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The big picture - Motivation

Hi All
just found this forum and looks like its full of good advice for all of us who have embarked on this journey of agony and ecstasy.
I am on day 20 of being on the TFR and pleased to say I havent cheated yet.....not that it has been easy. I have lost 13kg so far.
I have come to the conclusion that you have to look at the big picture. I wrote out a list of the things I want to do or see that just wont happen when I drop dead from a heart attack at 50.
I want to see my son get married
I want to be a grandad one day
I want to do all things I loved when I was in my 20's
I want a choice in clothes and not just take what fits any more

I know lipotrim will not keep the weight off but will require a change of lifestyle on my part, which should be easy compared to drinking these shakes every day :jelous:

I would love to hear from people with motivational tips as the fight is not physical but mental, let battle begin:eek: good luck to you all
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Well done fire on getting to day 20!!! I'm on six and hoping I make it to day 20!! :) I'm sure I will, I'm determined not to let even a crumb pass my lips!
I don't really have any motivational skills although I keep looking in fashion mags/websites thinking about all the fab clothes I will get to wear! I have tried conventional diets so many times and failed miserably! This is my last chance! My other motivational factor is summer and how fab it's gonna be being slimmer! Keep posting and commenting and of course keep slimming! Ur doing so well, don't give-up now!!! Xxx


goingtobeslim x
hi firechill, you will get plenty of advice and support on here. everyone is so lovely. well done for losing 13kg so far don't know how much that is in lbs but good on you. :)
I can't remember where I was reading the other day, maybe on minimims somewhere but it said never eat unless you're sitting down and that way you're more likely to 'think' about what goes in your mouth. I've been terrible for grazing in the kitchen while doing other chores so makes good sense to me.

My motivation is to be fit enough to run after my 2 escapee artists who are 1 and 3 when we go out on walks. Also I see people 20 + years older than me who look far healthier /sexier figures and I WANT one!!! :banana dancer:
Lol...2.2 lbs to every kg....I prefer pounds but the scales I get weighed on at docs and gym are in kilos so I tend to do that... Plus 77kgs does not sound heavy ;-) x


goingtobeslim x
ta sig, don't sound to bad when said in kgs lol. i'am 5ft and a fart, 5ft 1in and you? i have noticed on here that most people are 5ft 4 +ins. think i'm the shortest out of all of you. will have to be stretched and maybe then i will look slimmer. x


goingtobeslim x
see jesus christ is the lipotrim making you all taller or what you all bloody tall. lol.


goingtobeslim x
ha ha well i'm going to town tomorrow and buy some miracle grow that might help and i will be like all of you then, i should be on lord of the rings i would make a great hobbit, but can't stand their feet yuch.....

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