the cats have gone


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i feel horrible..i feel quite guilty

after much thought and discussion i have quite reluctantly given the 2 cats back to the rescue home they came from.

it just wasnt working out..they were terrorizing Tango, being constantly sick and started peeing on beds. i gave it 4 months but it wasnt getting any better.

it ended on Sunday night, when after buying a new mattress, and new protectors and new duvet, one of them snuck into the bedroom and peed all over the bed. everthing is ruined again. i hit the roof! i really lost the plot...and decided they had to go.

i spent all day mon/tues feeling bad about my reaction..and gave then the benefit of doubt, but when i came home there was sick everywhere..not just one little pile of puke, but literally in about 10 places all down the hall, lounge and in one bedroom. they had got into a cupboard and scavanged the cat biscuits...biscuits make them sick and they arent allowed them. i cant cope with it anymore, it was really driving me insane.

so yesterday, they packed their bags..their blankets, toys and beds and went back to the rescue centre.

i feel so mean about doing it.
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Don't feel mean, they'll end up in another home where they'll be happier. Remember it's a two-way thing. The cats need to be happy but so do you. If they were making you miserable then they are going to be happier with someone else, and you're going to be better off without them living in your house - please don't feel bad.

This happened to someone I know recently - the new dog couldn't get on with the very established cats, and he ended up going back to the shelter. She felt awful but she knew it was the right thing for both her and the dog. It's just not an easy thing to do. :(


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i spoke to the vet and the cats protection league before i made my decision. and they both said they were stressed.

STRESSED? im flippin stressed!!

anyway..they did suggest, sprays and plug ins to create a more calm relaxed feline atmosphere.. but in my heart i knew it would be better if they went. perhaps they felt my stress and reacted to me.

anyway they are pretty cats, unusual colouring, and quite friendly. so i hope someone will take a shine to them.

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You have done the right thing they didn't settle with you and your other cat was being upset.

The rescue centre will find good homes for them you have acted in the best way possible for everyone.

Go give Tango a cuddle.



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hiya Linda :)

yes, Tangos been feeling left out recently. Jacob died and then we got the 2 girls, and slowly hes been pushed out of his home..his only sanctuary is in the bathroom now

i think hes knows theyre not here anymore, last night i left the bedroom door open, and when i stirred in the night he was curled up next to me

he will soon get used to having the run of the house again.

i think perhaps i acted rather rash, in getting the 2 girls too quickly after i had just lost Jacob.

anyway...we need to settle back down again now.

no more pets for a while..just us and Tango


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Poor you, dont beat yourself up over the decision, you gave them enough chance to settle.
There is nothing worse than constantly cleaning up pet mess.

Im sure they will be fine. Now you and Tango will enjoy the calmness restored to your home.


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Oh Jo ((hugs)) - I think you were being a good pet owner of Tango and understand your reasons for the other 2 having to go back to the rescue centre.

We had 3 cats when my daughter went ot a RSPCA rehoming centre as work experience ... fearing 2cats were about to be put down we took them in and rehomed them. It was fine all the time there were the 2 of them - but we knew one had a liver disease and when he died my other cat took a dislike to the other new cat and bullied her relentlessly. I was so upset - but she was really stressed - and with great reluctance i had to take her back to be rehomed again. I have said i will not take in another cat until something happens to my "bully" as i was so distressed.

Take care - look after you and Tango and don't feel guilty for it not working out.


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I think you have done the right thing as poor Tango was there first and it is awful to see how they can go into decline when a new pet is introduced.

My own baby dog took it very badly when her sister came to stay as she stole the lime light and retreated to the dining room area and stopped eating and got very depressed.

They were great friends to start but then, her sister took all her toys and hid them on her, she was a real bully to her, but so sweet to all of us and was in her element and endless entertainment.

I was very upset that I could not keep her but I had to think of our baby dog and as soon as the sister left she perked up right away.

Baby dog has never got over it and she does not allow other dogs anywhere near the house, she can be very aggressive for a little Yorkie.

Love Mini xxx