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tesco ultra slim

hi there

just a quick question, i seen tesco ultraslim which i assume is a version of slim fast, i assume it works in the same way as in you have a shake or meal replacement bar for breakfast & lunch and then a balanced dinner and also 3 snacks at 100 cal or below? would this be right?

thank u :D
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yep i had a little read at it and the labels are not rectified as they used to be 125 cals but now they are over 200, u wud be so cross if that happened wudnt u! goin to post diary on here to keep me right as this is day one :D want a quick fix for goin on holiday in 5 weeks xx
I would be so mad! I use slim fast sometimes for breakfast and I only put one spoonful of the strawberry powder in and mix with 200ml of semi skinned milk and its better. Bt im not 2 sure what the calories would be for that.

Ah good luck hun, I am at a loss of what diet to do. I started off my weightloss by following a smoothie diet because I needed to get some vitamins in me as I felt so groggy from fast food. Then I followed 1200 calories and that worked really well. But I have recently fallen off the wagon and I still have a lot of weight to lose! So I was thinking about making up my own diet, a bit like the cambridge diet and having 2 slim fast shakes in the day and 2 cupa soups. I could even have 1 options hot chocolate and some fruit and yogurt. I'm not sure tho. It's my birthday in 17days time and im off on holiday again! I wanna feel a bit more confident even if its by losing another stone! Any suggestions? What plan are you going to follow? Going anywhere nice? Xx
I no exactly what u mean im at a loss too! Im not very good at stickin to things and im so impatient that i expect weight to come off all at once think i expect to wake up thin!lol but have never done anything like this before which is why i thought i would give it a go! Ur own one sounds great but wud u be havin a main meal also? As i would be starving if that all i had all day! Im hopin to try lose a stone in 5 weeks i wud be estatic if i did! But im also goin to have a day off at the weekend as i wud end up givin up if i didn’t! Wud u not follow slimfast or ultraslim for the next while to try kick start your diet? Iv just posted a diary of what today consists off if u want to have a wee look and point out if im goin wrong as iv no idea!lol im off to turkey on 24 july for 9 days im so excited!xx
Oo Turkey! Nice!

You will have 2 let me know how it goes and if its nice let me know where you stayed. I have never been there always been put off a little by it but I have herd good things bout it aswell..

I'm not sure tbh. I really don't know what diet to follow. Atm I am trying to eat as little as possible and exercise. I am starting to get a really bad caffeine headache from lack of cola. :( (I have been drinking water and green tea all day and have decided to ban diet coke as I get thru 15 2litre bottles a week!!)
I was in gumbet last year and stayed in royal asarlik hotel which was 5 star hotel and went all inclusive and loved it and food was brill! This year we r goin to marmaris and stayin in hotel ketenci, reviews are all good! Goin bed and breakfast :D

U shud maybe try slimfast/ultraslim with the 2 shakes main meal and 3 snacks as if ur eatin too little u wont lose weight either!wow 15 2litres a week thats alot! No wonder u r getting headaches, cud u maybe even try cut it down rather than totally cut it out? Or how about sugar free squash? I only have two or 3 cups of tea/coffee a day so im still havin mine whilst on ultraslim xx
Yeah, I ended up getting my boyfriend to bring me home a bottle of diet coke (just the small 500ml one) in the end but he finished work at 11pm and by that time id fallen asleep! Still drank half of it tho because my headache was so bad! I had a cuppa tea in the afternoon but that didnt shift it! I can't believe i have got addicted to diet coke I used to be so healthy and always drink water and eat fruit and ive just let myself go so bad! :(

I'm thinking about doing slimfast and having 2 shakes and a cuppa soup and a bowl of tuna salad for my evening meal, Il have fruit and yogurt for snacks as well and orange juice. Just need to get in the zone.

I was talking to some other ladies on another thread and asked them how they managed to stick to VLCD like cambridge diet etc and they where quite helpful. The thing I dont understand is how I can want to be skinny so much but why i dont help myself out!! :( its very frustrating. I dont like hunger, its not that I miss food. x
Im exactly the same i want to lose weight but i physically find it impossible to stick to anything! And those shakes were disgusting i cudnt get them down this morning at all! So u no wat i give up im gona eat as healthily as i can, drink water and exercise, lifes for livin not for constantly dieting!the more u think about it the worst u are! I think if we jus got on with things and forgot about it we’d c the pounds shift, well thats if we weren’t just eating all rounds us!lol

Iv just had enuf so this is route im takin (iv said that if anyone sees me floating about elsewhere they can slap me as im not putting myself thru it anymore lol)
To answer ur orig question, US works same as SF, I have used both together to alternate the flavours n it works fine loveys.
Good luck with ur diets xx

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