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The battle begins

Ok, so I was on CD from Jan 15th right up to April, I lost 2.5stone, went on holiday to Florida, got back tried to cd again but this time I failed after day 5.

I started doing salads and stuff but the lbs came back on (mind you after a week of 4 bottles of wine and 2 chinese's I am not surprised!) I gained so I decided there was only one option to battle this bulge! CD! SSing! I felt myself shrinking into the ground because I knew I failed last time but with11 weeks to go before I wed, and £1000 prize at work in our "FAT BOYS" club, and a honeymoon to pay for, I decided that that was enough to spur me on.

So I went to my CDC Sunday night, weighed in and got my packs, and started all over again on Monday morning.

This time seemed different, one I was very stressed with work and family to do with the wedding, but I felt my head was in the right place to tackle this. Here I sit on a saturday morning, knowing I have to go into the city to pick up my chocolates for my wedding favours, and I have just jumped onto the scales. It looks like I have lost 11 lbs. I have also sailed through the week without one problem like feeling hungry. I even done lunch with the girls yesterday, they ate wonderful food in front of me whilst I dragged a mug of black filter coffee out for the entire hour! Now, I think there maybe a little thing called will power here, but correct me if I am wrong, you do have to have your head in the right place to do this, it is all or nothing and I feel like the skinny me is rearing it's beautiful head! x
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You are so right about your head needing to be in the right place. This diet is bluddy hard and so youve got to be willing to give it 100% to stand any chance of success.

Sounds like you are in exactly the right place at the moment and congratulations on your 11lb loss. That has got to be enough to spur you on for the next week.

well done


The Diet Guy
You are so in the zone, you can tell it in the way you post that you have your head 120% on this, really is lovely to see and you will be there in no time.

Well done!

Thank you! I think that that is the key to success on this, no point going on the diet if your head is all over the place! I feel happy to be in the "ZONE"!


Gold Member
well done you, I think i must be in the zone, have never been more determined to lose weight.
Definatly think your head is in right place, good luck.


Water water everywhere
The zone is a good place to be :D

It's the best place to be!

This diet works the best when you're in the zone, you'll be a skinny chick in no time :)


Gold Member
Well done hun - fabulous result !! :D

keep up the great work....


Debz x

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