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TFMD's diary

I thought i'd start a diary to look back on and keep myself on track
Today was my last day in work for a week..Bliss - Relaxing week coming up!!
Green day today

Was running late so I skipped brekkie! Naughty
I had a banana when I got to work.
Throughout the day I had
apple, fuller for longer yogurt x 2
Lunch was an Ainsley Harriott cuppa soup, 5 scan brans, some carrot sticks and cottage cheese.
Couple of cups of coffee.
Then I went home and had 2 Jammie dodgers and a digestive biccy! Why immediately sprang to mind after I ate them!!that was a massive 11 1/2 syns...So bad I feel I could kick myself....
Am having potato wedges and home made burgers (HEB) for tea...
I usually drink about 2 litres of water a day, but haven't today.
I also try to get on the cross trainer for 20 mins a day.
I am struggling at the moment I have been hovering over the stone mark for weeks and I can't seem to get over it!!

I get very sad and feel like throwing in the towel. But I always come round and feel proud of the 13lb I have lost already...
I WILL lose more!!!!!!!!!!
I have to. I am so uncomfortable when it's hot and I hate feeling big!!
Moan moan moan, blah, blah, blah..
Sorry if anyone reads this..
I don't mean to moan...
I am the only one who can lose the weight..It was so easy to put it on...
Feel free to add to this if you like..

Hopefully Monday I shall put a weight loss on here.

Wish me luck

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Friday 18th Sept Extra Easy Day

Had a massive lie in this morning, so missed breakfast!!
I eventually had bacon, beans, egg and toast (HEB) coffee with milk (HEA)
daughter got out the Jammie Dodgers and I have resisted them!! Result...lol
I am going to drink 2 litres if water today.
I feel a bit more positive than I did yesterday, I am pleased to say.
We are having chicken curry (SW of course)! rice and onion bhajis for tea.
No syns used at the moment, so I may use some of them on a pudding..Not sure what yet!

Will add more later

I had a lovely chicken curry and rice, with onion bhajis, cucumber raita and mango chutney (syns)
for pudding we just had fresh pineapple, raspberries and blueberries with Vanilla Mullerlight..

3 litres of water and 25 mins on the cross trainer..

Good day I think.
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Today is a Green day.

Banana and coffee for breakfast.
Lunch was bacon (HEB), 2 fried eggs, beans, mushrooms and 2 slices nimble (HEB) coffee
Tea is going to be a jacket sweet potato baked with the flesh hollowed out an egg cracked in and put back in the oven with a bit of grated cheese on the top (HEA) and salad.

Doing the cross trainer for another 25 mins maybe more if I can.
Another ok day so far I think.
I am feeling a bit more positive...
Ooops Sunday missing!!
Never mind, it was a good day anyway.

Monday 21st Sept - Weigh Day!!
STS - which is ok.
Green Day
2 weetabix for brekkie, with milk from allowance
SW Scotch broth (syn free) for lunch followed by strawberries, pineapple and vanilla muller
2 litres of water and several coffees.
Tea was egg chips and tomatoes
2 slices of bread used as syns....
No other syns used today.

I think I have to look at the amount of syns I am not having as it may be an issue.
I have opted to complete a food diary for my consultant to have a look at this week...
Haven't been on the cross trainer today either! Bad!
Tomorrow is another day and I plan to have a game of tennis with Hubby...That should be good....I haven't played tennis for ages and really enjoy it...Hubby not well, so if he is rough tomorrow we will do some heavy gardening instead...I'll go on the cross trainer later in the evening.

Although I haven't physically lost weight I feel as if I have lost inches. My clothes are fitting better and are getting bigger...So as long as I keep up the exercise I shall lose the weight...

I am a bit disappointed at the slowness of it all, but I shall persevere with it..
Here's to the start of a good weigh loss week...
Tuesday 22nd Sept - Green Day
today started bad really...No breakfast again! I got to get this sorted..got up, had a coffee and went straight to the garden and worked out there for a few hours, weeding and getting rid of a few unwanted bushes and replanting bit plants...Quite hard work..

Went for lunch and was bad!! Had burger and chips!! Why when I could have had a salad? I can't answer that!! I'll end up paying for it at the end!!
Having SW Scotch Broth for tea, damage limitation as its syn free..
Some fresh fruit and yogurt for pudding....
I've had a litre of water and a few coffees, will have more water and will go on the cross trainer later...

We will see what happens Monday!
Wed 23rd
extra easy day
breakfast (made last night) 1oz porridge oats (heb) mixed with natural yogurt, poured over frozen fruits in bowl. Leave in fridge overnight mmmmmm lush!
Lunch was ham salad
tea was chicken breast with honey and wholegrain mustard brushed on when grilling (1syn) with boiled potatoes, green beans, broad beans and peas.
SW tiramisu (4 syns)
did more gardening today legs aching so no cross trainer
had 2 litres of water and a few coffees.
1 banana

went for a bit of a walk today not that far but it was out.

