Terrible week


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I've had an awful week. After my great loss last Friday (lost 5lbs taking my total to 2 stone 2 lbs) I celerated with a bowl of macaroni cheese (don't ask me why it was re-heated so horrible:jelous: ). Then on Saturday evening I gorged on mini eggs. So was determined and SS till Tuesday where I had a very small potion of chicken tonight & mash (Honey & mustard - my fav.). Last night I cooked a new dish of meatballs & spagetti and just had to try some (it was soo good) and then a slice of battenburg when I got home from work at 11pm. Then today I've so far had a galaxzy egg and some green and blacks chocolate. Where has my will-power gone this week?:break_diet:

That said I went to the gym on Monday, walked the children home from school Tuesday & Weds (a good 20 minutes hard walking each way) and today I'm going to the gym again.

Weigh-in is tomorrow morning and I'm hoping I haven;t done too much damage as I've also exercised everyday - here's hoping.

Tonight I'm cooking bangers, mash and b.beans for the kids and I just know I'm not going to be able to keep away from them. Maye I should just forget write this week off as a bad one and re-start tomorrow. My excuse for my pitiful effort is that I came on this morning.
sorry to hear youre struggling with your chatterbox. (she will get you into trouble!!)
but why wait until tomorrow to restart?.......as they say 'tomorrow never comes'
Take the bull by the horns, show yourself that youre determined forget about the past and get going!

Good luck
Hi essexmum.

Well if you keep going the way your going by the time you get back on course next week you might have gained 10lbs. easy.

Sausages are one of the most fattening things ever:eek: One sausage is 3 points in WW!!! What a waste of points when your doing WW.


Who is buying all the chocolate and creme eggs...the add on tv is driving me mental:mad:

Having all them chocolate sweets and cake tempation in the house is not helping.

As you are comitted to eating a very high carb meal tonight, you could begin from tomorrow using the steps in Cambridge Diet to walk yourself back into SSing next week and this will help and make it much easier.

I think trying to go cold turkey would make it much harder to stay on the wagon.

Your half way there! and yes you had a brill week last week but all is not lost.

Love Mini xxx
Step away from the sausages.........you are making a decision to be bold.......

Why not just have a shake and stop going down the slippery road - MINI is right if you keep going the way you are going you won't continue to get away with it and you will be gutted if you have put 9 or 10 lbs back on. NO SAUSAGE OR CREAM EGG IS WORTH IT......nothing tastes as good as weight loss feels.

We all have bad weeks and slip ups but if you really really have to eat something, sausages and cream eggs are not the way to go........Speaking as someone who has lost nearly 60lbs and has another 100 to go.........