Tez's 1st of Jan back on plan diary

Discussion in 'Calorie Counting - Diaries' started by oasis6918, 29 December 2012 Social URL.

  1. oasis6918

    oasis6918 Gold Member

    This is my new 2013 diary, my weight loss journey will be starting 1st Jan and I hope to wi every Tuesday.
    Mini goal is to have 17lb off by 26th Feb.
    In total I still have at least 5st to lose. I'm 27 and have two gorgeous kiddies xx
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  3. toxicsgrl

    toxicsgrl Gold Member

    Hey ho :)

    2013 will be our year :) xx

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  4. oasis6918

    oasis6918 Gold Member

    Howdi, yes we will do this together xx
  5. xbrollyx

    xbrollyx Full Member

    This is going to be a losing year for all of us!

    I have 2 stone to lose to get back to a healthy bmi. This is pregnancy weight I initially lost and then regained as I got complacent and snacked during night feeds. My daughter is 15 months now so no excuse !!

    We can do this!!xx
  6. oasis6918

    oasis6918 Gold Member

    Yes definitely, I don't think I'd have got as far as h have without the support of this forum, it really helps having everyone to spur each other on. My friends don't understand my weight issues as they've never had to deal with their weight so I don't get any support, I do have one good friend at work though who's very supportive and even gives me a kick up the bum if I'm off track too long. I have 12lb to lose now to get to pre pregnancy weight from my 2nd child who's now 6 months and I have another 5st 4 er something to lose altogether. Good luck for all of us, which days do you wi? Lou are you still wi on Friday? xx
  7. toxicsgrl

    toxicsgrl Gold Member

    Well I was gonna weigh Monday but I don't know now. I wait til friday and see if I can get off my Xmas lbs then go from there. I do think a Monday weigh is a good idea though, to stop me scoffing on sat and sun, coz those are the days I eat the most as Joe is home and we eat together. I may do that Til my bday then revert back to Fridays after I've got to 4 stone off xx

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  8. MissAmy

    MissAmy Would rather be sleeping.

    Just popping in to wish you Good Luck. Xx
  9. oasis6918

    oasis6918 Gold Member

    Yeah I'm thinking a Monday or Tuesday wi to keep on track but I'm not sure, can't seem to get my head round wi on a different day other than a Friday.
    I'm just working out my mini and long term goals weight I want to be etc then will update on here x
  10. oasis6918

    oasis6918 Gold Member

    Thank you, I just thought new year, new diary xx
  11. dd82

    dd82 Gold Member

    Can I sneak back on here till on 1st of jan 1st 4to get back to lowest weight in may 2st 4 to target
  12. oasis6918

    oasis6918 Gold Member

    Hey how are you doing?
  13. mrs-s

    mrs-s Gold Member

    I'm going back to WI Fridays I think, started today though so this first week will be short! Was so lucky with teddy lost my baby weight after 10 days! Still not lost all my baby weight from Jesse 3 and a half years ago though lol, got 5lb to go (again..thankyou Christmas) to be at pre any baby weight lol!
  14. oasis6918

    oasis6918 Gold Member

    Oh I'm sure you'll get there in no time you did great gettin your weight off from teddy so quick. I'm going to stay at Fri wi for now but just might change it to try be good on the weekends x
  15. weebarrell

    weebarrell Member

    Hi I am going to start back on track after new year, I have 2 stone to lose
  16. happyhippo

    happyhippo Silver Member

    I was going to star back on boxing day, but it didnt go as planned, so I will start on the 2nd
  17. toofatkat

    toofatkat Not such a fat kat now :)

    Good luck. ;)

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  18. Strawberry Madness

    Strawberry Madness Full Member

    Good luck can't wait to see your awsome losses 2013 New year great start lets get cracking ehh! :D
  19. xbrollyx

    xbrollyx Full Member

    I weigh in all over the place as I'm a serial weigher, but I try to 'officially' do it on a Sunday and then have a fresh slate for the new week ahead.
  20. Cas3

    Cas3 Gold Member

    Found you Tez :) good luck I think 2013 is going to be your year!!!
  21. Blueway

    Blueway Silver Member

    Good luck!
    After getting to half a stone off target in the summer I'm now a stone away :rolleyes:
    Want to shift about 10lbs in the next 5 or 6 weeks.

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