Had a good day today I hope this is reflected in a loss Monday.

Tomorrows breakfast and lunch is already made
breakfast is the same as today and lunch is SW scotch broth
Thursday 24th - Green Day
Had porridge and fruit for breakfast

Went to the opening day of John Lewis today, had lunch of jacket potato tuna (heb) and salad.
Went around the shops for a few hours spending some quality time with my lovely OH..
For tea, we had SW scotch broth (syn free)
My take on a banoffee pudding which was about 4 syns...Which was lush

Been a good day today..I am being more positive, I think I need to be..
Friday 25th - Extra Easy

Had lush cooked breakfast this morning.
Did a load of housework, spring cleaning in the autumn, had to be done!!
Went out for a bit and had the last of the SW Scotch broth (syn free).....
Drunk 1.5 litres of water
We going out for food and I having chicken, salad and jacket potato...
Possibly going out to the pub too, so I have to count all my syns...for the spirits!! Yum Yum!!!!!!

I hope it doesn't affect anything on Monday..I'll be very careful and make sure I go to on the cross trainer tomorrow....

I have been ok this week I think..I hope!!
Update of 25th
Well what a night it as!! Very felxible syn day! lol
Starter was breaded mushrooms, tortilla chips, potato wedges, chicken wings, onion rings, mayo and chilli sauce
I had half a chicken, jacket potato and peas..which was ok on EE.
1 pint cider and 3 gins and slim line tonic.
I have counted as roughly 60 syns.. At least I kept a track on what I ate! lol
Straight back on it now....
Saturday 26th Extra Easy

Back on track today.
Breakfast I had bacon, beans and mushrooms and coffee
lunch was ham salad with boiled egg
I had half a toasted tea cake and butter (10 syns)
for tea we having beef curry and rice with SW onion bhajis

I have 5 syns left if I want them too.
Had 1/2 portion of jelly (OH & I shared last bit), pineapple, strawberries, blueberries and some squirty cream...

Good day
I am going on the cross trainer tonight when Xfactor is on, hate it..I am the minority I know..

I am still to drink enough water today though, but I will before the day ends.

I did 25 mins on the cros trainer and had 2 litres of water
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Sunday 27th Extra Easy

Breakfast was scrambled egg and 2 slices nimble W/Meal (HEB)

Went for a nice walk and stopped off for a coffee while lunch was in the oven

Had chicken roast dinner, with roast pots and parsnips, mashed potato, carrots and brocolli...Syned the gravy

Not sure what we having later, maybe some oven roasted field mushrooms filled with spring onion, pepper and some low fat Philly...mmmmm

we had the mushrooms and a tiramisu sw of course (4syns) for pudding
I took a pic hahaha Ill see if I can upload it
I have decided to have a whole week on EE plan to see if it boosts the weight loss...A bit of an experiment, but if it works better this was I will stick to it...
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Monday 28th Back in work! Boo Hoo - Extra Easy

Breakfast was a bacon roll and coffee, have to syn the roll as using HEB for lunch
Which is carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes, cottage cheese 5 scan bran and cuppa soup..
Pineapple, grapes, blueberries and melon, a bit later in the day and a yogurt.
Weigh in tonight and SW party...Hopefully it'll be a good result....We'll see...my body does what it likes some times! hahahaha
will post the loss/gain/sts later

I didn't have my fruit, I had 2 litres of water
Had chicken, sweetcorn, mashed potato, carrots and gravy...
coffee and 3 digestive biccy's (oops)

I lost 1/2lb tonight and am ok with that.
Especially after Friday....

Tomorrow is another day

Syns for the week 105
Roll 6
3 digestives 11 1/2
cuppa soup 3
Used today 20 1/2
Left for the week 84 1/2
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Tuesday 29th Extra Easy

Woke up this morning with my head spinning and realised my vertigo had returned! Only a month between attacks this time...Hopefully it won't stay for long. That's not going to change anything in the way I eat although it may pose a problem with the cross trainer! We'll see..

Breakfast was 2 weetabix, synned these as I am having scan bran later
mid morning I had a banana
pineapple, melon, blueberries, grapes

Lunch was 5 scran bran, cottage cheese, cherry tomatoes and carrot sticks...

Snack was super noodles

tea is cheese (synned) omelette and sw chips..

I've had 3 coffees and 1 litre of water.

Syns left 84 1/2
2 weetabix 7
1oz cheddar 6
pk crisps 6
used today 19
left for the week 65 1/5
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Wednesday 30th extra easy

had 2 boiled eggs and 2 slices wholemeal toast and a coffeefor breakfast
mid morning I had a banana
lunch was 5 scan bran, cottage cheese, carrot sticks and cherry tomatoes...
Mid afternoon I had a fruit salad of pineapple, grapes, blueberries and melon topped with a muller light
drank a litre of water in work..
Snack was toasted muffin (wholemeal) with bacon and egg

We are having beef stew (sw) with jacket potato for tea later.

