The 6 teams... everyone assigned a place :)

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Ok Team Lists... hope this is ok with everyone:

Team 1 - The All Stars
nannis, Manny, bobwillbethin, dietingqueen, 21lbs to go1, lauramumof2, couscous, Lozbo, Hopeyet, blondie1987(10)

Team 2 - Simply The Best
smilerjen, Mhredhill, Jax, Keisha, susan70, Ariana, pixiepirates, Got2go, mrsm2007, Last Time

Team 3 - Winning by Losing
Rachel, Gemma, Irene, Jools, jennikay, Princess84, Rosie, TraceyK1ng, vodkachick22, wannebe10 (10)

Team 4 - Pink Ladies
Sandy, lea8198, elegantriposte, kdma, MommyB, Lydia, Baronessvongogo, SiobhanVon, suoon2bthinner, KittyB (10)

Team 5 - Foxy 5s
Loulabelle, RachelA, meatiemeatloaf, FUZZYELLA, sortingoutmylife, tara40, valerie11, Trendytracz, Gems_1984, skinnyme (10)

Team 6 -
calorie_crusader, sarah_1986, sherry_2k, kelly96,
dumplindust, kazz, slimpossible, little*red, donna39, drunkengenie (10)

For fairness Ive just worked my way through the list as it was posted and added to team 1, team 2, team 3, team 4, team 1 etc We all have 10 members each and if anyone else wants to join we can add them as they go along?

Hope thats ok

So we can now all start proper team threads etc.

I thought all the teams had different colours but I see only team 4 has a colour :giggle: That'll be cos we're special ;) Ill ask Pierce to assign colours to the other 3 though.

Ok everyone happy with that?? :)

Oh and happy for the first person on each list to be team captain???

And use Rachels scoring system???

2 points for a loss
1 point for a sts
0 points for a gain??

For those currently at goal and maintaining

2 points for a sts
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Thank you Sandy

so when is the first WI?

Nas x


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G: 10st7lb
Sounds perfect


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Hi, I'm going WW on Tuesday - is there any room for me in a team?


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Might be a silly question but where do I report to when I weigh in and where would the total points of all teams be? Sorry if its silly :eek::eek:.


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You tell your team captain how you have done, then they will collate the figures for the whole team and pass to Sandy who will do the total results for teams

Irene xx


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i dont think it will be much of an issue as like Irene said new people will show up and members will go awol / on holiday occasionally etc.. just assign to 1,2,3,4 in that order as people show up :)


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thats great thankyou.xx


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Any chance i can join a team. My Wi day is a thursday!?

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