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The beginning of the end


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Day one, nearly over and done with.....
Hasn't been easy but then all the best things in life take a little effort. (or so I am told)
Difficult partly because I work in a coffee shop and there is so much yummy food around and I am so used to just helping myself to whatever is around. Today I had to stop myself so many times from dipping my fingers into one thing or another. Even tonight with my daughters tea I almost had a mouthful of her dinner before I realised what I was doing.
I am definitely a food addict and am beginning to realise that this whole journey is about changing a lifetime of habits - food has to stop being the answer to all my problems - and hopefully when this happens food will also stop being a problem itself.
On a positive note, DH has said he will take over the cooking of all his and DD meals so that I am not tempted ... :)
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Hi Chelsea, welcome! I found the first few days really hard but it got much easier ..... promise! Good luck on your weight loss journey! :D


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Hi Chelsea :)

The first few days are a bit of a bore but once you're past them you're flying! My husband has taken over his own cooking too (with a little essential supervision here and there, lol), aren't we lucky girls :D

I have found the complete abstinence from food pretty useful so far to my food issues and addicitons, so you're doing the right thing.

Hiya Chelsea
Welcome to the dark side lol...first few days arehard but once ya hit ketosis its much easier..I wanted to eat my own fingers up to the end of day 4 then woke up on day 5 with vile breath and had cracked it..If you can work in a coffee shop and not even lick ya fingers on day one i reckon ya gonna go all the way ...good luck huni xxx


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My OH took over his own "cooking" and is currently living off tinned stuff bless him!!! Good luck for the next few days, you'll be fine if you're motivated xx


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Thanks for all the encouragement girls. Well day 2 over and done with, it's still taking every ounce of my will powers to stop 'picking' at food, I have found it quite shocking how many times a day I got to eat something that is 'just there'.... it is not a meal, and I am not hungary and yet I have this dreaful habit where I want to nibble at anything in site..... Have managed to resist but found incredibly hard... but lessons to be learnt there I think. Determined to do it this time, have spent a lifetime on one diet or another and I am beginning to lose the will to live with them. I am an intelligent, articulate person and yet I am unable to (to or choose not to might be more like) control what goes in my mouth. Anyone else like this ... why is it so difficult ???? I definitely have a love / hate relationship with food. Why do some people eat to live and yet I live to eat ??? So many questions so little time ....... rant over !!
Hoep you all have a good day


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Day three nearly over........ seemed a bit easier today... still finding myself 'nearly' eating heaps all day but nearly is okay at the moment as long as it doesn't actually happen !! Tired tonight but it was been 'one of those days' today.. looking forward to the energy burst.. How are all you other lovely ladies doing?


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Day 4
Nearly over and done with......... getting easier today - think I am just at the beginning of starting to break some of those habits. I guess I have spent years learning them so it will take time to change them......
It so easy to put it on isn't it... I just love eating, drinking and socializing - but aware that if I keep going on like this I might not see out too many more years to enjoy all those things... I know that moderation of the answer and hope that by following this plan and giving myself time to 'unlearn' the habits I might then actually have a new view on food ... that is the plan anyway
Here is to the weekend ...


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Glad you're finding it easier babe. Yeah, the habits aren't hard to change, this diet has made me realise how often I would just go to the fridge to have a look and a nibble...terrible!
We will change though, and be slim and healthy :) xx

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