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Terrible terrible day....result= bought chocolate, in my bag now


has started again!!
I have had an absolutely dreadful day, involving my 8 year daughter & her behaviuor at school. Cant do details but found myself hiding & smoking at lunchtime. (I work in her school, makes it about 1000000 times worse.) I have not smoked for months & months, and I recently bought cigs, whne she stressed me out then. Here we are again.

I have eaten nothing for about 3 days now, save a bar. I did have coke zero today. It was that or food. NOw I have 3 Galaxy bars in my bag, just waiting.

I wonder if I have been too wrapped up in myself of late to see her deteriorating behaviour. LL has blinkered me to the real world maybe. I want to quit now, I need to sort things out, but I wanted to be slim too.

Please help.
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Sez, I dont really know what to say to you, but if it makes you feel better i have 4 daughters and they sent me grey 10 years ago!

Please accept this hun xxxxx

Hi there,

Awww hon, big hug for you. I am sorry you feel the way that you do. You have done so well and sometimes I think we do things out of panic and go back to our old habits. Can you take the bars and given them to someone else or throw them away, that would mean there is one less thing for you to worry about or feel guilty about.

LL can be all consuming, but that doesn't make you a selfish person, it takes a lot out of you mentally and emotionally and sometimes I think in order to get the best out of it, you DO need to give it 100%.

I wish I had some better advice to give, please hang in there and don't diminish or write off all the hard work and fantastic results you've achieved so far.




Gone, but who cares huh
sorry your having a rough time, but you can either stuff the chocolate down your neck and have something else to feel guilty about, or chuck them away and feel that you have won the choccy war.
you know you can be the best parent in the world and your kids will have problems, sometimes it really isnt a reflection of the parents, you certainly dont sound like a bad parent, so cut yourself a break and remember your only human,
Agree with all of the above. You have come so far and should be so proud of yourself. EATING CHOCOLATE IS NOT GOING TO SOLVE ANYTHING except make you feel like sh*t 2 minutes after you have eaten it. Tomorrow is another day. Deal with your daughter / talk to your daughter do not punish yourself . big hugs x


has started again!!
Sorry. I ate it. Then I felt like utter sh*t so I purged. Now I feel worse than ever. Should have stayed on Minis instead of making their tea I guess!

Will be on top again soon. Just a blip. Oh, and I am going grey now, thats for sure!

Like you've said it was a blip so just get back into the swing of things and don't waste time feeling guilty about that or about your life being taken up with LL. Guilt will just multiply and won't let you move forward - in any event you deserve to be happy and paying attention to yourself will make you happier and this will have a knock on effect on your daughter. A happy home and all that.

Must admit though that you need a good kick up the bum for the purging. It's a road that can lead to bad places so please don't do it again. Don't replace one bad eating habit with another.

You have done so brilliantly so far Sarah and haven't got far to go now. Just keep plugging away and you'll get to where you deserve to be. You can be at target by Christmas.
Sorry it's been cr*p for you lately. Kids, who'd have them? You love them to bits, but they drive you bonkers. I had a rugby ball hit me on the side of the head so hard it almost knocked me off my feet the other night!!!!
How about doing some thought records? I wanted to strangle my son after the rugby ball incident, but instead I did a thought record & it really helped bring the situation down to a more realistic level.
OK, so you've eaten the chocolate. Today is another day & what doesn't kill you can only make you stronger. I notice from your tracker how much weight you've lost - well done! That is a major achievement & you have no doubt had lots of other hard times challenge you. You can still do it. You've come too far not to!
Good luck & I hope your daughter sorts herself out. She's only young, & probably testing her boundaries so to speak!

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