The 1st day of the rest of my healthy life!


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Ok, so technically this is day 2 but didn't get chance to do this yesterday!
Having lost 7.5 stone a couple of years ago with LL i KNOW that VLCD works for me.
Why did I put 5 stone back on?
  • got pregnant a month after ending maintenance and didn't know how much was 'baby' and how much was me
  • still thought 'fat' - hadn't been thin long enough for my brain to adjust (funnily enough, now think I am 'thin' and brain not caught up with huge weight GAIN!)
  • Got bullied by boss and comfort ate
  • got PND and comfort ate
  • am signed off sick from work (depression and anxiety re: bullying) and comfort eat
HANG ON!! eat?? not any more!

Day 0ne - felt hungry all day tho drank LOADs of water. Wish i could remember how i felt at beginning of LL.
Went to yoga last night but had difficulty 'switching off' and relaxing(not unusual). Had a 4th pack when got home! know its wrong but justified it as:
  • am 5'7.5 tall!
  • had excercised
  • was damage limitation - not real food!
  • wouldn't of slept if hungry
  • wouldn't of slept if drank more water!
  • wouldnt make it to day 2 if didn't sleep
did i do wrong?


feel quite proud of self for getting to day 2! Had 2 packs so far and plan to have 3 NOT 4 today! Still hungry, still drinking plenty of water. Gonna take daughter out for a walk soon. IF she ever finishes her lunch - oh the IRONY of it!!!
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Busy busy busy!!
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As you are nearly 5' 8 - and doing exercise then I think you can safely say that having 4 packs was not a problem. Much better than resorting to food anyway!

Have a word with yr CDC and see what he/she says.

Well done and look forward to seeing how you get on!


Loves VLCD's !
Great weight loss in the past ! You can do it again, the first few days are always a bit of a shock. Good Luck ! Melissa


Hi Shimsham
You said you put back on 5lbs?Was that right?

Good luck hun week 1 will soon be over and your be feeling fab again


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Still day 2... (a very long day 2)

Just realised my BF will be home late tonight. Usually I would occupy my time 'alone' (baby in bed) by binge eating on junk food. BUT NOT ANYMORE! well, not today anyway - one day at a time as the alcoholics say!

Trouble is, how do i distract myself instead? Especially when i am SO hungry!

Anyone else found a way of overcoming this situation?


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Hi Jeanie!

Well done on getting to Day 2!! These first few days really are the toughest of all, but once over them and in ketosis you'll be well on your way to becoming a slim-line mummy :)

Helpful distractions from the hunger pangs are:

Have a looooong hot bath with lots of oils/bubbles and just wallow in it reading a book or magazine

Give yourself a manicure or (better still!) a facemask! You can't eat anyway when your face is covered in that stuff :rolleyes:

Come on here and read as many threads as you can - and especially take a look at the Inpirational Photos thread under Night Shift Workers (I find time just flies by when I'm reading Minimins and replying to posts) :)

Phone your CDC for help and advice .. she won't mind - honest! :D

Good luck for the rest of the evening and have a great Day 3!


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Day 3


Well I made it through day 2 on the required 3 packs only - despite the hunger. Didn't have to worry bout being on my own to binge as BF came home earlier than expected - hurray!
Havin said that, he is working Thurs night so I really appreciate the suggestions Summer made. I may even try them all!!

Didn't manage any excersice yesterday - through no fault of my own tho! Time and weather conspired against me. But day 3 is going rather well!!:)

Think I might be in ketosis as I am hardly hungry at all today. Also, went to a yoga class for 2 hours this morning and managed to relax better than on Monday so it's looking promising!

Trouble is, having survived almost 5 months on LL shakes before I am already beginning to tire of CD ones 2nd time around! Am looking forward to the on coming weeks when I will have just a little more variety.

But now my thoughts are strating to xmas and a social occasion I have coming up later this month...
When i did LL I was v. clear and strong with people as to why I was not eating and never felt under pressure to do so. I found it v. interesting as to how uncomfortable my not eating made others feel, irrespective of their own weight.

This time, however, I am anticipating friends and family having greater amunition against me.

The imagined conversation goes something like this:
F:what, your not eating again? another xmas without food or drink?
Me: i want to lose weight again
F: But you did it before and put it on again, is it worth it?
why not wait till after xmas?
Me: cos i want to lose it now.