Syns for the week 65 and half
English Muffin 8 syns
2 slices granary bread 8 syns
total used today 16
left for the week 49 and half

for some reason full and punctuation marks take me to a quick find window at the bottom of my page! Oh well

I am feeling very positive today...I still have the vertigo but not as bad as yesterday, so just a little glitch me thinks.
Back on the cross trainer tomorrow...I know it doesnt really help with the weight loss, but it helps to tone and keep me fit..
Next week I shall be walking as Rich is on 6-2, so no lifts to work....

I feel I have lost weight this week....I know its still only early on in the week and things can change, but I think I have lost a wee bit...Even if its only half a pound, that will take me to my stone award...So I will be happy with half...


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Thursday 1/10
Oh my word it's October already!
Not feeling too good today vertigo still here and to add to that a bad back. Pain right between my shoulder blades! Not good, but determined it's not going to make any difference to my eating!
Breakfast was a pain killer and vertigo pill!
I had an apple mid morning
lunch was cottage cheese, carrot sticks and 5 scan bran (heb)
tea was sw chilli and rice
pudding was a plum mousse thing with a bit of squirty cream and choc sprinkles11/2 for mousse and 11/2 for extras
toasted muffin 8 syns
1 litre water and 5 coffees

total syns 49 1/2

muffin. 8
pudding. 3
total used today. 11
left for the week. 38 1/2

that's not bad really. I got 3 days left of this week to use up the 381/2 syns may go to the pub tomorrow. Will have a few gins and slimline tonics that's better than cider any day!
I feel I've had a good week so far apart from not feeling well
fingers crossed!


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Hi John T

Thanks for that, I am trying, and will continue to do so until I get to where I am happy at.
A 'syn' is basically a sin. In Slimming World it's short for Synergy. There are 3 basic parts Free foods, Healthy Extras and Syns which make a circle to aid successful weight loss....
I have between 10 and 15 per day, but I have changed track this week after reading another thread and have started using the weekly total and taking syns off daily..
I do enjoy SW as there is so much choice and mostly everyday foods can be altered to suit....
My OH is doing it with me also and he has lost 1st 8lb. I am really proud of him...


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Friday 2/10 Extra Easy

Breakfast was toasted muffin (8) bacon and egg
Mid morning was an apple
lunch was tinned salmon with 2 tbsp extra light mayo (1)
5 scan bran, carrot and cucumber sticks,
mid afternoon was a banana and yogurt

Was surprised with a lovely meal out in a country restaurant for tea
had salad starter of cue, tomato, mixed bean salad, 2tbsp coleslaw (2)
main course was sea bass baked in salt (mmmmmm) with salad garnish and new potatoes.
I had 2 gins and slim line tonic (7)
No pudding - Good girl - hahahaha nothing to do with being good really, I was way too full to even think about having a pudding..And they had puddings to die for..

Total syns 49 1/2
muffin 8
mayo 1
coleslaw 2 1/2
gin 7
total today 18 1/2
remaining 31

Not a bad day really considering I went out to eat...


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Saturday 3rd Oct Extra Easy

Got up late for an appointment so had to skip breakfast.
Had a coffee and 1/2 scone about 11ish (4)
Went to the city centre and walked around a bit and took step daughter to the book shop!
Came home and just has ham, salad and cheese bread rolls....
Not planning came into play today. Should really have made lunch last night and made sure it was syn free....Never mind I still have my syns to cover the rolls and cheese....

We having chicken SW curry and rice for tea and possibly make some onion bhajis..So that will be all syn free I think.
I will have to talk to my consultant on Monday when I go to group, just to make sure I am following the Extra Easy plan correctly..

I weighed myself on my home scales (I know not a good idea) and I have lost a pound this week...If that stays off for Monday I'll be more than happy with that and that means I'll get my stone award!! woop woop!!
I will stay with the extra Easy plan then as it's easier for my and OH to follow.

Total syns 31
1/2 scone 4
1/2oz cheese 4
2 bread rolls 12
total used today 20
left for the week 11

11 syns for the rest of today and tomorrow...That should be ok...
I may have a pudding later which is SW and only 3 syns so 8 syns tomorrow should be ok...Not planing on having anything uncounted tomorrow...


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Sunday 4th
extra easy again
breakfast was a ham roll (heb)
lunch was a roast pork dinner yum yum I was a very good girl and threw out the crackling without sampling any of it.
Pudding was mixed berry crumble with low fat custard
tea we had a huge chicken salad
it was a good day. No issues with anything oh was in work so did a bit of housework as well as the cooking
looking forward to weigh in tomorrow I feel confident

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