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The 30 day Shred!! Round 2!


My husband = My hero
Hi guys,

well if youve read my diary, you will know that the Beautiul Kes has got me doing the 30 day shred!

What is it you might ask.... Torture by the looks of it!

It is a 30 day fitness DVD by Jillian Michaels (biggest looser personal trainer i.e. nut job) she claims you can loose 20lbs in 30 days, so well worth a go!!

Tess already had the DVD and so is going to start, and Moley is going out to buy it today!

Mine arrived in the post this morning, was £6 off ebay, and well worth it if the results are as good as they can be!

Youtube it and you will see peoples before and afters!

Anyone who would like to join us let us know!

We will be posting daily in here about how we are getting on.

I personally will put before during and after pictures, as well as weekly measurements...

Whether the other girls want to is up to them, but as i feel respnsible i suppose i should bare all lol

Would be fab if others jump on the band wagon, its only 30 days, if its hideous i will drive as fast as i can on the motorway and throw it out the window!!

Got to be worth a shot right...

Kes has her own thread in the xenical section about her progress, its a fab read so go and wish her luck as well, hopefuly she will pop in here too and share her sucess!!

wish us luck!!

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whoooooooooooo can't wait :) will get it today if it kills me :) or the dvd will kill me anyway so either way I'll be in a coffin by tonight :D

I will do piccies aswell I'm going to bare all tight workout clothes so that you can see the toning happen ;) god I'm brave and stoopid !! lol


My husband = My hero
Same here chik, will get my mum to do them later and will put my measurements too!!

Let me know what tesco say!! Xxx
im in i ordered it off amazon and it arrived the other day sounds fab


My husband = My hero

You guna start today too hun??

Get your meaurements and photo done and if your brave stick em on!!

Hi Girlies! Just came off nights, but I am going to start it this evening. I'm sure it's going to be painful, but it will be sooo worth it in the end. Feel free to join us for all the highs and lows! :D
Don't feel brave enough to post piccies yet, but I will put my measurements up which are done on my weigh in's anyway.

Right, people, wish us luck! :)
yeah im working till 9 tonight but i shall do it when i get home..
erm i will leave the pics to when im at or near goal :)
aww fab cant wait xxxx
cant get it argggghhhhhhhhh will have to order online so will have to catch up cant believe no where stocks it !!!!!! how crap !!!!!
Hey girls,

Good luck with this?

Are you guys on SS though? Is it not dangerous to do really vigorous exercise while on SS? Sorry if I've misunderstood.



Girl on a mission
Good luck girls :) I got the dvd and its tough but works, oh my abs hurt when I did it lol...not tried it since I started exante which is same as cambridge but may get it out and start it again!
i think its more toning - you cant do things like running etc while on SS

I may be in luck my cousin said he's going to download it for me :)


Girl on a mission
Hey girls,

Good luck with this?

Are you guys on SS though? Is it not dangerous to do really vigorous exercise while on SS? Sorry if I've misunderstood.


Hi hun....its not dangerous to do cardio on ss, but may slow down losses and may make you hungry, resistance training is the best while on cd ss, but as long as you listen to your body and not go crazy you should be ok :)
right - getting it tomorrow - so will be a day behind you but I'll be there with you then xxxx so dissapointed that no where has it - can you believe it !!!! should of ordered it grrrr.. never mind I'll make up for it tomorrow xx
Thanks everyone, so is the DVD cardio or resistance (sorry am so thick when it comes to fitness!)?

Is it toning rather than aerobic?

anything that gets your heart rate elevated enough that you are breathless is aerobic.


Slowly but surely x
girls, can you really lose all that weight on top of CD? If I exercise on CD, I seem to plateau.......can anyone advise me?
or may have it tonight ha ha ha- I'm determined !

look on you tube hun theres loads of examples
I'm not doing it to lose extra weight so not sure but really need to tone up - am a bit worried that it will affect weight loss but will have to test it to see x

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