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***stress-free saturday daily thread***


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Good morning to you all. Hope today won't be as hard for me as yesterday. Not planning anything special, but I have an annual dinner to go to tonight. Yikes, there's gonna be wine!!! I have to be good.


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Good morning! Raining yet again here - so fed up with it as I can't take the dog for a good long walk and I can't get out to make a start on the garden:(

Today CDC is calling for a WI - eek! Have not had a good fortnight - looking at the calendar I have more "spots" than stars which is not good news! (if you don't recall - I put stickers on the calendar/diary and stars are gold for SS, silver for SS+ and orange spots for bad, bad days). Fingers crossed that I'm down a bit today then I am determined to be strong. Will report later what loss is (eternal optimist that I am, lol):)


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minxie you sound just like me!! here's hoping for a good ss day nothing planned just housework :( maybe a walk to the shops, any shopping will have to be window for me as well blingbabe

Anthony Smith

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Good morning to you all. Hope today won't be as hard for me as yesterday. Not planning anything special, but I have an annual dinner to go to tonight. Yikes, there's gonna be wine!!! I have to be good.

Hey, im sure your be fine, just dont give into the temptations



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Good morning all. BB I'm with you, I hope that today is stress free, I could do with it!

Enlightenme hope tonight goes well and you resist! If the wine tempts you just keep reminding yourself that because you're in ketosis, it would probably get your extremely drunk, even just a glass, that might put you off!

Minxie I love your calendar idea! Hopefully you're WI will surprise you :)

Morning Trisha and Anthony :)

I'm back this morning with my tail between my legs :( :booboo: I blipped. I majorly blipped. :doh:

The last two/three days have been extremely difficult for me, not diet wise, but personally. And my brain just basically decided that it had enough to cope with, without trying to do this diet as well. The reality is that things got really difficult, I got stressed, upset, and I did what I've always done... I ate. I didn't go crazy and eat everything under the sun. I basically just had my meals like I wasn't on CD, having normal meals, and just having what I like/enjoy.

So I've put 3lbs on which I know I'll get off again, but still slightly disappointed in myself that I turned back to old habits of food. I mean it could have been worse, there was no crisps, chocolate, alcohol (a bottle of vodka would have been good!) but it's still what it symbolises. But I've learnt from this time what I'm like I guess, how food is a comfort of sorts. Not even really bad food, just proper food. But if I'm going to get this weight off, I can't be like that. So hopefully next time I'll remember this time, I'll remember that I wish I hadn't, and I'll be stronger!

Anyway, enough rambling. Sorry, I have a habit of that. I'll be spending the next few hours transcribing my interview from yesterday so will be popping in and out and catching up on posts. Hope you all have great days x


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Carline - don't kick yourself for having a bit of normal food now and again. You didn't go and binge on crisps and chocolate which would have been bad for your body, you are normal things - so congratulate yourself on having made good choices and get back to CD :)

Blingbabe - glad you are over your bug and feeling better

Well here in the village it is the annual fair so when I venture out there will be stalls and rides and goodness knows what. I am having friends over for dinner - and of course have no food in the house so I am about to have a quick trip to the shops. I am going to blip a little over dinner and not feeling guilty at all because I know I will get straight back to plan afterwards and all will be well. I think I have a more relaxed attitude now that I have made progress because I know deep inside that I am going to get to goal and that this IS possible. I am going to blip on 6th Feb for my friends 50th birthday too then no blips til 26th March :)

Have a good day folks!


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Excuse my experimenting

haa - someone just explained how to get a pic in the post itself. Ihad tried and eventually managed to get a link but not a pic. Excuse my posting it here too but ....lol I am feeling proud of myself and I want to see if it actually works.
hmm ok I pressed the button - I shall post and see if it appears.


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You definitely should be proud! The difference is amazing, you look great!


please try again
morning all
well im very tired today, crack head neighbours were partying till after 4am again, why do they insist on playing the same song on loop?

got a poorly kaya again. she was put on a 6 week course of strong antibiotics the other day along with more reflux meds but today shes holding her stomach and crying despite bruphen and calpol so might have to take her to out of hours later

this week i decided i was going to behave myself and be 100%, day 3 of that so far so good


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Hello all- good afternoon now,

So far, I have been very leisurely, sitting in front of the TV with an intensive hair mask on and burning a Yankee 'brown sugar and spice' candle. I used to worry that the food scented candles might spark off hunger but so far I am alright with this one. I am working on the principle that I am less likely to cheat if I pamper myself.

Summayah - sorry to hear that Kaya is unwell, good for you with your 100% CD week.

Caroline, draw that famous line under a stress-ful week that lead you to have a few normal meals, as you have said, 3lb is easy to eradicate.

Love the idea of a village celebration in Spain Alexice, its rainy here in London - we would all need to dash for cover in the great outdoors.

Good Luck too to Anthony, Minxie, Enlightenme2 and Trisha.

Catch up later x


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Hello Daily Threaders --

I did not just get up, but have been running a few morning errands and checking the threads, email, trying to make bookings, etc. in between.

