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The balance of my life

Well they say that somehow life always manages to balance itself out! My husband and I have been trying to get a visa to move to Australia, for the last 18 months we have sent every single piece of paperwork they wanted, had all our medical checks done and paid all of our fees. Then with all plans being made to emigrate in April, jobs, house, family etc. etc. This has been forever in the process. Then received an email and they have put all visas on hold, that dont have a employye sponsoring/family member. So we have been put to the back of the que cant get our money back and "it is unlikely your visa will be processed until the end of 2012":mad:. GUTTED is not the word but I'm sure you can imagine our disappointment. Basically there is nothing we can do but sit and wait. So we have had a massive re-assesment and realised we are here in the UK for the next 3 years so what should we do?.:eek:

So we had a big old chat and I am going to look for a new job in another company (as my work have known about Aus for 2 years, as tried to get a transfer to no avail as Aus law is strict on jobs you can do - so have had no real career advancement out of them). Then my husband is going to build an out building at the bottom of the garden to use as his office (he works from home and currently uses the back bedroom), he also wants to get a new TV (typical man- but our old one is about 7 years old). Our families have been really supportive about our obvious disappointment and have admitted that they are happy we are staying.

Our best decision has been to buy ourselves a gorgeous boxer puppy who we pick up on 5th December. Am so excited as have wanted a dog for years and there has always been an excuse not here enough, when we get to Aus!! So Mowgli (named as on our first new year together I kept hubbby up until 6am singing the jungle book songs!) has completed a very turbulent 2009 and now have something to look forwward to - just been around the pet shop like proud parents. Yes everyone else is saying why dont we have a baby ( I am 30 shock horror!!) but we are just happy doing our thing at the moment and have agreed to start trying in a few years. In the meantime we get to be mummy and daddy to a puppy. Not sure how I'm going to wait as long until the 5th:)

So all in all we have just had a massive spending spree to cheer ourselves up - so thanks Australia and your immigration laws - I'm getting a new dog - woo hoo!
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Slow but sure....
How disappointing for you both, you must have be so frustrated as well as upset.

New Zealand are strict too, we bought our bungalow from a couple who were emigrating to NZ, they were constantly given knock backs even though their paper work and health checks etc were in order - they finally were allowed to go 10 months later than they had hoped to.

Unfortunately it left us living in a caravan in the middle of a field all through the Winter of 2003 while we waited to move into their bungalow that we had bought, still it was an adventure, LOL....

It makes you wonder why the UK don't have strict emigration laws too....

Enjoy your dog, he sounds delightful and I wish you all the best for your eventual move to Australia. X
With regards to the health checks the dr who did mine said that the uk are thinking of implementing something similar but are not sure how it would work - and Australia have been health checking immigrants for the last 40 years!! Just shows how far behind we are


Slow but sure....
My son has been living and working in NZ for the last 2 years, and he has had to have regular immigration checks while he was there, he has now left and is in Australia with friends until the New Year.

Then hopefully he will be heading for home.

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