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The Aftermath . . .


Fighting Demons....
Well, I have had a crazy week. Work, Christmas, the usual kind of stupidity associated with this time of year. And I haven't even got kids!!
Anyway, Christmas did not go as smoothly as I hoped and I ended up having Christmas Dinner with the family. But, in some kind of new found control, I seemed to have learnt to stop eating when I get full (which was pretty quickly!) and I still stuck to the water, so it wasn't a complete catasptrophe.
Also, I did play on the Wii for a few hours so I was pretty active!! OK, so the fact is that I lapsed. But I am not going to kill myself over it. Fact is that I have been perfect today. I am back on it. I have not been tempted today at all. I keep telling myself that it was just one day and one day is not turning into two days, three days, a week, just until January!!
What I will say to anyone who is considering a little lapse over the rest of the festive period is that you will not believe how much PAIN I am in today! Not only am I aching from the damn Wii! Boxing and Baseball hurt - I fear my arms may drop off any second. But my stomach is killing me. Body is not used to food and so just all of a sudden having all of that food was not a good idea!!

Well done for everyone who did manage to abstain though. It is so tough, and I am so completely in awe of you all!

B x
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nearly there!! :)
well done for making a choice hunni, and taking responsibility for ur decision...ull be fine chic xxx
Hi Beks, I lapsed over the festive period too! but I'm not going to beat myself up about it, just get back on track and look forward to a slimmer new year!!

I know that LL is all about abstinence until we reach your goal, BUT the underlying message is about CONTROL.
No-one expects us to give up eating forever.
Slim people sometimes have a blow out too.
Our whole society overdoses on everything at Christmas. We can't expect to change it all, but it has made us aware of our behaviour and the patterns, triggers and reasons why we behave as we do in relation to food and how it is tied up with our emotions.
So if you haven't been completely abstinent over Christmas, so what!
As long as we learn from it and get back in control it will help us deal with all the Christmasses to come.
Sorry, lecture over.


Guess who's back...?
Thanks Slenda... that is true... I lapsed too, but I was fully aware of what I was doing, and was aware of my behaviour and the dynamics around the dinner table... before I would have been oblivious, so I am obviously learning 'something'.

I knew I would feel bad in hindsight - coming on here, everyone congratulating the fantastic lot that did manage to abstain (truly proud of all who did)... and I wish I was in 'their' club. Hehe. But it isn't the end of the world, it is not worth dwelling on, and it is done now...

We all know I had been lapsing for the fortnight prior to Christmas, so in a way, the day itself acted as a full stop under the bad behaviour. I got back on the horse yesterday (27th) and won't lapse again... it's not long to go, a couple of months tops, and it is worth every foodpack and litre of water. To be honest, I am quite looking forward to getting back to seeing the regular losses - they feel better than the sick feeling in your tummy, any day.

Let's rule a line under Christmas, and carry on with our goals in mind.


Go Lighter Lifers!!

A x
Hey Beks, glad you enjoyed Xmas and as others said, it's a manic time of year when everyone (normally) goes to extreme's, I know just how tempting Xmas Day was for me and I fullly understand why a lapse could happen. It's just one day, and one day can't undo all of the good done so far :)

Anna, well said, I'm glad you learnt something over Xmas and got back on the horse right after :) As you said, it's worth every pack and litre; I look forward to seeing a healthy and happy Anna at our 2009 meetup :D


Fighting Demons....
Oh I have issues!! I kid you not. This whole lapsing thing is not easy to get over. I had my Xmas Day moment. Then I was ok for a couple days and then yesterday, not so good and then today, a little better than yesterday but still not back on track.
I need my head banging against a wall or something. My head is just not in the zone. That make sense?
And to top it all, I've seen all these people over Xmas I haven't seen for AGES who keep saying lovely things and I feel really guilty cus I've lapsed, which then makes me all weak and I eat something and it's like a vicious circle. It's driving me mad.
Why can't I get my head back onto LL!?

On a slightly more positive note, cus I'm not loving the Beki-bashing I'm doing here, I've managed to take a whole two bin bags of stuff out of my wardrobe and onto the "TOO BIG" pile, and my small jeans still fit, and the scales havent gone upwards. I need to get back "in the zone" before those numbers start going up and my jeans get tight!

B x


nearly there!! :)
sorry ur finding it hard hun.
how bout writing a letter to ur self every time u go to eat, or comparing the two pics of urself then and now and pushing through the hard part of wanting to eat!!
get rid of everything around u food wise.

ull get through it chic xxxx

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