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The beginning of my SW journey.....

I have my first SW meeting tomorrow night and i am fairly nervous! Its practically the only diet i haven't tried but i am keeping my fingers crossed that its the one for me!

I have decided to post a Diary to help me keep on track and focused! I want to lose 6 Stone in total and it seems almost impossible at this stage! My first mini target is 7lbs. I don't know what date to set as i'm not familiar with the diet so i wont set one at this stage.

Start Date 26th March
First Target - -7lbs
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I am a Newbie! Went to my first class this evening and i feel really motivated! All the wonderful stories i have been reading on here are very inspiring also!! I hope this feeling continues!!

The plan itself is a little confusing, but i am sure i will get used to it! I simply can't understand how carbs can be free and you can still lose weight!! Only time will tell i guess!!
First Week Weigh In!!

Just had my first weight in and i have lost 7lb!! I am soooo pleased. Stuck to the diet 100% and its certainly paid off. I am feeling very motivated!!:D

So i have already reached my first Target!! Next target is 1 stone off.

Target for next week is to lose 2lb.

Start Date 26th March
First Target - -7lbs
Reached 02/04/09
2nd Week Weigh In

Just had my week 2 weigh in. Lost 3.5 lbs and i am soo pleased.

I still feel motivated and have been sticking to the diet 100%! There was so much chocolate being passed round the office today and i wasn't even tempted by it! I know this feeling will not last forever and there will come a point where i am feeling low and will start to struggle. So i will enjoy this feeling while it lasts!!

Start Date 26th March
Wk 1 - 7lbs :eek::D

Wk 2 - 3.5lbs :D


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wow, well done you, bet you are very happy :D . And good on you resisting the chokkies in the office :)

Went to weigh in on Thursday night and i lost 1.5lb this week. Quite a bit less than last week :( but its 1.5lb OFF and a step in the right direction.

I was very good all week again and felt really bloated wednesday and thursday! In my head i am hoping it was water retention,but if not then i will continue the way i have been anyway!

I love where my head is at right now! I know i have a long journey ahead of me! But i am already making plans for when i get slimmer! I have thoughts in my head of what it will feel like when i get there and for the first time i don't feel i am deluding myself. I know if i stay on track and put my mind to it i can do it!

This site is helping me so much! So for that i would like to thank everyone! I don't get much time to post but i do try to grab a quick 5min everyday to get a new recipe or see how well everyone else is doing. Its so motivating to see other people success!!:D

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