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Tempus fugit

Oh My! that was the fastest 12 weeks ever.Can't believe I've finished RTM.
2lb over ideal target but ok with that- well within my "window".
Now the journey starts- I dont post on here very much but i do read a lot and would really like to say a big thanks to all those who write amazing,supportive and inspirational posts- you know who you are* ;) and to the mods:D
This forum is ,I think , equally as important as the group work in LL,
:gen126: Group hug,
* In case you dont- BL,SB,Minerva,Daisy,Sean,Pete
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Oh well done BC!!!! GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! Now your life starts! And you will LOVE it. Freedom of choice, and learning about balance - its wonderful.

THanks for you kind comment - always happy to help.

Proud of ya girl - YA DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Celebrate! :)

Well done Brummy,
I knew you'd do it. You must feel FAB. yes, it's the hardest part coming up, but absolutely crucial and you can do it.
We're not inspirational, we are just all here to support each other and can understand some of the feelings you are going through.
Good luck with the next bit.


Happy in my own skin
Well done, you pics looks great...:)


...we're sinking deeper.
Well done! :D Isn't it great to finally be finished with this 'chapter'?

I remember that relief and exhiliration of being DONE with LL. The meetings, the foodpacks... That excitement of finally being 'allowed' to do it on my own! It's awesome!

You sound very positive, and that is wonderful - however I really cannot stress enough how much harder it will become over the next few weeks and months! Soon the positive strokes will lessen and you truly will be left with your own in the big "bad" world of food. Never despair. You have come such a long way, and remind yourself of that every day. After all: the most important positive strokes that we can get are from ourselves!
And I do believe this when I say this; the ones who truly manage to keep the weight off after long extensive periods of dieting: are the ones who have learned to accept themselves. You can see it shine through in people such as BL, SB, Sukie Sue.

Stand tall and proud, this is your life for the taking!

Well done Brumchick. I'm sure you have all the tools you need for a normal healthy life post LL. xx

Yes, we do have a great support network on here don't we. Even those who are no longer active on the site, but have left their legacy in posts we can still refer to.


Thank you LL and a huge thank you to Minimins and the Moderators for making this site such a great place to seek and receive support.


Making it all add up
Well done Brummy, congratulations on reaching the end of this stage in the journey, as others have said now begins the real work.

Keep focussed but also relax around food as you've proved that you can take control even if things sometimes get a little out of kilter :)

Oh, and than you for the kind remarks :)
well done!!!
i am almost there too - its a bit scary isn't it?

i missed weigh in last night as i was too tired from the weekend so don't know my final weight

reckon it will be about the same as i was at end of developers, maybe a pound or two over - how much did you lose/gain in RTM?

good luck with the freedom - i'm sure it won't be plain sailing, but we've made a good start to the rest of our lives.

keep posting on the board - its good to have the support on here

well done again!
daisy x

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