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Tesco Cooked Chicken


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They defo have syns hun. Im very sorry i dont know how many though, not much help am i lol xx


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Just did a quick search and read a few times that its 40 syns for a whole rotisserie chicken. But there seems to be some debate on this as to weather they inject them with oil etc etc! Still no help sorry ha ha. I tried x
oh not the injecting with oil myth again. It really isnt true.

As far as I know they are free if you dont eat any skin or visible fat, as it is no different to roasting a whole chicken in your oven really, some are basted, but again you are removing the skin.

The 40 syns will be for the whole chicken as it is with skin etc included
Thanks BritMum.....I'm thinking that seeing as I'll be using it over the next 2 or 3 days and have removed all skin that I shouldn't really panic about the syn value for each portion. Although it has taught me not to be so lazy and just cook a whole chicken myself in future incase there are lots of hidden syns in there!
On the website's calculator all i can find is:
Tesco, whole roast chicken CHILLED 100g EE 4 Red 4 and Green 10 syns.
It's worth noting that the chilled sliced chicken breast which is sold skinless is free on red and EE so its probably true about removing the skin and any visible fat to make it free on EE/original x
Tesco, Whole Roast Chicken, chilled , 100g 4 4 10
Tesco, Whole Roast Chicken, chilled , 100g 4 4 10
Thanks Buzzy I saw that but didn't think it would be the right one as it was from the hot counter? Oh well, it's chopped up and in the fridge now so it'll be ate and I'll ask my Con about it next week :)

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