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The 100% day thread :)


maintaining since June'09
Hi Everyone!! :grouphugg:

I thought I'd start this for myself and anyone else who has a really good, focussed day, 100% on track and wants somewhere to boast about it (AND why not????)
And also there's the possibility, certainly for me, that the thought of adding another day to this 'list' might just stop me having something I really shouldn't ....... I'll try anything to try to add to the motivation.

So can we keep this as a POSITIVE thread only (pleeeeease!). There are plenty of others where we can bemoan slip-ups and sympathise with each other - much needed and loved those are - especially by me! I just think a purely positive one to come to is good too!!

To qualify - I'm not saying there aren't any positive thread/posts - in their own way they all are as they are full of support, but I hope you can see what I'm trying to get at here.

ANYWHO!!! I had to slip on here to do this before going to bed this morning after my shift because I have just been a perfect little angel for the last 24 hrs! (21/22 Jan'09)
:angel09: I resisted munching in the night and at my mother's on the way home - something I didn't manage last week or the week before. So I'm feeling quite pleased with myself and hoping this is just the beginning!!!!

Off to bed now
:4635: - have a great day everyone!!!
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Stubborn and doing it
I know exactly what you are getting at - so many times we talk about bad days and what we did wrong and it is easy to focus on those moments. Having a thread full of "Oh yeah" days is a cool idea.

Well done you :D Bet it feels great to get that day under your belt.

I'm chuffed to say I've kept on the straight and narrow for three days now :girlpower: And I'm talking Diet Chef strict style without any extras. I am so buzzing right now and dare I say, just a little bit chuffed with myself - oh the arrogance haha!


maintaining since June'09
Not arrogant at all!! - it's that feeling that breeds more positivity and leaves us wanting more of the same, which helps keep us focussed of course.

It DOES feel good to have the first day there ... Well done on your 3 ... and counting!!! :):)

What a great idea Jan! I have been following diet chef to the letter for nearly 3 weeks now! Its amazing how it doesn't actually feel like a diet really! I can't wait for weigh in on Sunday!! Oh and I got into my size 14 jeans!!:D

We can do this!!!
Not cold tonight! Actually quite warm!

Having a good time on DC and TOTALLY enjoying all of it! I actually look forward to my meals!! You are so right, Jess, it really doesn't seem like a diet at all!!

Ordinarily I would be supplementing this lovely healthy food with rubbish, but so far do not feel the need!

I snuck back on the scales this morning and I am down another 2 lbs - I can already notice the change as my work trousers which were really tight after the Christmas hols and they are slipping down! and are really loose:woohoo:

Anyway I just got my DS to take a photo of me to try and post later BUT as this is a positive post I won't go on except suffice to say I remember now why I am trying to lose weight!


maintaining since June'09
WooHoo!!! :bliss::banana dancer::party0049:

I soooo agree - the clothes thing is sooooo much more important than the number on the little box we stand on that practically controls our emotions!!

Great stuff Jess and Laura ... you are inspirations!!!

I've just had the beef & basil meatballs on the usual bed of raw baby spinach and it was positively yummy!!! I'm taking a tin of Baxters healthy choice smoked bacon and 3 bean soup, 2 yellow plums, a tiny satsuma and an apple to work tonight ..... how could I possibly want any more than that?? It's brill!!!

Have a great evening everyone :D xx
Big avatar now in situ! OMG really looking forward to seeing the one when I am a few stone lighter!! I don't actually think I look like that at all!


maintaining since June'09
Morning All!!!! :D

Just a quick check-in to report day 2 at 100% !!! :clap: :angel09: Yay me!!!

Have a super day all - I'm off to bed after my granola :nightf: .... Night Night .... or perhaps more accurately Day Day xx


maintaining since June'09
BTW lovely photo Laura .... I never look in photos the way I look to me in the mirror either ..... funny that ;):)
So far so good! Sticking to what I believe is 100%:p and mostly enjoying it - for some reason I had a tricky moment last night - not sure why but held in there and went to bed! - before.....

Anyways at work now and have already eaten so it could be a long night! Will drink lots of tea!! I am allowed to sleep from 11 - 6am but on call - so hopefully it will be a quiet one! Will be at home by 9am and have a busy day with footie matches and parties etc...well not me the little ones! They have a better social life than we do these days!


maintaining since June'09
Laura, elsewhere I've said I might catch up with you in the night as you're working too but have just seen you can sleep (lucky thing) so probably won't.

I'm pleased to report still 100% despite bad news (also elsewhere)
Go ME!!!! xx
hi everyone, i have had a good day, had my hair cut which is a instant booster!! been on wii fit really love that best invention ever! did over 1100 steps in free step. stuck to plan 100%. I am gonna order another 5 weeks xx hope everyone well xx
Not asleep yet ! Watching the news and on here! Hardly anyone around tho! I was on earlier then did all the paperwork from my day job that I hadn't finished! I may go and get my head down soon! I don't tend to sleep that well as it is a single bed and I always think I am going to fall out! Also keep waking thinking I am going to be called!

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