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The danger zone


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Hello! Thought I'd post as I'm entering the 'danger zone' - weigh in is tomorrow and I'm scared! I've been in and out of ketosis this week - had one proper naughty dinner, and one day counting cals but not carbs...

I had a fantastic 3lb loss last week so I have decided to prepare for no loss and just be happy if I don't put on. The worry is that I find it harder to motivate myself if I don't lose - I might just think 'oh well, it's not working, might as well just eat!'

Anyway time will tell I guess, just thought I'd get that worry off my chest! :eek:
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Hooya I am in the same boat! Weight day is tomorrow for me too, and my Mum is doing a big roast dinner tonight!
I'm going to cane it on the Wii fit before that though, although I pulled a muscle yesterday :-o


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Good luck with weigh in tomorrow!

Give yourself a pat on the back for pulling back during the week and not letting one slip turn into a land slide which can so easily happen.

If the scales stay the same or show a small increase this is an achievement!

Of course it would be great if you matched last weeks big weight loss of 3lb...you may well do and then again the scales might not be so kind this week.

Remember 3lb is a big loss and hard to sustain that much every week.

All the best!

Love Mini xxx
Hey Hooya n Sophie,

I'm in exactly the same boat. It's my wi tomorrow too and i think i'm going to be a sts this week. Had a sneaky wi this morning n it was a sts. I'm not going to let it get me down though and will try to remain positive :) x
Come on Hooya, we are all rooting for you!


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Thanks all! What lovely words of support, they really do help me stay on the straight and narrow (and off the crisps and cakes!).

Mini, you are so right that I should be glad that I didn't undo all the hard work after one slip up.

Everyone, good luck with all your weigh-ins tomorrow, let's hope for a good one but remember that it isn't the end of the world if the numbers aren't the nicest!

Hooya I think you'll be fine. 3 lbs is an excellent achievement and if there is no los or gain at least you know that a little slip is not going to blow everything. I'm in the same boat had a 3 lbs loss and this week with TOM coming I just ate a very small maybe a handful of wheat cornflakes with about 4 tables of milk( about 30 mins ago), I was craving it so tomorrow for me maybe no loss but I'll be happy if there isnt no gain. Monday is a new week and I'll just work towards that and losing another 3-4 lbs for next monday. I've done it before don't see why i can't do it again..

Hooya also this is a good test for you to see how it goes with switcing to cal counting and not carbs. when I'm at my goal weight which I have 25 lbs to go or when I get into my size 6 dress pants, I'm thinking to do both cal counting and carb counting.
I too have a real craving for cereal n full fat milk at the moment!!! I would love a big bowl of frosties, coco pops or anything really! Seems soooo many months since i've had some now :(

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Hi Hooya, I think everyones comments are bang on. you've had a little slip up, but you know this is working for you so just jump back on the horse! Good luck for your WI tomorrow. X
claire I'm not a big cereal eater but those handful of wheat cornflakes hit the spot for me. Tomorrow I'm back on my game.. I had skimmed milk so I didnt do too bad
I'm with you there, I am starting to despise omelettes, and will kill for a bowl of fruit and fibre with milk! :-0
5 months feels so long at the moment and i'm really begining to struggle with some things.. mind over matter i keep telling myself.. over n over lol
Oh I know what you mean... it is hard to look at a future without some foods, or with very little of them!

I didn't really eat much cereal before this diet, but bought some crunchy hazelnut granola when we had guests in the house last weekend, and I swear I can hear it talking to me from the pantry... "eat me, eat me!!"
Well I weighed in this morning and I lost 1lb!!!

So my fears were not justified - hooray!!

Hope everyone else has a happy weigh-in too

Good for you hooya,

stick with it everyone.

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Well done Hooya!
way to go hooya. se all that worrying for nothing. my weight in is later this evening. I weigh in the evenings.. I woke up feeling lighter and clothes loooser so thats a good sign I hope :) or it could be my mind playing games with me

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Stay positive morenachica! X
Thanks all! I should be accepting my new job today and resigning from my current role, so it's a big day and the nice start of a loss has really helped!

Good luck morenachica, fingers and toes will be crossed for a wonderful weigh in!!

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