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The battle of the Bubble

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by bubble77, 27 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. bubble77

    bubble77 Gold Member

    I have decided to post my food diary, just to keep an eye on what I am eating. Also to make sure if I'm doing something wrong someone will correct me.
    So far so good have lost 8lb in 3 weeks. Finding it a challenge in the evenings. Especially if I am on my own as hubby works shifts.

    My story so far:
    I have 3 kids 10,8 and 6. Since the birth of my youngest I have had mild depression and am taking 'happy pills' which i am sure I am immune to. My family all live in cyprus and I miss them terribly, we are a very close knit greek family and hubbys family are not at all so I find that very difficult sometimes.
    My aim this year is to get myself on track to the young, happy me. I know I can't reverse my age but if I lose weight start feeling good about myself again, make time to be me and not just 'Mum' then hopefully I can break this mould and be off these pills and be happy again! I can then start to be a real wife again, as my poor hubby does get the miserable side of me too often. He is my rock and I love him and this year I want to give something back for a change.

    Wish me luck on my journey, please feel free to comment or just follow my steps to the new 'old' me.
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  3. bubble77

    bubble77 Gold Member

    Monday 27/01/14

    2 Hard boiled eggs and slice of wholemeal (hexb)
    fresh fruit salad and 0% activia yoghurt

    Apple, pear,banana

    Pasta arabiatta - frylight onions, mushrooms, peppers, passatta, chilies, garlic and spinach and mix with pasta shells. 30g grated cheddar (hexa)

    Bowl of cherries

    1/4 of Shepherds pie (2 Syns)- carrots, celery, onions, extra lean mince, baked beans, peas and mashed potatoes in water. (colmans mix 6.1/2syns per pack)


    laughing cow extra light triangle 1
    skimmed milk for tea 4
    alpen light 3 (Planned for tonight)
    4 bournville squares 6 (planned for tonight):D

    Total syns today 16!
  4. Miller2

    Miller2 In it for the long haul!

    Hello - here to subscribe.

    Just a note, Where you have put 1 slice of wholemeal bread as a healthy B, if there isn't enough fibre in an item, then it goes into syns. You need 60g of bread for a healthy B. There were some porridge sachets that used to be a healthy B, but slimming world removed them from the healthy B list - the only reason they aren't now is because they reduced the amount in there and there now isn't enough fibre in them to count as a healthy B. Go and weigh your slice of bread, then have more to make it up to 60g :)
  5. bubble77

    bubble77 Gold Member

    Thanks for the advice i really didn't think - I just thought 1 slice of 800g and 2 slices from the 400g loaves.
    Its Kingsmill wholemeal bread medium slice I've just took out a slice from the freezer but am assuming its heavier when frozen. Its bound to be more than 1/2 a hexb so i can't even count the alpen light as the other half. Might count my losses today and syn it. :sigh: Never mind haven't eaten my treats yet so can still save today.
  6. Miller2

    Miller2 In it for the long haul!

    I wasn't having enough of my A the other week and the consultant did a bit on healthy extras during group. It was quite interesting.
  7. bubble77

    bubble77 Gold Member

    No bournville tonight:( counting bread as 4 syns (78cal) and having 2 alpen lights as my hexb, having a hot choc options indulgence 3syns Making my total syns 14 today.

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  8. Miller2

    Miller2 In it for the long haul!

    Have the choc tomorrow - gives you something to look forward to. Least you got hot chocolate for a choccie fix!

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  9. bubble77

    bubble77 Gold Member

    Hello Today has been busy I've not had chance to think "food"!

    28g Branflakes (part HEXB)
    300ml 1% milk (HEXA)
    Blueberries, grapes, banana and raspberries

    Ryvita (other part HEXB)
    laughing cow extra light (1Syn)
    0% Peach activia yoghurt

    Left over arabiatta pasta and side of mixed salad

    Fresh pineapple chunks

    Chicken kebabs with schwarz chargrilled chicken and salad with actifry wedges using frylite and 0% total greek yoghurt
    2 mini wholemeal m&s pittas (39cal each) 4Syns

    So I have only had 5 syns so far - means I have enough for my chocolate fix tonight. I've still got quite a bit of milk left as I only had 2 teas today so it may be a milky hot choc too. :D
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  10. Miller2

    Miller2 In it for the long haul!

    you can only have 280ml of 1% milk - it used to be 300ml but they lowered it.

