Terrible binge / feelings - anyone?


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Hi, don't know if anyone is normally around on a Saturday night but I just feel so low....I have just had a terrible binge because I argued with my H and am so hungry I just wanted some nice food.

There is so much stress in my life right now, and although I had my second weigh in yesterday and lost 2lbs making a total of 12 lbs in 2 weeks, and I have PMT, part of me just feels like this diet is doomed to failure like all the others I have seriously tried, but not done well on long term because of my PCOS.

I know I'll be out of ketosis good and proper - I had some savoury biscuits with cheese and some rice - but do you think I'll put back all that weight on? Will it take me long to recover from a very bad night? Will life ever get any easier?!!! Oh dear, I sound such a moaner, but I'm not, I think I'm just sad that I've messed up big time.

I hope everyone else is doing better than me xxx
Hey Puddy

Yes, you may well find you are out of ketosis. The best thing you can do is knock back some water, have your packs and calm down. You haven't killed the diet - you've had a blip!

Take it from me - the Queen of blips - it IS possible to come back from this.

We're with ya mate xx
Thanks DQ - you're right, I'm overreacting. I just don't want it to be the beginning of the end and fail again....

love your ticker though!!
thanks xx
Hi there,

First of all, let it go - straight away - it is done and you can't undo it. Drink plenty of water and go have a bath or something.

In terms of a binge, yep you had some carbs but it wasn't really a binge was it - not in terms of what you would have binged on before CD?

A few weeks ago I called my mum up in floods of tears at 10.30 at night crying that I had binged - in reality I had eaten a mini pack of pringles and 4 pieces of Aero chocolate - and that is not a binge it is a pack of crisps and a bit of chocolate.

Put what you ate into context and then put it behind you.

The vast majority of us have been there at some point and often not just once - the difference is that we can't let it affect our long term goals - we have to put it behind us and move on.
Hi Puddycat

It's not the end of the world or the diet come to that! I have found when I've binged on this diet that coming to terms with it is the most important thing. Realise why it happened so you can try to stop it another time and start again. Drink some water. Have an early night and start afresh in the morning. If you can get your state of mind back in the morning you'll be fine. You will probably put on a pound or two in the morning but this will be gone and more in a day or two if you can get back straight away.

It is a battle for those of us who impulsively eat when stressed I guess realising that is good and being aware and prearmed during these stressful times.

Hope you feel better in the morning and ready to carry on and make it up with hubbie too.

Dizzy x
Thanks DQ - you're right, I'm overreacting. I just don't want it to be the beginning of the end and fail again....

Doesn't have to be the beginning of the end unless you let it honey!

love your ticker though!!

Thanks babes!! :cool: As I don't weigh in I tend not to have a weight loss ticker, and am SO looking forward to Boot Camp I loved Snoopy flying!! :D
Thanks Dizzy, thanks Flopster, I just really feel so bad. I know I need to just get back in it, that's what I'd tell anyone else, but maybe with the pre-menstrual feelings it's all just got on top of me. I'll try and do as you say and hope for a better day tomorrow xx
PMT is such a bugger for messing us about. Why don't you go and have a lovely long bath, big glass of water and hit the hay? You'll feel better when you're rested xx
Hi Puddycat

You can do it!

In fact if you feel anything like I do the morning after a cheat I can't wait to get back into it.

Dizzy x
Do the sums. You have to consume 3,600 calories over what your body uses to put on 1lb. of fat. Have you done that ? I think not. Just keep slogging on, with the rest of us, and you'll get, and stay, where you want to be.
There'll be highs and lows - this is not a comfortable journey - but cling on to the rest of us for support when you need to, and you WILL get there.
Ann x
Thanks all....I'm going for that bath now and a good night's sleep, let's see what the morning brings...

Hi Puddycat - just popping by to see how you are today :)

hope ur feeling better....


Hi all,
and firstly - thanks for caring! I was really touched to come on here and see people asking how I was, especially as things got worse before they got better. I started out on Sunday well, but eventually more disagreements and tempting food at my parents, combined with a feeling of real despair, took over. Anyway, I feel sick just thinking about it - I had 2 sandwiches and biscuits etc. but this morning I am doing ok and sticking with it.

I hope I can get back to ketosis soon, and maybe maintain my weight loss by friday, weigh-in day. What do you think? Is this possible or should I prepared for the worse?

Thanks everyone and hope you are all having a good Monday :)
Well done for getting back into it. Everyone has the odd blip, we wouldn't be human otherwise. You should be in ketosis by Thursday at the latest but remember you will still lose weight without being in ketosis because you will only be having less than 500 cals a day! Good luck and I hope you are feeling better soon x