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Tesco Ultraslim Followers.....

Sorry I am a Slim Fast gal, always buy it when it is on offer in bulk £2.99 for a can of twelve meals. But as you say it is really the same as Ultra Slim. How is it going? If you read through the slim Fast posts there are some good ways of making the shakes taste better, like putting a spoonful of coffee with the vanilla. Have you hit the new diet wall yet, this week a lot of us on this diary site are hitting it big time. Good Luck
I am on week 4! N much prefer Tesco US powder to SF! It blends nicer! Yummy!
Enjoying feelin better n just joined a gym so should be extra help I hope!

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I alternate between SF and US, but I've just been to Tesco tonight to buy more of the US stuff, so I've now got the chocolate powder (didn't have any strawberry in), and I've got some of the chocolate meal bars to try too. It does work out so much cheaper, so I hope I like them! I like the ready-made US, that's all I've tried so far, but I'm going to have my first chocolate US in a bit :)
Does anyone find that there's not the said 12 meals in the Tesco US powder? Cos am sure I have only got 7 out of a box! Hmm

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i havent completed a box yet but watch this space, i went and got some more, so i have got choc n rasberry bars and some vanilla and rasberry sachets, i got them for when im on the go, but i will try one of each today. going to have lunch in a mo! il have vanilla :) i have been trying to wait til im really hungry, the only things i have to snack on in the house is healthy ie grapefruits apples oranges celery tomatoes, also i have been having my breakfast as a real meal rather than my tea as i really love breakfast and i cant survive the day without it lol xxx


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I had a US meal replacement bar this morning (the chocolate crispy one) and I was starving two hours later! My stomach was really grumbling, whereas if I have a shake, I'm never really grumbling, I'm just peckish by lunch time. I'm thinking it could be because it was the first time I'd had a bar, but I thought they'd be more filling than the shake. If this is going to persist, I'll have to stick to the shakes, cos it's so embarrassing when I'm working and my stomach is grumbling really loud! Lol. Does anyone else find the bars to be not very filling?
Had the bars but only at lunch n never found myself hungry, feels same as shakes! In fact it feels more so cos I think they really chewy x

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Love US, less calories than sl & cheaper too. I'm on day 3 of a new tub & I'm having 2 shakes a day, looks like there r 12 servings in mine. X
I have only tried the ready made US shakes but they taste so amazing! I am mainly using UltraSlim prducts at the moment due to money. x

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