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The Amazing Shrinking Peacock

Well i start back at Slimming World tomorrow night so i wanted to start a diary.
I am 33 and have been fat since i was about 11. I currently weigh more than i can ever remember before, even more than when i was 9 months pregnant :sad0071:
I've decided that enough really is enough. I have a 5 yr old son and i'm a terrible role model for him health wise. He eats well but what kind of message do i send when he is eating broccoli and i'm eating chips?
We went to the soft play centre today then to McDonalds. I thought it being my last day of eating crap i'd go for it. I had a large Big Mac meal. Until xmas i was having 2 of these a week (i know :9529: ) Now i had every intention to scoff the lot. But i had to leave some. Only a couple of bites, but still.....
No idea is it was psychological or not but either way, i feel quite happy about it.
Will pop back tomorrow night with my starting weight - eeeekkk. I know it's going to be over 19 stone. Morbidly obese

I look forward to getting to know you all better :)
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Hi littlemiss, good luck tonight, not that you'll need it :) you'll feel so much better once you get started because then you can just focus on moving that number down rather than what the number IS at the moment x


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Hi LittleMissPeacock,

Love the name by the way!!!

I am 33 as well, and feel that it is now time to lose the weight once and for all.
I have been trying to lose weight for about 5 years, since my darling son was born (he is six in July).
So I became a serial yoyo dieter. I have moved from ww (old points), as I was sick of being hungry and wanted to change the way I look at food to Slimming World. It’s hard to get the not counting out of my head, but over the past 3 days, I am not thinking of food as much (Thank god).

Also like you, I don’t want my ds to think that it’s ok to eat crap (although he doesn’t to be honest), but I want to be able to run around and do things with him.
This may seem like a strange one :eek:, but I want to feel happy enough about myself so that I will get my picture taken with ds. At the minute I am the one taking the pictures, but there are very little pics of me and ds, so that has to change!

Good on you for leaving some of the Big Mac, that’s a good start and seems like you are really motivated.;)

Maybe we could help each other on our journey! – 2 newbies helping each other out?
Thank you both :)
Sleepymum, great idea but you'll be at goal long before me! I know what you mean about the pictures, lots of him, not many of us together because i'm so self concious.

First meeting tonight at 7pm.....eeek! Nervous but excited :)


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Best of luck for your class later. I joined online, but looked at the Slimming World site and there may be a class opening up next week near me. Will look into it more. Would love to join the class too as I really do feel its keep you going.

Best of luck for later! - Let us know how you get on!!!


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Hi there!

So glad you've got a food diary now:) I can come and visit you! I find my food diary really keeps me motivated, and on plan! By posting at the beginning of the day and preparing all my meals when I'm not hungry makes me stick to it. Well usually anyway!

Good luck this evening with your group - I hope you like it. For me this feels like being at a group, it's really helpful. Glad you enjoyed your Big Mac - I did the same the day before I started, with a pizza and a bottle of wine. But it was doing that a couple of times a week that made me put on weight, so I'm not going to do that anymore!

Let us know how you get on, and let's all help motivate each other! We all need each other's help!:girlpower:
Thanks everyone! Well i did it. People were friendly, in particular 1 girl with a child a similar age. I weighed in at an even 270 which leaves me 130 (and a half!) to lose. Seems like a mountain but i know i can do it.
Just about to sit here and plan my day for tomorrow. Might have some shreddies, skimmed milk and fruit for breakfast, some kind of salad for lunch (it's so warm here right now) and going to try the parmesan chicken out of the magazine for dinner.

Thanks for all the support :)


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Hi LittleMissPeacock,

I just wanted to wish you good luck on SW. You sound very similar to me, I started last year at 269lbs and am about the same height as you. I have a 5 year old too (girl) and it feels great to be doing this and making myself as healthy as possible so that I'm here for her and her little brother as they grow up. You sound very motivated and keen to get started and I wish you lots of luck - keep us posted on how you get on x


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Hi LittleMissPeacock,

Break it down into mini-goals, Its a lot easier to stick if its in smaller pieces. Thats what I do each month - Set myself goals and try to stick to it.

Will be sitting down later this evening and doing out my menu plan for the week ahead.
Today is day 4 and I am finding it ok so far. Havent been hungrry yet, but keep freaking every now and again as I am eating more that I did when I was following ww....

Anyway best of luck for the week ahead. Are you going to post your daily dairy. I am trying to, as I think it makes you more inclined to follow it.
I will post the link here later.!
Well i'm ready and raring to go but i didn't get the chance to go grocery shopping yesterday so i'm having to use my HEX for cereal and milk for breakfast. Off to Sainsburys in a bit though so going to get stocked up!
Thank you all so much for the support. When i get back later i'll have a good look through and check out your food diaries :)
Well the cereal didn't happen...had to rush to get the bus. Doing EE this week to get me in the zone!

Breakfast - M&S Cafe bacon roll, black decaff coffee with sweetener, litre of water.
Lunch - Melon, grapes, apple, water, Activia fat free yogurt
Dinner - wholewheat pasta mixed with smoked salmon trimmings, broccoli and low fat creme fraiche. Strawberries with splenda and activia fat free. Water.

Still getting the hang of it. Have worked out the syns of the bacon roll as 13.5 and will use the creme fraiche as my HEXa. Got a lot of bedtime reading to do tonight with the programme material!


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Hi there!

Wonderful start, but you don't eat much for lunch! Seriously, you can eat so much free food on SW it's amazing! I guess eating stuff like brown rice and vegetables means that you're not going to eat so many syns! I see you're doing extra easy though so I don't really know about that - I always do green, but still with a lot of superfree food. The pasta dinner looks scrummy! Might do it with brown rice, she says in an obsessed about brown rice way...:D
Day 2 Week 1

Weird day again today. Was unexpectedly childless so just vegged out and didn't have lunch really, mainly because i forgot. And when i remembered i didn't really have anything in. But i've just been and done some shopping so i'm all set.

B - 28g porridge oats HEXB, fat free vanilla activia, glug of semi skimmed milk (0.5 syn), frozen berries, litre of water.

L - Fat free mango activia, diet coke

D - Wholewheat pasta, chicken, creme fraiche (1 syn), pesto (3.5 syns), spring onion, parmesan HEXA, salad, grated carrot, 50g Ben and Jerry cherry garcia frozen yogurt (4 syns), litre of water

9 syns in total. Both HEX a and b, and 2 litres of water. Good day :) Can't wait for my dinner, so hungry :drool: Which serves me right for not having lunch! :doh:


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You have just reminded me to get some jerry garcia frozen yogurt for tomorrow. Yum
Day 3 Week 1

B - 1/4 fresh pineapple and a nectarine

L - Jacket potato with chicken, 2 tbl sp extra light mayo (1 syn), grated carrot.

D - Pasta and sauce made with HEXa milk, salad, cherry tomatoes. Activia pineapple yogurt, 42g mixed dried fruit HEXb.

S - Frozen pineapple stick, apple

Only 1 syn (had more frozen yog last night so making up for having 20 yesterday! And having 2 litres of water :flirt2:
Day 4 Week 1

Started well today with half a punnet of strawberries but felt a bit weird so didn't have anything else until 3 scrambled eggs at about 1pm.
Just after the school run at about 3.30pm i was very very ill :sign0131: :confused:
Had planned pork chops with jacket potato, apple sauce and veg but no way. Just stole about 6 of my sons chips and had 2 Foxs mints to try and get the icky taste out of my mouth. Rubbish day today but better planned for tomorrow. Can only assume it was the eggs but they tasted ok. Hmmmm.

At least this means i should have a loss eh?! ;)

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