    How do you do your spinach? I love it when I eat out but I have no idea what to do with it myself.
  11. bubble77

    bubble77 Gold Member

    Thanx for that. Guess thats the problem with going it alone i don't get the updates!
    I never actually cook the spinach its one of those ingredients that go in just after everything is cooked because it really wilts to nothing. Eg all my pasta is cooked tossed together and spinach folded in at the end, same with rice, just fold it in at the end. I make it with scrambled eggs same way.
    Sitting outside netball craving my chocolate now...;)

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  12. bubble77

    bubble77 Gold Member

    4 squares of bournville 6Syns
    Options orange sachet 2 syns

    Total for today 13syns. :D

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  13. littlemissnaughty

    littlemissnaughty Gold Member

    Hi Bubble
    I was looking for your food diary a while back but couldn't find it, so now I have found it I'm here to subscribe :) xx
  14. Miller2

    Miller2 In it for the long haul!

    Ooh I bet it's lovely in scrambled egg! Must try that.
  15. bubble77

    bubble77 Gold Member

    Hello people, today been a good one after a very tiring night of looking after my sick child. She spent today at home but she is sooooooo going to school tomorrow....

    Bacon (fat cut off), beans, scrambled egg, mushrooms and a bowl of pineapple chunks

    alpen light bar 3 syns, strawberry 0% activia yoghurt

    Minestrone soup (as per hannahs recipe, strongly recommended it was delicious) and a wholemeal roll 67g so HEXB + 1/2 Syn

    Fruit salad - melon, mango, raspberries, blueberries, pomegranate, grapes and banana

    chicken stir fry using soy sauce to fry with chillis, onions, peppers, cabbage, beanshoots, sweetcorn and mushrooms and sainsburys black bean sauce 71cal for half a pouch 3.5 syns

    280ml 1% fat milk for teas (HEXA)
    2 pints of sugar free vimto
    2 pints of water

    options mint sachet 2 syns
    2 finger dark chocolate kit kat 5.5

    Total 14.5 syns
  16. bubble77

    bubble77 Gold Member

    No school, she had a good night but breakfast was straight back out within 10mins of eating it. Another day at home how am I going to not pick??
    I moan about working but at least I don't get time to munch at work! :rolleyes:
  17. littlemissnaughty

    littlemissnaughty Gold Member

    Morning hun, sorry to hear your little one is sick, hope she's feeling better soon.xx
    It is really hard not to pick when you are at home with lots of temptation. I always have either yogurt or jelly in the fridge just incase I get tempted.x
  18. bubble77

    bubble77 Gold Member

    Thanks hon,
    I've already had a yoghurt, 4 teas, a pear, banana, apple and pineapple, plus my breakfast of bacon, egg mushrooms and tomatoes. I've been in 'my gym' for 30 minutes and am ready to eat some more. At this rate all the healthy stuff from the fridge will be gone and all I'll have left in the garage is tins of choc from christmas still looking at me!!! :eek:She's soundo on the settee with monsters university dvd just playing in the backround.
    Right gonna.... make some cards that might keep me busy for a little while. Creative head on...:help2:
  19. Miller2

    Miller2 In it for the long haul!

    Glad you liked the soup - it's one of my favourites. Took me ages to get the quantity of tomato right etc when I first had a go. Sat in work eating crab stick (that's never seen a crab) salad with seafood sauce. Can't remember what I'm having for tea tonight...

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  20. bubble77

    bubble77 Gold Member

  21. bubble77

    bubble77 Gold Member

    Well I did it munched and munched but all good stuff within allowance :)

    Bacon, egg mushrooms and tomatoes

    0% peach activia yoghurt, pear, banana, apple and pinapple chunks

    alpen light bar (3 syns), mint muller delight (5syns)

    minestrone soup from yesterday and kingsmill wholemeal roll HEXB (+ 1/2 syn)

    blueberries, satsuma and melon

    gammon steak, frylight eggs and actifry chips with mushrooms onions and green beans - squirt of tomato sauce about 1 tbsp (2syns)

    alpen light bar (3syns)

    280ml 1% fat milk for my teas
    2 pints of water
    1 sugar free lemon squash
    1 sugar free vimto

    Total syns 13.5


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