***tantalising tuesday daily thread***


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Hello daily threaders

Well it's cold outside! Thankfully I have another day of working from home but couldn't believe how chilly it was for the short time that I ventured out yesterday (dashing from car park to cinema complex) - hope everyone is wrapping up warm and having some hot drinks. :gen125:

Pleased to report that I have got through day 1 and it wasn't bad at all.
Lets all enjoy the tantalising taste of success, good luck x
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Hi Bling and other daily threaders!!!

i have just woke up and looked at the snow :( its bad.... think i am having a sort of bed day, some more sleep for starters and then maybe some college work

i hope everyone is ok?

K x


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Hi Girls
Brrrrrr, lol. Just wanted to report that after many failed come-backs I am determined that I will do it this time! Managed to get through yesterday on SS and plan to do the same today though working a 12 hour shift so it will be more difficult.....but I will do it:) Hope you both do well today - I think going back to bed sounds a delicious idea but I have to brave the cold and leave in 10 mins:(
Here's to posting to another 100% day tomorrow.


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Morning girls!
Well done Bling & minxie on getting through day one! I'm on day 5 today, just jumped on wii fit to weigh myself and have lost another 1lb, bringing my grand total to 2.5lb in 4 days - still a little disheartened.

I have my weigh in today so it'll be Christmas damage and weightloss since then! So my 'real' weightloss starts today - I like to keep my official weigh ins with my CDC :)

I'm about to leave the house in 10 mins - not looking forward to the icy paths, especially as I have a good 20 min walk before I get to the bus stop! Happy joy joy!!! Just hope I don't go flat on my a$$!!! lol

Have a fabby day everyone, I'll soon be back once I'm in the office ;)

Hugs x x x


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morning all, well its a snow day for me yeah! school is closed so I get the day at home, plan to start back on ss today been sort of doing ss+/810 for a couple of days to try and get back in the "groove" but struggled a bit, but picked up supplies off cdc yesterday (she'd been away on holiday), so i've no excuse.


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Morning all!

Day 2 for me today after yesterday's great start (still feeling very pleased with myself) and a pound down on the scales already- hurrah!

Praying that the heating is working in school today- I've lots of layers on but I'm still freeeeeezing! We haven't got any snow, but it was trying to when I took OH to work a wee while ago- I'm praying for a blizzard so I don't have to go to work at all. I've been looking at the temperature regulations for schools- my union says 15 degrees at lowest...my classroom was 8 yesterday!!! That's from -2 first thing, the caretaker said :(

Anyway, better go and pack the arctic weather gear ready for a day of teaching!

Have a great day everyone and I'll see you later! xxx


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Well done for getting through day 1, Blingbabe :)

Hope everyone is well.

I don't post much anymore as I'm so busy, but I have just over 2lbs to get to goal :) Can't believe how quickly time flies. Looking forward for 2010 x


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Morning, Well we dont have snow, But we did have temps of -5 last night! ... Ive got to go out in it! son back at school and im back at work ....
Im on Day 2 and feeling weird! ......... like a space cadet i suppose lol ...
day 1 went well, apart from the voices in my head telling me to cave! lol


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Morning everyone
Well no snow here just freezing. Worked last night and cars were really frozen this morning. Last thing I want after a night shift.
Feeling a failure this morning after last night, but going to bed in a bit and will hopefully wake up with more willpower.

Well done to everyone who is doing so well.
Catch up with everyone later.

Mrs Taurus

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Morning all,day 4 for me and 10lb of my 1st 5 xmas/ny gain gone. Loadsa snow, Mr T couldn't make it to train station for important meeting in North East today- hoping he can stay at home again tonight,even tho he should be travelling down to London.
Am back in the 13's just today so feeling much better,although we are booked for a night away a week on saturday for a friends 40th in Lakes,but I actually trust myself again to enjoy the day and get back on plan as soon as we get home. I am in no race to get to my target partly because I love been on the packs,especially the bars.
Happy cold Tuesday all x


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9inches of snow here... i odnt think i will make it to work tonight as it is still snowing!!!


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Morning all on this chilly day,:wavey:
Well i made it through day 1, well done to you all for doing so well , even just getting through the first day is an achievement hope you all keep up the good work and stay warm xxx


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Morning Ladeez!

I am back as a "daily threader" now I am back on the wagon.
Had 4 weeks off over xmas/ NY and gained about 7llbs. :cry::cry::mad:
BUT. restart now and this morning so far am good.
Banana shake, 1 litre of water gone and about 4 cups of coffee!
I have lots to lose still, so time to be focused!


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Morning Cd'ers ! Day 3 of restart for me and the scales are moving hooray, just to keep motivated ! I hate day 3...and 4 for that matter !

I am on a flexi day from work as our systems have gone down yesterday and today.....waiting to hear when it will be fixed ! DD2 has been sick all over so just as well I am off !

So cold here (North east) and I actually wore my clothes, dressing gown and scarf in bed ! I did have my gloves on when on the laptop as well !!!

Blingbabe - glad day 1 was ok !!!

Special - Loving bed days !!!!

Minxie - come on, let's try and zap this weight together !!

Ems - have a good day and I am sure those scales will move move move !!!

Bubbly, the cold is just shocking ! So much for global warming !!!

Pixie - I know what you mean I am in a bit of a daze, looking forward to my burst of energy tho !

Sbridge - what a star you are !!!! It feels so good to be at goal (just done F*** it all up like I did !!!!!! I wished I had actually learnt something, but alas here I am again !

