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The bars and shakes are yuck!!

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So I'm on day 1 and I've been gearing myself up for the past few weeks to get started. I had a banana shake this morning and was just about sick. I had to put it into the back of the fridge at work all morning until it was really really cold before I could stomach it. At lunchtime I had a chocolate orange bar, but could only have half of it as I was starting to feel really ill. The other half is still in my bag. I'm sitting with a hot vanilla and coffee and I just can't drink it. The smell is awful. :cry:

I really really want to do this. I want to lose all the weight. Add to that I've spent £100 on it, I'm not giving in at the first hurdle. Us Aberdonians don't like spending money lol. I just wish the stuff tasted nicer. :(

On the plus side, I haven't eaten anything all day. My mum made macaroni and gave some to my oh to take home for his tea so that I didn't have to make it for him. It smelt so good an I really really wanted some, but I resisted. There's cheesecake in the fridge as well, but I'm not going to touch it!!!

My hope is that the chocolate shake I'm going to have in the morning will either be really nice, or that I'll be so hungry I'll not notice the taste. For only having had 1 shake and half a bar today, I'm surprisingly no hungry.

Did anyone else have this problem when they first stated? Do you get used to the taste?

***Anyone thinking of starting please don't let this first post put you off. It has gotten much easier over the past 2 weeks!! Definitely worth it to see the scales getting lower.***
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Hey Hun

Yes I remember first doing Cambridge diet couldn't stomach at all gave up and luckily counsellor gave me a refund !
When I did it a 2nd time they have ready made shakes when cold so easy to drink!!

I tried to start yesterday , I had one shake I downed it the 2nd shake the smell made me heave :-( my post read exactly the same about the £100 being spent lol!

The advice I got was trying halfing the packs adding more water , or what I think I'd prefer is keep them the same consistency and just down them !! Continue with water throughout the day , eventually I hope will get used to them! However I'm pretty sure when I get into ketosis rather go without :-/ gross!! Lol!!

Find my thread I got some good tips on there on how to make them

Hope it gets easier xxxx

(25.08.08-18 stone 5) (24.08.11-12 stone 10) 79lbs lost 25lbs to go!!

I only started 8 days ago, haven't had a shake yet, been having soups. My wife is having shakes and she adds coffee to the vanilla and banana ones and says they're lovely. I think she adds a sweetener as well. She more often has them hot.

I bought some Tesco meal replacement bars, they've got pretty much the same content as the Exante ones. They do them in chocolate or rasberry and they're really nice. Even better is they're a third of the price.

Hope you find a taste that suits you, 10lbs gone in the first week for me, so worth the effort. Good luck with it !

Hello can I say you need to drink your shakes straight away you said you left your banana shake in the fridge for it to get cold? You need to drink your shakes straight away really within 15 mintues :)

I'm sure you will get used to the taste of exante I loved everything apart the soups.
Good luck to you :)
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Aww chick you'll get used to them the vanilla coffee tastes better than it smell so does the choc I like it hot feels like a treat how much water do you use? I like mine a bit thinner with around 300mls of water I also add ice and a sweetner to banana and strawberry shakes you could also split the packs I did the first few days around 150mls with half the shake powder hope this helps Hun xxx

Sent from my iPhone love n hugs Kel xx
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Please remember NO food references in the 100% section.... Ive moved this to the main forum

I've re read my post this morning and I sound like such a moan!! After a good night's sleep I'm raring to go again. I'm away to make a strawberry shake and just get on with it and stop winging. I know what I had yesterday wasn't enough, I'll make sure I have my 3 things today. Drinking lots of water has been quite easy though.

I had a sneaky look at the scales this morning and they say -4lbs!! That's the thought that will get me through today.
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Something my oh just said to me-

When your on a night out you can down shots of tequila, samucca and all sorts of other nasty things but you can't handle a shake that will help you lose weight?


