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Terrible week


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I've had an awful week, my 4 yr old has had flu, hubbie has awful cold, my 7 yr old has had tummy ache and the shots. I've had to rely on mother inlaw to look after every one while I have been at work, I've been so busy because I condensed 5 days work into 3 days so i could be at home and to top it off it's also my star week! I can't begin to tell you what I have eaten, thinking about it it's absolutely disgusting really, basically I've just shoved everything and anything into my gob. Ok so I need to draw a line under it now it's getting beyond a joke, come on some one please give me a vertual kick up the backside
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You just gave it to yourself! That's got to count for some body magic points!! Get your pencils out, get that line drawn and start again.

Colds and flu = chicken soup. Deskin and boil a chicken with a bouquet garni and chopped carrots, celery and onions in a big pan filled up with chicken stock.

Good girl for stopping, self-kicking and carrying on xx
:asskick: as requested

No seriously, sounds like horrendous week, which you can't change so just need to forget it and move forward.
Hope everyones better now x
We've all had a week where it's felt like the world's against us and the weight loss is the bit that often suffers! You've said it yourself, draw a line under it and start again next week :)

Even if you have put on, some of it may be excess water you're carrying to deal with the fats/sugars you've ingested, to chances are if you're really good next week it'll drop off :)

Most of all, well done for stopping now and realizing your mistake - just don't feel too guilty and pick yourself up and get there :) Good luck!

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