - it's no problem at all when I haven't eaten the devils own food.

Same with chocolate - I am sure it has cocaine in it - have some want more - don't have any - not bovvered!;)


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Hi Ian

Not posted on here in ages as had a lot going on plus wanted to step back from the "diet" and coming here all the time was making me obssess a bit with food and control.
I have been at target now for 3 months I go up a couple pound and then come back down a bit our consultant asked last week how I was managing with the extra HEX ect and I told her the truth tbh I dont do it the way the book says I have flexi days 2/3 days a week then back on plan the rest if I have a little gain I am back on plan till ive lost it I know I can do this because I did it to get to target in the 1st place I think the key is not to let it eat away at you the more you deny yourself the more you want it leading to an almighty binge ive had them in the past where I have just eaten cakes and choc all day and have been too stuffed for a proper meal. I am not saying I dont still have these days because I do but I have learnt to pick myself back up and get back on plan the very next day. 2 weeks ago was one of those weeks I gained 3lb this week I lost 2 of those :) the 3lb either side allows you to be more flexible dont beat yourself up over a bad day/week even when on the plan trying to lose everyone always says you are allowed an occasional flexi day :)

What I am saying is everyone is different and we all will maintain in slightly different ways. My way works for me and yes I do plan to do this for life because I am never going back to being fat :)


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I'm totally with you on this one. I have craved "normal meals" and like someone mentioned earlier, i know that if I eat biscuits or sweet things the munchies set in for a few days. I have gone 5 lbs above target and i can feel I need to reign it in now. My portion sizes have gradually crept up which means there isn't much room for synned food without the weight piling back on. Even with EE i'm having to measure the quantities as if i am doing red or green in order for the weight to start falling again. Good luck with your lifelong journey xx
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I'm not yet at target but already have times like this.

I've said in class before that when its all going well, it easy but the smallest of slips can take you away from plan and make it difficult to get back on.

We had a pizza delivery last Thursday night. I had garlic bread and cheese and two slices of someone else pizza. I felt overly full and quite horrid going to bed. My stomache is still suffering this morning. It still didn't stop me ordering a scone from the cafe where I had lunch with a collegaue on Friday. Its madness but we know the score. We didnt get overweight by having normal eating habits and I guess we will always have to check ourselves.

You are going through one such blip and once you've got a hold again, you will be fine. It may take a few days or weeks to get back but once you've done one 100% day, you'll be fine.

Keep at it and thanks for sharing your feelings as its a good reminder that this is for life and that we need to look at it that way for it to be a sucess.
just dropping in to wish you luck Ian - you have done so well and we all have weeks where it is terribly hard to stick to plan.
Just try to regain your focus (which it sounds like you already have) and remember you can do it - you just need to keep in control of the cravings! x


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Thanks all...

Just taking it one day at a time now... Going back to keeping a food diary as of tomorrow - i got to keep track of the syns and the treats. Even with popping into work yesterday for 10mins - i couldn't help myself not to pick at the ones there (i don't keep any at home).

Also - trying to be semi-prepared - have brought a load of pears, and planned my week out - though already trying to think of alternatives (i typically have my better weeks when i have a near all green week - but i'll make that final decision after i weigh in tomorrow night and see what damage i have done).

still unhappy with myself though for letting this happen - but i'll get there - after all - already have - just got to get the motivation back.



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Ian you've done brilliantly and I look at your weight loss and my target no longer seems so great - almost my inspriation lol.

I'm sure you know you are in control and after what you've lost, I'm sure sooner than put it back again, you'll know how to take off the recent gains.

Live a little mate:p



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Thanks everyone - the slump is now fully over (i hope - been totally back on plan since Wednesday) - now to just loose this 2lb i gained over the last fortnight (god i'm so lucky to have only gotten away with a 2lb gain).


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Glad to hear it

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