I should probably say 'imagine how big i would be by january if i don't!' but i am too ashamed.:eek:

This diary is the 1st time i have admitted to anyone but ME that I compulsively over eat (tho I expect i am in denial if i believe others don't know/suspect it already).

And on that bombshell I shall sign off,

for now!


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Hmmm so much for not feeling hungry yesterday! think ketosis was wishful thinking! Still, i consumed gallons of water to combat it so that can't be too bad can it?
V tired today which is making it difficult, also had momentary memory lapse during daughters breakfast and licked weetabix off my finger and again with avacado during her lunch! Just shows how easily and mindlessly we eat! Still, at least i resisted the temptation to finish her youghurt :D

Today has been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, albeit a mini one rather than a white knuckle ride!

I have kind of come to a decision in my mind that I will not return to my old job. The bullying I experienced has not been resolved and the longer i am away the harder it gets to return. It's been a difficult decision to come to but I am beginning to open my mind to other possibilities for earning a living.
Because of this I gave my childminder a months notice that I wouln't need her services anymore. This was a huge weight off my mind. I didn't like leaving my daughter but was 'getting her used to being left' as I had expected to return to work in September. Best laid plans and all of that!

On the downside, i spent 2 hours sat in front of a full length mirror at the hairdressers today :(
I felt ashamed and embarrased by my appearance after putting on so much weight again. I remembered back to April 2005 when I sat there a svelte size 12/14 and how happy I was. I loved mirrors - tho I didn't always recognise myself!!

I SO NEED the scales to show a good loss tomorrow to spur me on.

On the upside, I made some difficult 'official' phonecalls I've been putting off AND think I might have found a suitable andaffordable venue for the reception to our 'secret' wedding!

BF working tonight so have invited a friend over who needs some support. That should distract me from the hunger while I pin all my hopes on tomorrows weigh in.


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Hi Shimsham,

Well done on getting to day 4 and as for weigh in tomorrow I do hope you have a good weight loss, but remember if not this week, then it will be there next.

As you lose the weight your confidance will come back up week after week, I have found this and soon you will love looking at yourself in the mirrors again.

It does help to slim at your reflection...if you smile you can't feel so down as a smile does make you feel good. So give it a try and practise. Children respond wonderfully to smiles.

Love Mini xxx


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Well done for making such a difficult decision. Sometimes things like that actually empower us and make us stronger .. which I hope is what's happened in your case :)

Good luck with the arrangement for your 'secret wedding' (sounds so exciting!!) and I'm sure your hair looks great too. I always hated hairdressers' mirrors with a passion too!! :mad:

Here's hoping your WI tomorrow meets all your expectations .. and I'll be delighted to be the first to know :)


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'It does help to slim at your reflection...if you smile you can't feel so down as a smile does make you feel good. '

Hi mini, Your little Freudian slip there DID have the effect of making me smile :D so well done and thanx again for your invaluable support.

Jeanie x

Emmie Lou

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Hi Shimsham

Im also on day 4 of CD, its a restart as i had a break for the summer, its definatley harder than the first time

I know what you mean with the comments though, i get them all the time
why are you not eating? and cant you just eat sensibly?
and you'll just put it all back on when you start eating again!

It is hard but it just makes me want to prove them wrong really!

Keep at it your doing great! :D


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'It does help to slim at your reflection...if you smile you can't feel so down as a smile does make you feel good. '

Hi mini, Your little Freudian slip there DID have the effect of making me smile :D so well done and thanx again for your invaluable support.

Jeanie x

Hi Jeanie,
:D :D :D


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Thanx Summer,

I think you might be right. Iam hoping this decision will help me to 'move on' from the past - just like the great driving analogy you told me last week.

Hi Emma,
It's great to hear from another person in the same boat/at the same stage. Have you got a journal on here too? i would be interested to follow your journey as we travel along!
Jeanie x


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It hasn't sunk in yet...

Day 5

Just had my 1st weigh in and I can't quite believe it but i lost 7lb in 4 days!!! :D :D :D
I had hoped for 4 or 5lbs to keep me going and spur me on thru the difficult early stages but didn't dare get my hopes up cos I find dissappointment v hard to deal with.
Oh. My. God.
Can't say anymore right now cos it needs to sink in!!

Big thanx to Summer my CDC. She truly is an inspiration in so many ways. :)
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I'm so thrilled for you honey!! The look on your face when you discovered how much you'd lost in the past 4 days was priceless!! :D

Have a great week - and I'm looking forward to seeing you and that gorgeous baby of yours again next week.