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The Biggest Loser on Wii

Only done on xbox kinect ...its great xx
just take it easy whatever exercise you do...all in your own time :)
I have tried the demo, its quite knackering but thats what ya want from an exercise game really lol ;) and I am VeRy unfit! (smoker :()
Its Lindsey :)

It was on the kinect I played it but I imagine its pretty much the same, and I def felt like Id had a work out!
You should also try Dance Dance Revolution. It really works the lower part of your body.
I tryed the demo on that too (have downloaded all kinect demo's to see whats any good!) but I was rubbish. I have played just dance 1 and 2 with my daughter alot but I just couldn't keep up :( bet I looked a right show up! :roofles:


In it for the long haul..
Hello :)

I've been thinking about getting the biggest loser game - or even the EA sports just for some variety from wii fit. I want to build a little bit of fitness before I buy a new dress-cossie from Evans and head for the swimming baths (eek!)

Let me know how you get on :)

aims xx
I have done just dance with my daughter, loved it!!

Well done the biggest loser tonight, started off with the test, and it said i should start on the challenging level, but i thought for the first few days i would start on the easiest level!! So did 20 minutes of that as well as the test. So happy enough with my workout for tonight!!
Start on the easy then gauge yourself cos it's really pushes you.....take it up a level when your ready....what games don't see is you have prob with hip n knees....you don't wanna put stress on your main joints.......enjoy Rach :)

I love the dance ones....very addictive ....:)
Thats why i started easy because of my hip and knee!! But i did enjoy it, i have to admit that i think it would be better on the xbox kinnect!! it can be a nuisance with the wii fit board at times, but i will get used to it!! Its just having to move the board when you go onto a different exercise, but i suppose its not that big of a problem!! Cant wait to workout again tomorrow now!!
Well done Rach! Ive done exactly........um.......0 exercise today :( oh dear unless hovering counts lol ;)
:roofles: I meant hoovering not hovering lol makes me sound like a snoop lol
Lol omg can just imagine people with trunks hoovering cupboards .....there's a thought lol
Oh I def tempted to hoover the cupboards lol ............ but..................i wont! lol

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