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    I am over 13 stones now ..... and only 5'2. I weigh 184 pounds and want to weigh about 120ish. Not sure exactly as I have never been a healthy weight as an adult.

    So about 64 pounds to lose and maybe a couple more.

    Exante sounds interesting - I like that there isn't much choice. 3 products a day plus water.

    Questions -

    How much (approx) could I lose in 4 weeks?

    Is it worth the money?

    Can I exercise on it? Was thinking of starting doing a couple of fitness DVDs and light weights.

    What happens after you get to goal? Does it change your eating habits?
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  3. lynneonextante

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    Hi. I'm about th same size as you with 68lb to lose. Exante is difficult for the first few days but if you stick at it and get through those it can be very effective. How quickly you lose depends on the individual and how big you are to start with. To get a real idea of how exante works, read through some of the diaries on the diary thread. I would estimate that you would probably lose between 8 and 12 lb in your first week and then between 2 and 4 lb a week after that - more likely about 2. I think it is well worth the money - if you buy the half price packs, it is cheaper than eating normally. In terms of exercise you need to take it easy for the first couple of weeks. Of you look at the maintenance thread you will see how some people have managed after reaching goal - I've got 68lb to lose before I can advise on that! Let me know what you decide. If you do give exante a try, it really helps to set up your own diary and follow other people's for support and motivation.
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