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Thanks to you all

Hello to all that are on the LL diet. I started on the 11th of march and so am on day 4.
So far I have found day 1 a doddle, day 2 a real hurdle, day 3 easy and half way through day 4 its still okay.
I am just navigating my way round this site so really dont know how you all got those 'ticker' things on your posts but am sure I will learn as I go.
I have found so much inspiration from reading all of your posts that I just wanted to thank you all.
I have been overweight for most of my life and now at 42 years old i am the heaviest I have ever been.
I have had enough. I hate being this size (19 stone). When I am alone I am sometimes sooo down about it that I am in tears. People that I know do not see that of course as I am the master of disguising my true inner feelings.
I have read posts on this site that have made me laugh, made me cry and made me realise that I have found some kindred people that I hope will help me on this scary/exciting journey that I have just embarked on.
Well err thats if for now I suppose,,lol,,,so thank you all again.
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...we're sinking deeper.
Here is a guide for the ticker: http://www.minimins.com/tutorials/19172-how-setup-weight-loss-ticker-tickerfactory-com.html

And we're all here to support each other. You are never alone, and here you can say anything and someone will give some advice, personal experiences or just some support... If ever in doubt, you know you're always welcome here. :)
I wish you luck, patience and strength on this journey you have started... I won't lie, it will be difficult, but it is worth it. Perseverance is the key.

Well done on taking the step towards a happier you. :D
Woohoo....thanks Minerva. I think I have got me a ticker thing now.
Sooo excited.
First weigh in is tomorrow (day 5) but I think I might wait to till the weekly meeting to update this.
Am crossing my fingers.
Thank you for your lovely reply Minerva. Its much appreciated.


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Woohoo....thanks Minerva. I think I have got me a ticker thing now.
Sooo excited.
First weigh in is tomorrow (day 5) but I think I might wait to till the weekly meeting to update this.
Am crossing my fingers.
Thank you for your lovely reply Minerva. Its much appreciated.
Hi there, We all know how you're feeling.You'll find lots of support here.I'm on my second week,and it is definately becoming easier.I think the success of others and knowing you lose fast on LL spurs you on.There is a March starters messages if you want to post there too xx Good luck
Welcome Asi, and well done for taking the first step to change your life. I understand everything you wrote about disguising your feelings - that was me for countless years too. I started the diet at 20 stone. In less then a year, I was slim. It has changed my life by bucketloads.

Sounds like you are off to a crackin start. Keep that positive attitude, it will see youthrough. Well done on the first, and hardest few days.

All good luck to you!!!
Welcome and well done on LL so far! It does get easier and with the speedy weightloss makes you want to stick to it.

I started LL at 20st 4lb on the 21/11/08 and as of yesterday have lost 5 stone (16 weeks) (My total loss is 7stone 8lb as I started to diet in Oct 08)

It's a fab forum here and a problem shared is a problem halved so don't be stuck, someone on here will always try to help.


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Welcome Asil - I see you've got your ticker sorted so no need to explain that! Enjoy the journey you're now on... it's such a fantastic experience... it sounds bizarre - but I really look back on Lighter Life as one of the best times in my adult life... not how I ever thought I would describe dieting to be honest!!

Minimins is a fantastic place for support - keep posting - no matter how bonkers, emotional or graphic it may get - I guarantee we've heard it all before! :D

Enjoy! And good luck for your first week weigh in!

Anna xx
Firstly Anna, beautiful avatar! I tried to give you some rep for that and your lovely comment on my pic, but it won't let me yet!! ;-)

Asilasil, all the very best of luck and this place has got me through the past 19 weeks when the counselling side has been a bit lacking in my group. I truly would have found it so much harder if I didn't have these fabulous people to turn to for support, motivation and inspiration.

Just don't eat - ANYTHING - stick to the rules and you'll be a fabulous success!!

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Oh wow thank you guys for such positive comments.
I feel totally inspired by you all. You all look so lovely in your pictures. I might be brave when I have lost some weight and put some up. xxx
Oh my goodness....day 5 and I have just come back from my first weigh in. 10lb lost. 10lb!!! I cant believe it....yipeeeeeeeee!!!
I tried to update my ticker but every time I put my pin code in it wont accept it??? lol...anyway Im happy so not too bothered about the faulty ticker ha ha ha.
nice one!
well done
daisy x
Well done Asil

Fantastic start. It's amazing isn't it?
Have a good week.
thank you thank you thank.
If I do half as well as you guys I will be ecstatic.


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Welcome asilasil, LL is just THE BEST isn't it!

Stick with it through good and bad, easy and challenging and you will soon find you're a different person.
Welcome asil and well done .... wow what a start for you and what great motivation for continuing that sucess! x
Thanks guys. I am struggling a little bit today.
A stroppy teenage son is not good for the appetite. I am just gonna grit my teeth, arm myself with a bottle of fizzy water and head to bed before I do something I might regret...lol....no not lock stroppy teenage son up and throw festering veg at him....eat!!
Goodnight one and all xx