Trisha, good luck getting back in the groove

Fedup...I hate the cars being frozen, actually I have avoided driving for a week, but hubby away tomorrow so I have no choice !

Mrs Tauras, well done - day 4 !!!! The snow is getting me down, I have had anough of it now !

Special - my hubby going to Manchester tomorrow, well at least he is supposed to be, I figure the trains are running ?

Hi Cola, come on - day 2 is easy (hahaha gotta keep our spirits up) !!! I keep hoping getting into ketosis isn't going to be as bad this time round ! Let's keep going !

Hi claire, I am joining you on that wagon !

How I put on 26lbs I will never know..............actually I do, I reverted back to eating whatever and whenever I liked ! 26lbs in 3 months - sheesh ! But come on cambridge help me again !!!!!

My fingers are sooo cold typing ! I am going to get my house tidied, have a nice bath and sit and snuggle with DD2 (and hopefully she won't puke on me) !!!!!

Have a great CD day !


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Morning folks. I've just woken up. I can't believe how long I have slept. I was so hungry when I went to bed last night, I didn't think I would sleep but I obviously did. I only have 0.5 lbs of my xmas/New Year damage to lose so if I am good today there should be actual NEW progress tomorrow.
Sorry to hear so many of you are having hassles with the snow. My mum is in the north east and she is snowed in and has been for days and is really fed up. Here (Spain) it's cold but no snow so I can still get out and about.

Today is a special day here - tonight is when the kids get their xmas presents. The three kings of the orient arrive in the villages/towns and spend all evening and part of the night going house to house delivering presents. In different places the kings arrive in different ways. In Tarragona, which is on the coast they arrive by medieval galleon, inland in Sort they arrive by hotair balloon and in my little village they arrive on highly decorated thrones on disguised trailers pulled by tractors! each king has three other tractors following him with trailer loads of presents.
There is a parade around the town before they stop and make a speech in the main square. They throw sweets to the crowd while parading - there will be no sweets for me this year though!
Have a good day folks.


please try again
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morning girls, hope you all having a good cd day

flippin snowed in again! am so sick of it now. have got kaya home with me driving me nuts telling me schools closed, no its not closed, wheres school bus, want go school etc shes not asking me shes just off loading information, stuck for days on end in the house with her and im crawling the walls
today i shall be re aranging my bedroom and being nigella in the kitchen for those two to enjoy

starting to worry about weigh in on thursday. i have to go accross town to get there and i cant get my car moved cos im on a wee hill and theres just too much snow. i will have to trek to the main road, catch a bus to town and then another to where my cdc works from but she lives out in a village so might not make it ( thou she has a 4x4 so usually manages most things ) if i go then will have to take madam with me in her wheelchair and hope bus drivers dont try and tell me i have to fold it and carry her to fit more standing passengers in ( 9 times out of ten they do try and make me take her out )
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Hi All Daily Threaders--

Today is day one (restart) for me. So far so good. I have not had any packs yet, because I figured the longer I hold off the better because I tend to get very hungry later in the evening... however, with all this cold weather I might be able to get myself to go bed earlier and catch up on some reading under the duvet. The ground is frozen here in Cambridgeshire and there is a hard frost that has been in place for a couple of days now. It is supposed to snow big time tonight -- so, I'll need to go out for suppies in a bit.

My son did make it back to Florida (after a long delay at Charlotte's airport) -- and should be getting his uni classes sorted today. I was up very late last night tracking the data on the computer and calling my neice in Florida, as her daughter was on the flight with him. My new profile pic is from our Hard Rock visit and the great-niece is older girl (I'm the old lady in the red). My DD (age 10) is the other girl.
Anyway, I've weighed myself (made note of it) and will change my ticker (not for the better). Then change my Valentine's challenge -- I think I can still make it to goal by then, but won't be easy. I have looked at my Personal Fitness Coach Walking for the DS, and will set up to start using tomorrow. And so forth... I will ease into a healthier lifestyle.
So, here is wishing all of us much success in 2010.

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Hi all

Feeling a bit of a fraud as its not snowing here in East London suburbs. Not sure about the temperature as I have yet to venture out but will probably do no more than post a letter at the end of my road.

I can see that I am fortunate to be a bus journey away from my new CD counsellor- I could walk if need be although I have an extraordinary amount of packs to keep me going - nearly 3 weeks. I can't quite remember how or why I acquired so many- it might have been because I knew I would be away a fair bit in December so bought a mammoth amount in November, and then came off the diet?!

Very much admire everyone that is starting out or staying on track, particularly with the demands of shift work, night rotas and/or looking after children/family. WELL DONE xx:)

Watching the Loose Women and about to have first food pack. Yesterday I only managed 2.25 litres of water so must really focus on getting up to 3 today, perhaps 4 by the end of the week.

Ta -ra for now x


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Hi all
just a quick hellofrom me as I'm at work typing on my iPhone which takes me ages! Anyway well done everyone on getting Tuesday off to a good start. 100% so far for me - gonna try to make it to bedtime like that! Must keep busy!!

Will check in properly tonight.

Keep smiling and thinking slim thoughts!
Thelma x


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hello daily folk!!

no snow here yet, but its expected in full force later..

That being the case i text my CDC and am picking up 2 weeks supply tonight on my way back from uni.. the thought of not having any in the house sends me into panic, so i'd rather have loads! Means i wont WI tomorrow, but with all the snow due i wouldnt make it to hers anyway. will be an 'unofficial' WI on my scales in the morning!!

well done to all those that got through yesterday unscathed, i wasnt sooo good in the end, but im thinking its the long haul thats important, so im moving onto a new day and forgetting it!!