I picked up a birthday cake I ordered for neighbour's daugher's 18th (she babysits for me time to time, so I offered to supply a cake and balloons for her family party today as a gift from us). It was great: the cake did not even appeal to me -- and it was CHOCOLATE. So, that's a plus of being on the plan.

So far, I have had my DD do some computer speech therapy work. Picked up the cake (delivered it), gone back for the balloons and delivered those, and now we'll be heading out to see our friend who was brought back from a hospital Germany (he nearly died in a Christmas Eve accident in Kosvo) - he is now in Adddenbrookes.

So, it might seem as if I'm not complying with the "Stress-free" of today -- but being able to help my neighbour with her party plans (providing cake and balloons) helped with her stress, and now I've sorted something for Jacqui's birthday, I'm feel de-stressed, too.

Getting homework out the way first thing -- leaves the rest of the weekend free for fun. So, we'll pick up Avatar tickets on our way out for this evening's show.

And, knowing that our friend was well enough to be moved -- when we were called 2 weeks ago and told that he would not make it through the night -- has been such a relief.

BB -- I read that citrus scented candles depress the appetite. So maybe the next time you buy a candle you could try one of those.

Claire - I am also sorry to hear that Kaya is unwell, and am very impressed that with all appointments and stress that you have been able to stick with your CD plan this week. Well done.

CG --I am glad that you were able to get to your interview, and hope that it will be helpful with your coursework. Forgive yourself for any blips -- you had a lot going on and have done well to accomplish it.

AlexIce -- I am very impressed not only with the pics you posted (the big difference) but also that you were able to do it. Have fun at the fiesta (is that whay they are called?).

Minxie -- I love the little reward stickers chart idea. I think I might steal that. I can let my DD decide it I deserve a gold star, silver, etc. (She can be a bit harsh, though.) lol

Trisha, I find window shopping very relaxing. I like to look at what is out there -- and really do not mind if I do not purchase anything. I hope you have a good day.

ELMe -- CG is right. Be careful re: any alcohol. I had very little wine at Halloween when I was doing an 810 plan of sorts, and got really drunk. I'm sure that it can't be good. But, I hope you enjoy your night, anyway.

Anthony -- What are your destressing plans? Maybe having no plans is destressing.




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good afternoon all

last night son stayed at a friends till this afternoon and this morning daughter was going trampolining at school so decided to go to preston with hubs, bought a lovely pair of bench jeans from £40 to £25 so couldnt resist, says they are 32R size so i get them home, look at them again and they look really small so put them against my other pair that are the same size and these are smaller :mad: not tried them on yet as my others fit me but are still a bit tight, something to aim for i guess

hope you are all having a good day :D


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Good evening one and all :)

I had to work this morning as I had to go to a team meeting - the weather was awful as the fog was really thick but I got there no problem.

Came home full of good intentions of going into Wigan and having a good walk round and a shop (spending vouchers I got for Christmas) - instead I came home, chilled out for a bit and then because I was so cold I nipped into bed .... only to wake up 2 hours later! So now tomorrow I am definitely going out.

Need to up the exercise a bit (make that start) - the mind is full of good intentions, just that they don't seem to end up with me doing anything.


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Mmm, buying new jeans - and they have been reduced too, now that's a good way to spend a Saturday.
Miiniemel - thanks for the tip - I do have citrus candles, in fact I gave away a nice tangerine scented one at Christmas but will search out an alternative.

Well, I never made it out of the door (apart from nearest shop for the newspaper). Had lovely shower, then noticed that there was an historical film on TV, Cromwell. Went to see Oliver Cromwell's house in Ely a few years back and used to date a guy that was in an historical society so we dressed up for a Cavaliers v The Roundheads rally on the anniversary of the beheading of Charles 1. Haha, I must be strange! As soon as the film ended the telephone rang, it was a friend that thought of me because he too was watching the film - we do a couple of days out every year at historic palaces, exhibitions etc

It is an odd day, I am trying to warm up and to eradicate thoughts of cheating, tut tut!
Two more foodpacks to go and not really hungry, think this is boredom, will read the paper, watch TV and stick around minimins x


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Hi All,

I hope everyone is having a good Saturday. I have to say while my day isnt anything special I'm in a great mood! The last two months or so I've gone through all sorts of tests to figure out what has been wrong with me. I had catscans, biopsies etc to see if I have cancer etc. And finally they figured it out. I have saliva gland stones HAHAHAHA. Its the dumbest thing ever and easy as pie to fix, all of this for a simple answer :).

I have to say regardless of everything they put me through I'm very happy to say I don't have a super rare type of leukemia which is what they were thinking for a while!

So far I've had my shake and not nearly enough water but I've gotten the dogs bathed, now I just have to clean the house and I'm set! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


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Ase I'm so happy for you that they've finally given you a diagnosis, you and your family must have been going through hell the last few months with the not knowing - hope they get you on the proper treatment for it and get you sorted soon xx