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Personally, I find the banana and strawberry shakes require a sweetener to enhance the flavour otherwise they don't taste of very much.
I have tried hot vanilla with coffee and hot chocolate shake but never again, I really didn't like the flavours.
I add ice to my shakes to cool them down.
I hate the bars too so have switched over to Asda Measure Up bars instead which are much nicer.
Having tried vegetable, tomato and mushroom soups so far - I only like the mushroom soup.
I just placed my 2nd exante order and got the box of shakes, 5 mushroom soups and 1 thai chicken soup. I bought a months worth of Asda Measure Up bars yesterday too.

Everyone has their own likes and dislikes on this diet - try everything and find what works for you.


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My mum gave up on day one because she couldn't stand the products - I didn't like them either but wasn't going to let her packs and mine a total of £200 go to waste!! So I gave it another go and now I like everything except the cho/orange bar, the choc shake and the chicken soup!

Today was quite funny as I had just made up a chocolate shake (I am at mum and dads for a bit) and dad asked me if I could get a smell of damp so I looked around and sniffed the air and then realised it was my shake lol he couldn't believe I could drink it ;)
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I love seeing people complain thinking the diets shakes will taste like mcdonalds ones...

It's diet food!

It's different for a reason...

I love seeing people complain thinking the diets shakes will taste like mcdonalds ones...

It's diet food!

It's different for a reason...

I have to admit I never understand when people call them milkshakes - theyre just sooooo not milkshakes. Not by any stretch of the imagination... McDs - now theyre milkshakes. Nesquick - theyre milkshakes. Exante NOT milkshakes lol
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Anymore luck with the Shakes? They r an acquired taste. Have the water v cold. I started of with 450ml of water, drink side by side with tea/coffee. Mix with Aerolatte coffee frother. To get through Sat nights sip good quality sparkling water in a wine glass.
Try drinking a glass of water b4 u have your shake. States somewhere the high vitamin content can make folk sick.
Good Luck. :)
S: 29st8lb C: 27st2lb G: 15st10lb BMI: 53 Loss: 2st6lb(8.21%)
Starlight said:
I have to admit I never understand when people call them milkshakes - theyre just sooooo not milkshakes. Not by any stretch of the imagination... McDs - now theyre milkshakes. Nesquick - theyre milkshakes. Exante NOT milkshakes lol
LoL I call everything that looks like a milkshake, a milkshake lol.

Even if it's made out of water, it still tastes like milky stuff to me ;-)

By the way, my prep week I did Exante with milk and it tasted really thick lol ;-)
hey .. hun , I can feel your pain . The first VLCD I did was lipotrim and OMG , the shakes were aweful .. think of strawberry flavoured porridge with added salt .. bleugh .. and they never got any better .. BUT I did get 'used ' to them . Just remember you have been eating lots of yummy food with lots of sugar, sweetener , fat etc .... when you go straight onto shakes , your tastebuds have a shock .. BUT I promise you the taste does improve ... I swapped all my choc shakes as i just couldnt stand the taste ... 2 week into the diet I found one I had left and tried it .. and it was yummy !!! I am now just having soups and bars ( OMG how can you not like the gorgeous bars ???) which I love , but honestly you will get used to them , and at the end of the day , like others have said .. its an extreme diet , they arent going to taste amazing they are just fuel , or 'diet medicine ' and thye are not meant to be 'enjoyed ' as we are trying to learn to not eat for pleasure ..

I hope you get used to the shakes , if you give it time I am sure you will . Good luck xxx
S: 16st11lb G: 10st12lb
I wasn't expecting them to taste like McDonalds milkshakes but I was thinking they would be nicer. I like slim fast and ASDA's measure up drinks. I guess I expected them to be like that.

I made my strawberry shake in a cocktail shaker with ice and a sweetener and it was alright. It's the after taste that I'm not keen on.

I still couldn't face a bar in the afternoon so had some lettuce and chicken. I was at work so didn't have any shakes with me. Hopefully it won't affect my weight loss too much.

Cheers guys! I'm not going to let this beat me!


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Maybe I'm weird (okay, I definitely AM weird!) but I love the shakes and bars, and have done from the beginning.

I actually look forward to them :eek:
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I'm with you Scanbran (wierd lol) cos I love all of the products and always have. I had a vanilla shake with mixed spice last night - yum, I would have licked the glass if it had been wider lol.

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