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TFR On Birthday, Any experiences?

Hi Aine, I will be on LT on my birthday in Oct, I have just had an amazing day yesterday, we all went to ladies day at the races for my daughters 18th it was the most perfect day, I wore a beautiful dress and felt so proud of what ive achieved so far. After the races we went back to a local pub for a fantastic party it couldnt have been more enjoyable. Personally I feel that as my birthday comes around every year there will be plenty of them to celebrate but this one falls when i have already made a commitment to myself to sort my weight out so I would rather get to goal asap, and enjoy all my other Birthdays its a small price to pay. Having said that I still plan to go out with my family and have fun and sip my water. Hope you enjoy yours too xx :)
Ur so right, Ive lost 19lb but Im not really seeing or feeling a difference yet so maybe thats why it seems like id be willing to chet once. Maybe once I have a nice dress, Or start to register my weight loss It will spur me on. At the min Im a bit down because its not coming off as fast as Id like so thats probably why Im looking for loopholes to cheat- Buts that totally food having control over me, Its crazy lol. Thanks for a brillaint reply Daisy, Uve put everything in perspective!x
Im glad my post helped Aine , I had my dress hanging on the wardrobe to spur me on, and I plan to look in the sales for another dress to hang up to wear for my Birthday in 5 weeks time to keep me motivated. You will have lost loads more by your birthday in Nov ! xx :)
Hi Aine.
your birthday is a day after mine, i am the 4th!! and i havent really decided what to do yet regarding it. Its not that far away really and i will only have been on the diet roughly 8 weeks. I always make a big deal of my birthday but i think this year i would rather stick to TFR so that i can enjoy Christmas.
I might still do something, but im pretty sure i plan to stick to the plan!
This has been on my mind lately too. My birthday is Oct 8th and I think I'll probably stay 100%. I might change my mind, but I'll try to look at the bigger picture this year.
Hi Folks, And also welcome Scarlett. I read ur weight loss intro earlier and I was nearly crying. Also, Noticed ur from NI, So am I, Im in Derry so howdy neighbour.

Anyhoo lol..I think this should all be judged by everyone on an individual basis, But I know, Especially since reading Daisys post that I want to fit into some nice skinny clothes for my bday and skinnier again for xmas lol, So Ill be going on a sparkly water night out. Its just this one birthday and there will be plenty more so that way I dont really mind. X
hey everyone
im lucky really that my bday not til jan and i dont really plan on doing anything while on tfr as i really want to reach target asap and totally agree with daisy there will be many more to celebrate x x x
I was on Lipotrim last year when I celebrated my 30th birthday with a girly night out in Manchester. We all had a fantastic night (although some were a little worse for wear the next day!) and I stuck to TFR 100% - only mineral water passed my lips and it felt amazing! Not only did I feel proud of myself for sticking to it, but I was able to go out in the clothes I wanted to wear (not what Evans thought I should be wearing) and that spurred me on to continue to my goal.

A year on and I'm celebrating my 31st birthday on Friday, and although I am back on Lipotrim I will once again be sticking to it! The feeling of knowing I am succeeding in my weight loss journey is so much better than having anything to eat or drink.

Although I will definitely be making up for it on my 32nd birthday...!
Hi Folks, And also welcome Scarlett. I read ur weight loss intro earlier and I was nearly crying. Also, Noticed ur from NI, So am I, Im in Derry so howdy neighbour.
howdy neighbour indeed!! im in ballymena so not that far at all!! :)
Aww bless ur wee heart nearly crying for me. but honestly i am doing ok with it all. need to conquer this weight problem and i will be a lot happier with myself :)

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