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***Terrifically Trim Tuesday Thread- Hour by Hour***


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Morning all!

Missed this one yesterday, so here it is today!

Another day back in control for me- It helps that work is so busy, I don't have time to think! Rehearsing at lunchtimes for Christmas play keeps me away from the staffroom :)

Loving my new Wii Fit Plus and plan to do some more this evening.

My goal for the day is to drink more water!! But brrrrr it makes my teeth cold in this weather!!

Have a good day ya'll and I'll catch up with you this evening xx
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Morning! Well, I am killing time before heading off to work, I might have a nice cappuccino shake with extra coffee in to wake me up! I also need to drink more water today as I didn't have enough yesterday and had a really bad headache.
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morning people
I am having a motivated week back on SS 100% and coping well but it is only day 2 lol. I too am loving my Wii fit routines I do an hour before I am a celeb, hoping my positive feelings stay and I stay on top of my water.


please try again
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afternoon girls
am feeling low today

went to view a school with an intergrated resource today. basically they have a room where kids with special needs between age 4 and 11 are kept. we kept asking about inclusion with the childrens peer group class and she kept skirting round the issue. when we were out the room with the head teacher kayas keyworker who had come with us asked the class assistant who admitted they never bother with the inclusion the kids just stay in the unit the whole time.
they dont work at national curriculum due to the childrens problems but they all work to a standard p7 no matter what. kayas only at a p3 level on a good day

no way in hell am i having my child shut away in a room all day. she does mainstream inclusion now from her special school. fair enough she needs alot of adult one on one imput to do it ( adult needs to physically move her during activitys and constantly tell her what to do ) but at least she gets the oportunity and gets to socialise with other regular kids
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I used to work as a special need Teaching Assistant in a lower school the child I worked 1-1 with need constant supervsion thats what I was paid for. What about every child matters and inclusion the government at the moment is always harping on about treating each childs needs be it gifted and talented or special needs. All children have the right to access the curiculum thats what we are told all the time on courses. Least you were lucky that someone was truthful to you.


Recovering Foodaholic
S: 17st7lb C: 17st7lb BMI: 43.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
OMG I can't believe that. Inclusion is THE most important thing in our school- everyone is part of our community, no matter what their need! Yes, we have a nuture group, we did have an area resource base, but the children are there part time with a view to being in their classes in the afternoon sessions- the WHOLE point of those places are to help the children integrate into schools with their peers. Yes there are schools where children require a therapeutic approach, often residential, but to have a resource base within a school and not being inclusive makes me furious! Hardly 'integrated' methinks.

Sorry, don't mean to rant but it has made me cross. I'm glad, Claire that you want her to socialise with her peers, it will be so much better for her (and her peers) in the long run. Not saying it's the easy option, but so much more rewarding.

Anyway, enough of the rant! On a positive note I somehow amazingly managed to avoid food today, when (I won't say what) something homebaked was placed in my hand by the child who made it for me! Luckily I distracted her, passed it to another teacher (who heroically gobbled it) and when she asked how it was, I told her how delicious it was! OMG it was so hard to resist, but I did! Phew!!!

Brrr it's so cold, tinged with ketosis chill too. Gotta summon the energy to Wii Fit or do the weekly shop. Neither is appealing at the moment!!!

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